December 17, 2018

New polls show the only Canadians who love Justin Trudeau are the media

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I’ve got a flicker of good news today, in the form of two new public opinion polls.

First, here’s a story from the front page of the left-leaning Hill Times newspaper from Ottawa, a real insiders newspaper, really made for just MPs, Senators, their staff and lobbyists. I bet this story is being passed around a lot today:

Liberals should be ‘exceptionally concerned’ about potential recession in 2019, voters’ anxiety on ‘unrestricted immigration,’ says Nanos

“There’s a very negative economic mood right now in the country,” said Nik Nanos, president and CEO of Nanos Research in an interview with The Hill Times. “A sitting government presiding over a recession usually is not good news for the sitting government.”

The numbers released on Dec. 7 indicate that the Conservatives had 34.8 per cent support nationally, followed closely by the Liberals with 34.1 per cent. The NDP had the support of 15.8 per cent, and the Green Party support was at 8.2 per cent.

The thing is: Canada, until just recently, was so warm-hearted towards immigrants, but something has changed — and it’s not that we’re Nazis now, despite what the Liberals say.

It’s that Trudeau has allowed law-breakers, illegals, scammers, to jump to the front of the line. He is what has changed, not us.

Look at another poll, from Pew Research, a liberal-leaning U.S think tank with a good reputation.

It measures the same thing that Angus Reid poll earlier measures — how many people want immigration to be reduced or stay the same, and how many want it increased — country by country.

And under Trudeau, Canada has become more hostile to immigration than America under Donald Trump! According to Pew, 80 per cent of Canadians want the same or less immigration — that’s exactly what Angus Reid found too, by the way. In America it’s 73 per cent.

Trudeau has burned up our goodwill, and is now calling us Nazis.

Nanos thinks people are wising up to it.

But TONIGHT I'll show you one more poll. It’s from Angus Reid again, and the results are quite revealing — in a way that might not have been intended....

NEXT: University of Toronto professor Pierre Desrochers joins me to talk about his new book, Population Bombed! Exploding the Link Between Overpopulation and Climate Change.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-12-18 17:20:48 -0500
Robert Dunning-
Don’t the media know if you have a crush on someone, you’re slated for the cross sticks because that’s sexual harassment!
There are sex, lies and theft all over the hill. Why go for the easiest target, Trudeau?
“Oh! That was easy!” The media think.
Yes. Trudeau is easy. Very easy.
Lazy journalism.
commented 2018-12-18 16:22:52 -0500
mutual love affair as always ezra, especially when the media whores get their xmas gift from slime ball.
commented 2018-12-18 14:57:22 -0500
I just don’t know how these ‘journalists’ et al, can look themselves in the mirror every morning… even if they have no more than a room temperature IQ, they can’t feel good being nothing more than paid sycophants…
commented 2018-12-18 14:47:51 -0500
Damn Justin’s globalists and the horses’ they rode into town on. Half of them weren’t even born here. What could go wrong? We do not have control of our country anymore. We have been infiltrated. I don’t care what colour you are but you should have to hold allegiance only to Canada. Someone not born here cannot have that, cannot have that.
commented 2018-12-18 11:56:25 -0500
How did Orwell know?
commented 2018-12-18 10:53:09 -0500
I see frivolity on these pages and that is good, it shows that, at least on the Rebel, the people are unafraid and prepared to stand up to the ugliness that surrounds us, still capable of a smile.
Unfortunately we must not forget, we are between a rock and a hard place. The clock is ticking and like Trudeau it dose not care.
commented 2018-12-18 03:20:18 -0500
There’s only one reason the dumb truduck will not call an early election is because he knows that he would never win the next election and holding out will not increase his chances of winning. You know why? Because the idiot is such a loser.
commented 2018-12-18 01:06:54 -0500
People’s Party of Canada — 0.8%
Yeah, Team !
(was 2.5% just 4 weeks ago)
commented 2018-12-18 01:00:38 -0500
Ron Voss,
I sure hope so! 😈
commented 2018-12-18 00:43:39 -0500
KAREN MACLEOD commented, “Ron Voss, I don’t think Ezra or Rebels are scared of screeching banchees defending their crush or meal ticket.” I never said that they were afraid I was only suggesting that Trudeau and the CBC are likely to intensify their efforts to attack the Rebel.
commented 2018-12-18 00:21:49 -0500
Professor Desrocher is a breath of fresh air. Clearly communicating truth in the face of the lies of Suzuki makes me want to go 50,000 dollars in debt again. Suzuki calls us useless bacteria and maggots while failing to recognize our incredible innovation to address problems, that humans have. Coal solved the problem of starvation. Humans are amazing. And already coal is only a partial part of the energy solution.
commented 2018-12-18 00:03:40 -0500
John Galt-
You win. 😂😂
commented 2018-12-17 23:50:51 -0500
OK…OK…Karen…one more before I cash in.This time think of disco and the group Abba.Their large song was Dancing Queen…so keeping that it mind…I give you my version of PRANCING QUEEN
I can prance…I can jive…telling my lies all the time…(ooh ooh) grope that girl…watch me preen…I’m Poutine…The Prancing Queen
Every night,my IQ is low…(I’m a buck..gotta find a doe…) I love the sound of MUZAK…makes my head just ring..“I know I am the king…”
“I know that I am that guy….‘cause smokin’ this has made me highhhhh”
Give me more of that MUZAK…now my brain is fried…I’m in the mood to prance…and Gerald says"Take that chance!!"
I am the Prancing Queen…dumb as dirt…IQ of seventeen..(smack him with his tambourine…oh,yeah…)
I can prance,I can jive…feeling up girls all the time…“See me girls…watch me preen…I’m Poutine,The Prancing Queen..”
I’m a teaser…I turn them on….(pass that roach…I’m almost gone…..)
I can blame it on my mother…she said any guy would do…I’m in the mood to prance….
And Gerald shouts"Take that chance!!"….
I am the Prancing Queen…a real dull blade..(if you know what I mean..oh,yeah..)
Jive-Ass Queen…(take away his tambourine…PLEASE…yeah…)
I think I can prance…I know I can lie…sizing up girls all the time…
“Watch me girls…see me preen…I’m Poutine the Prancing Queen”…
Grab that girl…make her scream….“Gerry says I’m the Prancing Queen……..”
commented 2018-12-17 23:29:45 -0500
2019 new year new government . Peoples Party of Canada a real conservative party .
commented 2018-12-17 23:05:36 -0500
Ron Voss,
I don’t think Ezra or Rebels are scared of screeching banchees defending their crush or meal ticket.
John Galt,
I know you mentioned the tune “piano man” but I think Trudeau skips around the office singing a modified Barney & Friends theme song.
I love you 🎶
You work for me 🎶
We’re one great big forced family 🎶
With gender equity to screw everybody fair 🎶
I only do it because I care 🎶
commented 2018-12-17 22:38:31 -0500
After tonight’s program and that parody of the love affair between Rosemary Barton and Trudeau you can be sure Trudeau and his state broadcaster the CBC are going to go ballistic and will have their knives out.
commented 2018-12-17 22:38:03 -0500
Makes me thankful I wasn’t creeped by him. I better suggest wearing a pie plate over yer arse if you attend a Liberal convention. I would. I better do it anyways if I comment on the guy & have a nice butt he wants to get cheeky with. If you don’t love him, he’ll love YOU! All those Eskimo kisses in his giant grip you can’t escape. “But sir! I have a wife and chill—AHHH!”
Can you imagine kissing that guy and getting his eyebrows glued to your face?
What else is fake on him? I think he gives the term “falsies” a whole new meaning.
Sorry to be cruel, Trudeau. You legalized weed, imported criminals, stamped on our nationality, charged us for exhaling & spent the farm.
But thank you for the baby bonus. I can’t afford the price of bread thanks to your taxes.
And if that baby bonus gets canned under Scheer while he doesn’t roll back the taxes & kicks starts the economy, we’ll be far worse off.
Doubt prices will go down anyways because its a new standard of living.
We’re screwed no matter what.
commented 2018-12-17 22:16:52 -0500
OK Karen,Gwen et al…….I will try to make you laugh rather than pull your teeth,barf or be forced to do wanton acts of self destruction because of a pretender in Ottawa…..
I have penned (yes,I still use pen and paper) a song about Trudroppings and his pals.
I apologize to Billy Joel….because his music for Piano Man was the inspiration,so when you read the following,it will have more meaning if you can keep the melody of Piano Man in your head as you read it;
So,without further ado…..I give you my version of Havana Man…. It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday The regular crowd slithers in And Barbie’s sitting next to me So I flash her my stupidest grin She says "Jus…can you help with my memory It comes and then sometimes it goes But it’s cute and petite and quite incomplete Say…is it true you can ski on your nose???" And Freeland just loves your leg cross (You do it so much better than she….) “But doesn’t that jamb your jewels up your throat? TeeHee…that’s a joke…signed,Climate Barbie" La La La Di Di Da La La,Di Da Da DUMBDUMBDUMB Yes,you can call me Havana Man ’Cause I think that Fidel was alright He’s my dad,my mom had,in Bananaland When she was as high as a kite…. Now Ralph is a putz…but a friend of mine So I pushed him at Public Safety But he’s a pretty stunned bloke and he’s not all that woke And I know he’d rather be me…. La La La,Di Di Da La La,Di Di Da DUMBDUMB..DUMB… I said"Bill…this border stuff’s killing me" (With no smile on my beautiful face…) “And I’m sure I could be a movie star… You know…Plan B…just in case…" Now Gerry’s a Facebook monopolist With a sad excuse for a life….. I think he’s crazy (or as daft as a daisy?) And he rags on me more than my wife “And Hussen is dense about politics…” (We nod…as we slowly get stoned) We all share a trait…it’s called phoniness… “Do you think I should get myself cloned??” “Don’t blame me…I’m a Shallow Man… My take on most things is quite slight… But I’m hot for that of Melanie And I feel like a groping tonight"….. It’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday And then Gerry…he gives me a smile But I know that it’s me…that he wants to be ‘Cause I’m cuter than him by a mile… All this…. from my intellectual arsenal (that I just pulled out of my rear…) And I sit here in confounded amazement.. thinking “How the hell did I ever get here???” “Yes…I am the Pajama Man… I can suit up for you all tonight. What the hell…I’ll forget about Melanie ‘Cause I’m cool…just not all that bright…" La La La Di Di Da La La,Di Di Da DUMBDUMBDUMB….
commented 2018-12-17 22:10:17 -0500
The Liberals just want to put everybody in a state of constant fear so they don’t think.
Then they promote a pretty puppet to distract you while you’re dumb.
Nobody listens to the media. They have no power unlike social media.
Shadow banned people on social media still need just a few people before a point spreads like wild fire. You don’t need a million likes to slay the giant. All you need is an idea.
You’re just screwed when the gov’t controls the internet.
I think it will be the undoing of the Chinese gov’t btw because it condenses power to a small number of people while criticising the rest. They majority of jobs aren’t from mother government any more so people don’t sing for their supper, as Mr. Levant puts it.
The banks, the privilege… The puritans couldn’t pull off their own rules it was so restrictive. The proles of China will collapse the system because nobody will get the privilege of wealth to spend. Without mother government to feed them, there will be a giant revolt.
If Trudeau pulls that off here, relax. Its the beginning of the end for the powerful. Not you guys. You’re used to doing without and can innovate back to the top.
So, calm down and wait for the shit to settle. Smile on camera. Just keep thinking and talking and that’s all the fighting you need to do.
The yellow vests were dumb enough to elect Macron. They’re dumb enough to pay taxes to begin with. They rally against mother government they created without taking inititave to govern themselves.
We’re half American. Let’s act like it.
commented 2018-12-17 21:56:55 -0500
- I wouldn’t be surprised if the Liberals tank between now & election time. There’s only so much that the fakestream media can do & when they indulge in overkill (standard practice at the CBC) they undermine what little credibility they have left. Globalist policies are terrible policies & the Trudeau Liberals have been hammering Canadians with them non-stop. The Liberals are doing a great job in defeating themselves.

- “Environmentalists” have been talking overpopulation since at least the 1970’s. The solution, as always, is supposed to be massive government overreach. (We desperately need to reduce our population yet need massive immigration numbers to keep our population growing – go figure.) This overreach involves mass sterilization (hormone bolckers?), making people get licenses to have children, etc.
commented 2018-12-17 21:46:17 -0500
Ezra. Great interview with Pierre! Great guest. When you listen to him, you really realize just how negative the Left’s view of our society is! They take everything for granted.
commented 2018-12-17 21:44:33 -0500
I have seen it before…people will give feminists and their masochist supporters the benefit of the doubt and elect them….then….when all doubt is gone….and no benefit of doubt remains….the feminists and their masochist supporters just can’t expect to stay elected.

Justin gave us the end of the absurd pot prohibition…and nobody cared about what came in the rest of the package….

They were RIGHTLY….and RIGHTEOUSLY….pissed off at some of the hard line measures of the Harper regieme.

As a policy advisor to the PPC….I will advise that you cannot expect the voter support of people you brag about screwing….and if you are a modern day Oliver Cromwell….even if you get elected in a protest vote….YOU CANNOT REASONABLY EXPECT TO STAY ELECTED.
commented 2018-12-17 21:43:25 -0500

That’s true. A lot of ppl that can’t deal with reality!
commented 2018-12-17 21:30:43 -0500
I’ve often thought of the MSM sources as the ones for people who object to hearing “bad news”. MSM gives the false impression that everything’s fine even when it isn’t and you don’t even have to take off your rose-coloured glasses. News isn’t really good or bad. It just is. I’d rather hear “bad” news when there is any than not to hear it because at the very least I can take steps to lessen the impact of it in my own life.
commented 2018-12-17 21:30:07 -0500
When somebody brings up the canard of the test tube full of food and bacteria, we need to remind them that it’s a biased experiment. But Suzuki doesn’t care about accuracy but the narrative that we’re a bacterial infection on the face of the earth.
commented 2018-12-17 21:27:44 -0500
Good point about our phones. People do lug them everywhere. Apart from keeping people buying new phones, I suspect that older phones aren’t as easy to track nore as tempting as the new products. I also heard a story about the police tracking criminals with a ankle bracelet. It’s an easy jump to tracking political enemies, namely we Rebels, with our phones.
commented 2018-12-17 21:26:21 -0500
Off topic, but I just noticed Rebel has added additional 112K subs since reaching their million. That’s around 1K subs a DAY!!! Is Canada finally waking up???
commented 2018-12-17 21:25:19 -0500
Our fawning bought off fake news CBC infected MSM are just cheer leading squads for our idiot POS Zoolander goof Trudeau and his destructive globalist policies.
Trudeau and the MSM hate Canadians that’s why they want the destruction of Canada through “post nationalism” ……….translation = 3rd world hell hole Islamification
commented 2018-12-17 21:20:24 -0500
At first I was really upset about the 595 million bailout to the dying media… I am just sad because it was a waste of taxpayer money.

There have been government bailouts before…rarely…but once in a while ….the company receiving it uses it to regain some traction on the market and make a comeback.

More often than not….it is life support for something that is all but dead.

The MSM was dying because nobody was reading them and that infusion of money…is not….going to change that….the hope that it will buy renewed support for the liberals…is empty ….nobody bought more copies of MacLeans…just because they got a taxpayer subsidy.

In fact theREBEL’s attention to this got them more attention then they deserve.