March 02, 2016

Post-Super Tuesday, this #NeverTrump conservative warns: Get used to saying “President Hillary Clinton”

David M. SwindleRebel Blogger

Dear Ezra, Josh & my Counterculture Conservative Canadian friends: At this point I’m now in acceptance that Hillary Clinton is highly likely to become the next president for at least the next four years.

The result of Super Tuesday can be summarized simply: Donald Trump won, but not to a big enough degree to avoid a contested convention. He has a plurality of the party, but not a majority.

Yesterday, Trump won 234 delegates. Senator Ted Cruz won 209, Senator Marco Rubio won 90, Ohio Governor John Kasich won 19, and conservative celebrity Ben Carson won 3. So now three candidates -- Trump, Cruz, and now Rubio -- have all won states.

This is what a party divided, unsure of its purpose and identity, looks like.

As I made clear in my last Megaphone contribution in December: I am in the #NeverTrump faction of the American Right. In my view Trump has no core beliefs or values beyond narcissism. He will do and say whatever he thinks might benefit him at the time. The case that Trump is in any way better than Hillary Clinton is the definition of weak tea. (Sorry, Hugh Hewitt, but no, we cannot trust that Trump would appoint originalists to the Supreme Court.) He cannot be trusted to stand on any principle -- not even the ability to consistently denounce white supremacists.

Even if Trump is denied the nomination at some contested convention then the result will still be that he’ll run third party and guarantee the presidency to Hillary, the same favor Ross Perot provided for her husband in 1992.

So how did Trump do it? A simple principle of war that applies to politics too: divide and conquer. The primary ideological dynamics of the Republican Party have largely remained the same since the end of World War II, as I explained in my first post laying out the 15 Kinds of American Conservatives. Corporatist compromisers who favor the maintenance of a status quo have contended with grassroots activists crusading for shrinking government at home and defeating enemies abroad.

I broke down this dynamic in the race back in August. I grouped the 17 candidates into either “establishment corporatists,” “crusader conservatives,” or those who appeal to “Segments of the Fringe.”

Trump has come out on top because there were too many establishment and crusader conservative candidates competing with each other, and with the force of his personality and celebrity he was able to consolidate the fringe. (And now the suggestion is that another fringe candidate with big government populist views and a snake-oil-salesman-reputation -- Mike Huckabee -- is his potential VP.)

So what should American conservative activists do? Give up on winning the election? Yes. I have. The alternative opportunity now presenting itself is potentially better: the way to break the back of the Democratic Party for a generation, perhaps forever, is to impeach Hillary Clinton during her first term. Until the Democrats are revealed as the criminal enterprise they are, they will continue conning the American people for decades. They have to be stopped and the force of the Law is what will eventually do it, not through elections.

What will it take to prepare America for that? Not political activism, but cultural and spiritual activism. The American electorate have to learn again how to recognize evil, godless people so they can avoid being duped into being enslaved by them. This task is one totally unsuited for the world and tools of politics.

Warmest Regards from Sunny So-Cal,
David M. Swindle

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commented 2016-03-03 03:30:06 -0500

So why doesn’t the Conservative Party arrange to have charges brought up against Trudeau and Wynne?

If the proof is so rock solid, The Conservative Party could be running Canada right now as Trudeau is taken away in handcuffs.

What the fuck are they waiting for? There are “lots of illegal things” here.
commented 2016-03-03 02:25:17 -0500
Michael Mann the left did lots of illegal things for Justin and Wynne, unions using money and bullying people, the CBC lying and shilling, elections Canada ignoring Wynnes bribes. And it was the left who cried that Harper cheated like pathetic babies.
commented 2016-03-02 23:50:20 -0500

Are you suggesting that people’s votes are not being properly counted. That Harper actually won the election, but corruption put an end to that?

I guess it hasn’t occurred to you that maybe people want different things than you want and Hillary or Justin most represent that for them. No one is saying that they are perfect, but they are deemed to be better than the alternative – be it Trump or Harper.
commented 2016-03-02 23:40:23 -0500

Well Jimmy Da Sylva sounds like he knew what he was talking about if he said that Trudeau was going to win.

Let me guess – you were betting on Harper.
commented 2016-03-02 19:40:02 -0500
I have been saying for quite a while that Hillary Clinton will be in the White House next year – and not for the same reasons as the treasonous idiot Michael Mann thinks.
It’s for the reason why Obama was ‘re-elected’ the second term.
It’s for the reason why Wynne got a ‘majority’ in the second term.
It’s for the reason why Notley was ‘elected’.
It’s for the reason why Trudeau got ‘elected’.
It’s for the reason why Harper was taken out.
It’s for the reason why Tony Abbott was taken out.
The fix is in!
And we are all going down that nasty road to the destruction of the West and the loss of our sovereign nations…
When Hillary gets the White House in November, that will be ABSOLUTE proof that the fix is in!
God, but I hope I’m wrong…
commented 2016-03-02 18:11:07 -0500
Clinton is like Notley, they should both be in the Slammer.
commented 2016-03-02 17:46:10 -0500
That is exactly word for word what Jimmy Da Sylva posted on the Rebel before the Oct. Federal election here. Hey, Jimmy, how’s it in yo mama’s basement? We will hold you to your commitment troll.

It may be neck in neck but its time for the inevitable pendulum to swing away from the Dem.s. just as it did for the federal Conservatives in Canada. Its the law of nature.
commented 2016-03-02 17:30:55 -0500

I am so sure that Hillary will be President – if I lose, I will admit I was wrong and I will never post here again.

But if I am right, you are never going to hear the end of it. You will not want to post here any longer – I promise you.
commented 2016-03-02 16:55:01 -0500
I don’t like clinton but she will win. That’s just the way politics is. What a shame
commented 2016-03-02 16:52:38 -0500
Michael, if Hillary is not the next President, will you post a comment here on this site where you eat humble pie?
commented 2016-03-02 16:51:32 -0500
michael mann still is stroking that 5cms and believing that he is significant….what you say, other than for entertainment purposes, is meaningless …what we are seeing is a return to democracy where the single voter has meaning..the establishment, left right and centre, cant have that and are in full panic mode…so what you have been saying all along is bah bah bah.. keep your nose close to the tail that is wagging you….you are nobody and have achieved all of your goals..
commented 2016-03-02 16:30:04 -0500
First lets see Trump does in closed primaries/caucuses so far he is 1 for four, and the next string of primaries/caucuses are closed 1 open out of the next ten. If Rubio loses Florida ouchy ouch what then.
commented 2016-03-02 16:28:36 -0500
Yea, that’s about all the GOP is good at now, impeach, shut down government and destroy their own. I see that the ‘establishment’ has now even stooped to bringing out that old disgrace Tom DeLay to whip up the fervor of the pack, who’s next Abramov?
The problem with the GOP (beside not being able to beat a junior senator…twice!) is guys like Lindsey Graham who keep saying things like “my party”. That is in fact the exact thing that ails this woeful party right now, that the power brokers think the party belongs to them and not us conservatives.
Good luck with that, let’s see how the party does when yet again they pick their winners (lol) like they did Jeb! or Rubio, it’s going to be fun to watch for those of us who were once upon a time it’s strong members.
Wonder if Mitt will be reading from a binder when he gives his speech tomorrow?
commented 2016-03-02 15:18:46 -0500
I have been saying all along that Hillary is going to be the next President. Some conservatives are finally getting it.
commented 2016-03-02 15:05:19 -0500
I think we will see a change in Trump’s tactics, now that he knows who his adversary is. He will start to talk more about policy and he will hit hard on Clinton.

Will Clinton actually be allowed to run for President, while still under investigation for criminal offences?
commented 2016-03-02 15:01:47 -0500
Frankly, I do not agree with your opinion. Mr. McDonnell and Mr. Jobin raise some excellent points in their comments. I do not deny that Mr. Trump blows his own trumpet; that Mr. Trump is bombastic; that Mr. Trump at times does whiffle waffle on issues; that Mr. Trump might be construed as being egotistical, etc. However, it seems from the response of the American voter, this is exactly what they want. They seem to be able to overlook and/or accept his many failings. It is indeed unfortunate that the Republican Party cannot accept that the voter is looking to change the status quo. If the Republican Party is divided, it is because they have made it so. It cannot be laid solely at the feet of Mr. Trump. And, I rather like the guy.
commented 2016-03-02 14:54:38 -0500
William Mcdonell: Yeah that whole KKK thing was a complete sideshow created by the media. It was total manufacturing of a crisis being used to try and ignite the gullible into action. Like one poster showed yesterday a video of David Duke claiming he had never endorsed Trump in the first place. It is the left trying to play the race card.
commented 2016-03-02 14:44:40 -0500
The GOP hates Trump because he will undue some backdoor deals with lobbyists and this threatens Senators and Representatives re-election bid. The party is fractured and are worried that Trump will destroy them instead of bringing them together, bigger and more powerful. Paul Ryan, ex Vice President Candidate and current Speaker of the House made a negative speech about Trump and the KKK. Senator McConnell stated that he would rather lose the election than see Trump in power. Trump will have to win all 1327 delegates to get the nomination, otherwise the GOP is willing to defeat him and hand the presidency to Billary Clinton. Hopefully the influential Senators and Representatives will change their mind and get behind Trump and try to work with him but right now it doesn’t look good as there are many destructive forces that are willing to save their own skin before sacrificing for the country.
commented 2016-03-02 14:08:13 -0500
Some years ago I read Trump’s Art Of The Deal and was impressed. He seemed to get government waste and red tape. I don’t agree wit every comment or some of the silliness that has enveloped this campaign however I still think he has ideas that set him apart from the rest and we cannot allow the media to define him. I believe every country has the right to determine it’s own immigration policy without external pressures. Why should they allow Muslim countries, Mexico or the Pope decide what is best for America? I also think someone needs to address the debt before it addresses them. I’m not convinced at this time anyone can reverse the oncoming financial meltdown but at least he is acknowledging it and hopefully is in a better position to act on it. hate seeing the Republican party divided and these politicians need to get past being so petty and personal and put the good of the party and country over their own egos. However can Rubio endorse a Trump when he has made him out to be a con man? Same with Cruz. These guys lost all perceptive in going for the jugular and it is the party that will suffer.