April 29, 2019

New York Times gives non-apology for publishing anti-Semitic editorial cartoon

David MenziesMission Specialist

The New York Times is free to run whatever content they choose, including editorial cartoons that almost everyone in their right mind would recognize as using anti-Semitic tropes.

Recently, the New York Times published a cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog leading a blind Donald Trump. And after a backlash, they issued an apology.

Call me a nitpicker, but shouldn't an apology contain the word “sorry?”

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commented 2019-04-30 17:16:44 -0400
islam is winning everywhere. you canot critisize a moslem, but everywhere non moslems are berated throughout the world and treated like dogs, even by the commie media. funny, funny world.
commented 2019-04-30 15:31:40 -0400
Anti-Semitism has always been the purview of the left. From communist Russia, through Nazi Germany and on, anti-Semitism has been a useful tool used by these socialists to rally their supporters. Socialism must have an external enemy and. sadly. the Jewish people are it.
commented 2019-04-30 14:32:27 -0400
RON JOSEPH commented 3 hours ago
Where are the Jewish and Christian Parties in our Government?
Ron, they are keeping their place. Unbelieving voters don’t want those nasty Christians and Jews “pushing their morality on us” but they have no problem with Muslims doing it. In fact they aid and abet them in the task.
commented 2019-04-30 12:39:53 -0400
The New York Times purposefully buried all the horrors of the Holocaust on the back pages of the paper during WW2 ,afraid that taking a pro Jewish stance would upset their Gentile advertisers and readership.
During the Cold War the same paper published pro Castro propaganda to help Castro.
As Rush Limbaugh said in his opening monologue today , the Times uses cartoons of Netenyahu to hide their real anti Semite viewpoints.
commented 2019-04-30 11:16:00 -0400
Knowing today what Christians and Jews know about Islam, I still think of Ezra’s story a few years back.
He was asked to speak at a large Synagogue which had been helping 3rd World Muslim Refugees in various ways. (Clothes drives, Food Hampers, Housing ect..)
After Ezra’s speech, some Jewish leaders or officials came to him and said in a friendly way, Oh Ezra," you are too hard on these people, they are friendly to us."

Since then, Islam has started the " Islamic Party of Ontario," in an effort to take over. When this Party succeeds, does anyone think that they will make laws that help the Jews that once helped them? I don’t believe that there is room in Sharia Law for that.
Where are the Jewish and Christian Parties in our Government?
commented 2019-04-29 21:44:52 -0400
This shows me how deranged the lunatic left are. Their pathological hatred of Jews and their insane love of Islam is truly evil and wicked.
commented 2019-04-29 21:44:44 -0400
I would say that Majunder should be fired but I think that happened last year. At least we don’t have to pay his salary anymore.
commented 2019-04-29 21:40:19 -0400
It is very telling that the NYT didn’t publish the Mohammad cartoons but publishes this. When you invite the third world into your country to stay, you are going to get some anti western contempt to different degrees. That is just a given with multiculturalism that includes cultures which hate our guts (yea diversity!).

I support Israels right to exist and defend its borders, but I wish we didn’t have to follow them into every battle. There was some tomfoolery involved regarding Syria and the west was not being exactly straight up with some of the facts. People are getting sick of sending their loved ones into battle, especially when there are clouds of doubt hovering over certain facts. Jew hate, Christian hate, Buddhist hate, Hindu hate, is all offensive to me, but we should be able to question or make fun of any of them, but still we can all co exist. Not so with Islam. Its a sad fact. So I am not surprised to see the rise of anti Semitism in the west. The left tries to pin it on ‘white nationalists’ but they know as well as we do where it comes from, and Islamists and apologists for that hatred (of all non Muslims), are doing their damnedest to fan the flames.

When ex cbc employee Shawn Majunder posts a swastika on a Jew’s twitter feed, it doesn’t give me much confidence in the existence of many moderate Muslims in this country, or any way to coexist in Canada together. Good work Shawn, you’re really helping.
commented 2019-04-29 19:27:53 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,109 Attacks, 239,676 Killed, 319,290 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-04-29 18:42:57 -0400
NY Times is only good for lighting the Barbecue or burning Socialists at hate meetings.
commented 2019-04-29 18:30:43 -0400
You people are ignorant as hell at the new york times