January 02, 2019

New Year, New May? UK PM hopes MPs come together for her Brexit deal

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Theresa May has urged Members of Parliament to back her deal, no doubt hoping that they’ll be coming back to Parliament feeling merrier and more festive. I must say, after a little time away from Brexit over the Christmas period, the whole situation does feel a little different. I’m not sure whether it’s simply the fact the issue has been less prevalent or whether the looming threat of a No Deal Brexit has finally struck the politicians who were planning to vote May’s deal down.

In her New Year message, the Prime Minister has asked MPs to support her deal so that the UK can “turn a corner” and put this period of turmoil and disruption behind us. She acknowledged that the 2016 referendum was “divisive” but that 2019 could be the year where we put our differences aside and move forward together.

And it seems like Corbyn was listening, because today, the Labour leader said that Theresa May should return to Brussels and get a new deal with a full customs union that his party could support. Now of course, we know Mrs. May can’t get a new deal. We also know that the British people would be betrayed if May opted for a full customs union option with the EU – but it shows that Corbyn is worried about the possibility of not leaving the EU in at least some form.

A life-long Brexiteer, Corbyn will want to see at least some action taken on Europe, and I suspect he knows that unless he is able to support some kind of deal then his party will turn their back on Brexit entirely. He’d be right to fear that, too, as almost 90 per cent of his party’s members would opt to remain in the European Union through a second referendum, according to a new survey. In a study from the Party Members Project at Queen Mary University of London, which looks at the attitudes of British political parties, it was found some 88 per cent would opt for remain in a second referendum. It also found that 72 per cent of party members think Corbyn should support that referendum.

Corbyn may have watered down his views on Brexit, but he’ll at least want some kind of separation – and if he wants to achieve it then he’ll have to back May’s deal. It’s as simple as that.

So could 2019 really be the year that the parties put their differences aside and move together with May’s deal? Well, I suppose it depends on what kind of reassurances Mrs. May comes back from Brussels with. If any. We have just three weeks until her deal is put to the vote in the Commons, and if she can’t provide any new assurances, Corbyn is going to have to find some new excuse to support her in the Commons vote. Either that, or he’ll have to become a fully-fledged Remainer and reject the will of the people completely.

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commented 2019-01-03 19:05:50 -0500
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commented 2019-01-03 19:03:45 -0500
17.48 million people voted to leave the EU with no deal, if the politicians vote otherwise, then there will be rioting in the streets that will make the French Revolution look like a tea party. Today’s Brits are not the reserved Gentlemen that they used to be. It is unfortunate that the Royals have gone public as Remainers but then they are all Nazi’s so it isn’t surprising. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLGwfKnrH3c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAq1q1_swyM
commented 2019-01-03 00:03:36 -0500
Both Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg believe Britain should make a hard (and clean) Brexit and start trading world wide, according to WTO (World Trade Organization) rules. Farage is a MEP (Member of the European Parliament) in the EU and Rees-Mogg is a Conservative backbencher in the British Parliament. Both men are very influential in excess of their actual positions. As Brits both men have a great deal of skin in the game yet still feel that Britain should take the chance (whatever the risk) and make a clean break from the EU. If that happened, and a clean Brexit proved disastrous their reputations would be ruined; but both men feel the opposite would be the case.

As a Canadian, I have no direct skin in the game, so it is easy for me to state what I think Britain should do. Yet, as man of British extract and a concerned member of Western civilization, I feel that indirectly I have a great deal of skin in the game. I cannot help but feel that Brexit is the ‘last chance saloon’ for Britain to take the first step in a long journey back to regain her independence and her dignity. As a proud Westerner I hope Britain makes the heroic choice.
commented 2019-01-02 23:25:06 -0500
I have been hearing for 1.5 years that Theresa May is the worst PM Britain has ever had, and she continues to be there. Even the EU has no respect for her, despite selling out Britain to them. March can’t come soon enough.
commented 2019-01-02 13:29:40 -0500
Theresa May is a NWO Marxist moron and a traitor to, what used to be Great Britain. She should be tied to a stake and shot, or better still, burnt alive. I can just smell that Roast Pork aroma…Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.