March 22, 2019

A week after New Zealand shootings, Canada lurches towards internet censorship

Rebel Staff

A week ago, a mass murderer in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, walked into a mosque, shooting everyone he saw — men, women and children. He then drove to the other mosque in town and did the same. The whole thing took 21 minutes. But he managed to murder 50 people and wound 50 more.

The murderer, an Australian named Brenton Tarrant, was arrested.

Tarrant live-streamed his murder spree on Facebook. Immediately, the government of New Zealand banned the video, and banned anyone from posting the video or retweeting it. Only 200 people apparently watched the video in real time — Brenton Tarrant was not a well-known figure.

I do not want to watch the video. But nor do I think that censoring the evidence of it is a good idea. It will lead to paranoia, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

But now, merely possessing the video is a crime punishable by 10 years in New Zealand; and sharing it — that makes you a dealer — that’s 14 years in prison.

Now, before I go any further, let me state the obvious (I don’t do this for any normal people, but rather for bad faith critics):

I disagree with and condemn this mass murderer, who did his murders in the name of a political goal — that’s terrorism. I say that, because to the left, and to liberals, and to the self-appointed censors of the media, that’s really what this was about:

A moment to weaponize the 50 dead bodies and fire them at conservatives.

That's exactly what happened when Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party leader, tweeted condolences and sympathy and solidarity very quickly. But the fact that Scheer did not also name-check Muslims and mosques was evidence, to Canadian media, that Scheer himself was an Islamophobe and agreed with the murders.

Scheer’s language was remarkably similar to that of our governor general or the Queen herself. But so what?

In America, it was Trump. In Turkey, where the murderer had travelled, their Islamist president Erdogan has been using the footage of the shooting at political rallies, to demonize his opponents. I guess he’s not worried about New Zealand arresting him.

And why should he be? The prime minister of New Zealand has now been photographed wearing a hijab. She’s not a Muslim. Why the theatre? New Zealand has also decided to ban all the guns used in the shooting. And if you don’t hand them in, you’ll be arrested.

This is all part of the weaponization of this issue by the identity politics left.

Then we learned that the best-selling book by Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor, is being banned in New Zealand. Why?

Who knows? Who cares? Don’t let a crisis go to waste...

And do you doubt that kind of opportunistic authoritarianism isn’t coming here, too?

TONIGHT I'll show you proof that Canada will be going down this road next.

It won’t make a single person safer.

But it will help the global left continue their mission.

NEXT: We’ll talk about a mass kidnapping in Italy that you may not have heard of, because it doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. My guest is Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-03-25 20:44:51 -0400
Social media company’s have been censoring for years all ready, it is only getting worse ,,yesterday I posted about Islamophobia, it being a liberal made up word and not 5 minutes later I was back into FB jail for questioning the word and meaning!! Free speech is dead , it’s like a obstinate course trying to figure out what you can and can’t say !! We are on the road to socialism and goverment speech control!!!
commented 2019-03-24 20:23:40 -0400
Keith Barnes posted: That is 55 knife killings in 83 days or 1.5 killings per day. To be fair, a lot of these killings were Black on Black and probably Gang fights.
Keith, I thought we did some work on this two weeks ago, and established that these killings were as you say gang fights, but involving drugs, and the majority involved were Islamic people from the ME. When you say Black on Black, do you mean mostly Islamic people from Africa, as most ME people aren’t Black as we know it?
I just never heard majority Black crime in the City of London. What UK Media would report it anyway?
commented 2019-03-24 18:53:47 -0400
Today, Sun 24th, there were two more killings by knife in London UK. This brings the number of killings up to 55. That is 55 knife killings in 83 days or 1.5 killings per day. To be fair, a lot of these killings were Black on Black and probably Gang fights.
commented 2019-03-24 18:23:56 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 1 day ago.
Keith what do you mean when you say false flag?………….

Sorry Liza, when I mentioned ‘false flag’ I meant that it was not the video that I meant to post, I did not see it further than the Title.
commented 2019-03-24 12:10:30 -0400
The Left can take their Internet Censorship and Shove It! Morons!🙄
commented 2019-03-24 09:42:31 -0400
Sheldon Eisler wrote "Ron: talk about censorship,I tapped on the link you provided to life site news and boom page has since been removed. "

Not sure who removed the page Sheldon, but I have a good notion why because it went against the accepted media narrative. Does not make me very happy. A member of our international church put it up on our website where we discuss in part, world events in relation to Biblical prophecy. I am glad I copy/pasted the whole article here at the Rebel for all to see. We all should probably copy/paste more often if the globalist censors are that scared and remove links so that inquiring minds can’t know the truth.

Ron Joseph wrote: “Just 2 points:”

Ron, the first thing Jesus warned about in relation to the Biblical end times is deception, especially concerning those who call themselves Christian and are not, in Matt 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, which both your examples correlate to. Jesus said many would come in His name and deceive many. Not just a few. Those who say they believe in Christ and their works prove their faith false, have done a huge amount of damage to Christianity’s credibility and likability over the centuries and especially now in the present because as Christianity has waned, Islam has waxed strong. Many churches have failed people. But Christ never fails.

It does seem the globalists regularly follow a pattern though.

1. Take a tragic event or invent a narrative.
2. Use it to stoke fear.
3. Say it’s the end of democracy.
4. Say its the end of the world.
5. Get the MSM to peddle the message.
6. Smear, censor and demote anyone who challenges it.
7. Rinse and repeat.
commented 2019-03-23 22:57:18 -0400
tina sleigh commented 24 mins ago
I read the entire Susan Devoy article, and she called NZ people every name in the book at least twice. The fact is the shooter is an Australian; not one NZ person has been connected with the crime. We at The Rebel hear most of the important world news and I never once heard that NZ is a hot bed of Racism. Devoy must have repeated Racism around 15 times.
When I lived in Vancouver, I was a member of the Aussie-NZ Club and every NZ person I met was very low key. (Compared to the Aussies)

Perhaps the problem is Susan Devoy has never traveled outside of Christs Church.
commented 2019-03-23 22:26:51 -0400
It would be so much easier and effective to ban Leftists and those they support.
commented 2019-03-23 22:10:30 -0400
As a Canadian living in NZ I am deeply concerned. I have to wonder if the police will show up at my door for voicing my opinion such as this or because I own a copy of a banned book. Of course what happened in Christchurch was terrible but the man was fanatic and crazy people have committed atrocities since time began. I can only concur that what is happening (as per the article below added by Ron Shea) is producing an atmosphere where left wing media (nearly all media) is full of stories of how racist New Zealanders are and how this was just a matter of time because we are just terrible people. I kid you not. Here is an example of how Muslims in New Zealand face such hardship because of us racists. It seems no amount of support for our Muslim neighbors is enough because we are born bigots and they are the constant innocent victims of our behavior.

I understand Jordan Peterson has a large following of young people in NZ (Generation Z). If society tells you what a terrible human being you are, why not reach out to a man who says you are not terrible, you are not a victim, take responsibility for your own actions? Banning his book here sets a precedent, once you begin, continuing is much easier….it becomes a slippery slope to the end of freedom, our children’s freedom. If you have a problem with giving up some small freedoms obviously you are a bigot or Islamophobe. We pray (in Church) and have silences in schools for the Christchurch victims, which I don’t have an issue with but I have not heard a word about the recent Christian victims of violence in Philippines, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq and elsewhere because mentioning them might offend someone. And our PM says nothing about the Turkish president who demands we reinstate the death penalty or he will take action himself.
commented 2019-03-23 21:15:40 -0400
The hands of the UN sponsored satanic globalists have come out to strangle what freedom of thought was left in NZ.
Their cynical exploitation of this event is absolutely monstrous.
Many people still remain in slumber and completely oblivious to the bigger picture and the anti west globalist agenda
commented 2019-03-23 20:52:57 -0400
Ron Shea commented 2 hours ago
I thought this article was very good so I thought I’d share with the rest of the Rebels.
I also appreciated you sharing that article. Instead of guessing if the MSM is only giving us their slanted opinion we can actually hear what is happening.

Just 2 points:
1, If it happened in Canada, but the shooter recently came across the border from the US, I may still feel bad, but not enough to completely change my Country around like this NZ Nit Wit Prime Minister is doing.
2. As a Catholic I am ashamed of The Leaders of my Church helping Islam take over the once impenetrable Religion of the world. Here are two examples where just reading the Headlines will shock you. The UK and Italy.
commented 2019-03-23 20:45:30 -0400
My Hijab Makeover (oh Canada)
Canada’s annual caliphate conference? Really?

I don’t know what to think Dan. That’s a lot of empty boxes being buried.
Thanks for responding.
commented 2019-03-23 19:36:20 -0400
Ron: talk about censorship,I tapped on the link you provided to life site news and boom page has since been removed.
commented 2019-03-23 19:32:23 -0400
Ron: Very good article and straight to the point,the world is changing before our eyes and fast!! There is so much deception going on,this New Zealand incident should put Canadians on high alert as to the Islamic agenda!! We need to come together and start pushing back.
commented 2019-03-23 18:34:57 -0400
I thought this article was very good so I thought I’d share with the rest of the Rebels. … amic-state

“March 21, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – I live in New Zealand. I’ve become alarmed at developments in my country since the shootings last Friday. What I see unfolding seems so disproportionate to the magnitude of the crime. It seems like I’ve woken up and all of a sudden live in an Islamic State.
Here are some highlights of what’s unfolding:

The thought police are out in full force and people are being scrutinized for “hate speech”. Green ribbons are being worn as a symbol against hate.
Mosques and many of the prayer rooms continue to be protected by armed police (police aren’t usually armed in my country).
Vigils are being held all over the place in solidarity with the victims. These seem to have morphed into what amounts to support for the Islamic religion. One Catholic bishop held one last Sunday afternoon in the Ponsonby church. After prayers there, they processed over to the mosque, which is on the opposite side of the road and prayed and met there.
Whitcoulls, one of our book stores, probably the oldest, has removed Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life” from its shelves because he was photographed with a member of the public wearing an anti-Islamic t-shirt while he was in New Zealand recently. Apparently, that’s being construed as him having something to do with the madman’s agenda.
On Tuesday a Muslim prayer was said in Parliament. Just recently all Christian prayer in Parliament was removed.
On Friday March 22 at 1:30pm New Zealand will be called to prayer…Islamic prayer that is. And we will be expected to keep 2 minutes silence after they read the Muslim prayer acknowledging Allah as “great” and Muhammad as his “prophet.” The call to prayer will be broadcasted on national radio stations and TV as well.
One top Catholic Church leader will go to the local mosque (Kilbirnie) as well on Friday to stand outside during their prayers as an act of solidarity. The Catholic bishops here have been very sympathetic and playing out their “inter-faith role” with great enthusiasm.
Catholic school students have been praying inside mosques.

It seems like we’re living in a different world all of a sudden. It seems that showing our great respect for those who were killed has somehow been manipulated into showing affirmation of the Islamic religion.
New Zealand is now putty in the Islamists’ hands.
The shooting on Friday was terrible. But what has now unfolded is something else entirely and may just be the beginning of something very terrible for New Zealand.

Certainly, on a spiritual level, our crisis has become even deeper.

Please keep New Zealand in your prayers."

Sounds like the New World Order to me with a one-world religion.
commented 2019-03-23 18:33:58 -0400
The false flag you describe was a favorite tactic of Cointelpro…and a very effective tactic indeed.
What I meant was a false flag was that the whole thing was staged! No live rounds discharged, no one was actually killed, and it was specifically designed and carried out to be a catalyst for their FASCIST GUN GRABBING and other rights losses like free speech!
The Big Lie is a lot easier to sell than a bunch of little ones…see Dinesh D’Souza, and don’t forget what Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”
commented 2019-03-23 17:40:48 -0400
Keith what do you mean when you say false flag? That people did not die or there were others involved in the back ground, or something else?
commented 2019-03-23 15:05:07 -0400
ALBERTA NDP ARE TOAST commented 15 hours ago.
There is plenty of evidence the New Zealand incident was a false flag…………….

You make some very good points Alberta. I saw the video and was puzzled by the shooters actions, after wandering outside looking for more targets, he returned and started shooting the victims again. This dose not appear to be the actions of a normal shooter. He then drives off to another Mosque for more targets. The police reaction time was very long also.

New Zealand’s PM was selected by the UN, a year before they selected Trudeau, therefore it is quite possible that this was a NWO Marxist, false flag operation.

As of yesterday the number of people killed by stabbing in London stands at 87 or 88, (one victim is still clinging to life), since the beginning of this year. This is 38 more than the Australian Mosque killing but has not made the headlines.
commented 2019-03-23 15:02:13 -0400
Enough censorship already now is the time to embrace your patriotism and nationalism!! Let it shine,don’t be muzzled anymore,let’s start the fight with our will for free speech and start the push back!!
commented 2019-03-23 14:26:14 -0400
Just to clarify since I haven’t learned to write my thoughts clearly, when I said previously in my comment to Dan, “With the help of stupid people it is working.” I mean the liberal apologist, moral master baiting sjw’s and the lying gubberments.
commented 2019-03-23 14:05:04 -0400
I didn’t look at the video but would it be justifiable to say that the Mosque authorities failed to make an adequate threat assessment and have some protective measures in place to cancel out or mitigate such a threat?
Was anyone observing or guarding the door ?
I also wonder why there was no lockdown order given for the other mosque?
commented 2019-03-23 13:56:44 -0400
The trouble is with islam itself. Its book says to lie to protect islam when dispersions are cast upon it, so the very basic thought of islam of peace and love, that Islam puts up as its front——is suspect. A very hypocritical cult religion indeed. It is propagated by the west as masses follow islam, and brings the leftist vote. It’s the insidious creeping cult today that is gaining cudos from the left and therefore only more casualties of this NZ type, will only futher the Islamic agenda on the western scene. Take a look at pre-schools and early elementary grades and see the %tage of (now) blacks, browns to whites do you see, especially if you live in any city. It’s a scary scenary out there. So time to jump on that bandwagon and hug a muzzie today.
commented 2019-03-23 13:05:36 -0400
Dan posted in part, “Given the ‘assault weapon’ ban immediately afterward, it is very possible and likely this was a false flag operation designed to allow NZ – and other Western ‘democracies’ – to grab all the law-abiding, responsible firearms owners guns…and then go after the rest of our rights and protections!”
-————————————————————————————————————- I think it was possibly a ‘false flag’, in that the event was choreographed by people behind the scenes, and that this guy was chosen to do the deed and weaponized because he was a nutcase.

Dan, am I correct in thinking that when you say false flag, you don’t mean that people weren’t shot and killed, but just that there was tomfoolery by people behind the scenes with agenda?

There was no way I was watching it. You can’t unsee that stuff. However it is important for it to be seen by those with the stomach to watch it. Had the manifesto not been online at first, we would be relying on govt media parties, and only have the narrative that he was a white supremacist and a Trump lover. We know there is much more to it. The world and everyone right of center was trolled by one or more people in an attempt to quell and subjugate us. With the help of stupid people it is working.
commented 2019-03-23 10:40:50 -0400
Ezra I concur about watching Islamic snuff videos…it’s too much of a psychic load to carry.
However, you should watch the Christchurch ‘assassin’ video. There was an unreality to it. The camera angle seemed to be from a shoot ‘em up video game format.
The gun shots sounded more like an air rifle discharge than a live round.
I saw at one point the rounds in one of his magazines and they looked like .30 calibre (7.62 NATO) and not .223 (5.56 NATO).
I could see no blood spatter or bullet penetrations in the people or surrounding walls, if they were .30, or even .223 rounds he was firing, the carnage and gore would be noticable!
Regarding my last point, as you suggested we’ve all seen far too many gun-shot murders on TV and at the movies, Hollywood gun-shot murders. I suggest we have been indoctrinated with what shooting people with a firearm looks like – in Hollywood – and that has little bearing on what shooting real people with live rounds really looks and sounds like!
Given the ‘assault weapon’ ban immediately afterward, it is very possible and likely this was a false flag operation designed to allow NZ – and other Western ‘democracies’ – to grab all the law-abiding, responsible firearms owners guns…and then go after the rest of our rights and protections!
This is how fascism, or any other kind of authoritarianism starts…

I got the link to watch the video from a commenter on THEREBEL! Is the link still on THEREBEL’s site?
commented 2019-03-23 09:20:23 -0400
The PM blamed the entire citizenry of NZ for the massacre and now punishes them by seizing their property and curtailing their free speech rights.B it who is really to blame?
The politicians who promoted unrestrained and ill advised immigration of Muslims into the country are to blame.They exacerbated the problem by restricting free speech and calling people bigoted and racists for objecting and trying to preserve their own culture. What will happen?
People will clam up in order to avoid being intimidated by the police . But the deep resentment will only grow towards Islam and it’s colonization of the Western World.
commented 2019-03-23 08:58:42 -0400
I watched the NZ shooter video. I learned a few things in doing so.
“Gun Free” zones are a death trap.
Your best chance to survive a mass shooting is to attack the shooter with whatever you have at hand.
You cannot rely on the authorities to arrive in a timely manner to help.
Just sayin’.
commented 2019-03-23 03:04:59 -0400
Then there was three…
commented 2019-03-23 03:03:58 -0400
Excellent point Hansen Ginn…. Sympathetic “costumes” are obviously more appealing to any expected news coverage than those oh so ho hum crosses…