Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi must resign over hired sex offenders scandal!

Rebel Staff

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi hates the transit company Uber. It’s an obsession of his.

But a few days ago we learned something about Nenshi’s personal vendetta that no-one knew: Nenshi confessed that the City of Calgary hired registered sex offenders and convicted violent criminals, to infiltrate Uber in a sting-style operation.

Nenshi tried to get these criminals to work at Uber as drivers — by definition, endangering passengers Uber would pick up.

Naheed Nenshi, the mayor of Calgary who claims to be motivated by public safety, actually put public safety at risk by getting sex offenders and violent criminals to apply to be drivers for Uber.

Nenshi made this shocking admission while he was in Boston, riding in a car operated by Uber’s competitor, a U.S. company called Lyft. The Lyft driver recorded the whole thing. 

His language is absolutely clear. Nenshi sent in sex criminals and violent criminals to deliberately try to trick Uber into hiring them. Nenshi was talking about the city of Calgary; he used the word “we”. So his personal hatred has infected the city itself, its staff, its managers, its regulators, perhaps its budgets.

How many laws does that break? Deliberately trying to trick a company, by sending in agents hiding their criminal past — is that fraud? Trying to make a company fail; trying to trick a company, in a sting — while claiming to be a neutral regulator. Nenshi and the city are not judges; they’re not police. Yes Nenshi is trying to trick a company to hire dangerous criminals.

What’s so remarkable is Nenshi describing his plausible deniability about the whole thing — he’s arranged it so he doesn’t know the details of their law-breaking. 

But that’s the thing — he was caught. And we know that his plan all along was to deny everything.

Nenshi was obviously horrified that his real views were caught on tape. Because his smiley face mask dropped, and we saw the real Nenshi again — the plotting schemer; the little tyrant running the city like his personal property, using public resources for his private vendettas. And what could he say? He already gave away his strategy: if he’s caught, just deny knowing anything about the sex offenders. 

So Nenshi was caught. And, right on cue, he did what he said he would. Nenshi denied knowing anything about it: 

As I announced publicly earlier this year, the City became aware of at least one driver who passed through the background check used by Uber in Calgary despite having an active assault charge against him or her. This is the extent of my knowledge on the matter. I am not aware of anyone convicted of a sexual offence clearing the background check used by Uber in Calgary. Watching the video, I realize that I did not explain myself clearly at all.

But that’s not true. He was crystal clear in the video. It couldn’t have been clearer. Nenshi said the city sent in sex offenders and violent criminals. And that he knew it was happening, but that he deliberately kept himself out of the details. 

Nenshi and his staff think they are above the law. But Alberta has always been one of the least-corrupt provinces in Canada. And this Montreal-style approach of bullying mayors, misusing public resources and indulging in vendettas with enemies lists — that’s not the Calgary way.

Naheed Nenshi simply must resign.

You can’t use the mayors office to smear businesses you hate. You can’t send in sex criminals to undermine your enemies.

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After admitting to purposefully put the safety of Calgarians at risk, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi must resign. 

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