March 27, 2019

Chief Censor of New Zealand BANS terrorist manifesto (unless you pay them $102)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the New Zealand government's decision to ban the manifesto of the terrorist responsible for the mass shooting at a mosque in Christchurch.

Brenton Tarrant went to two mosques and murdered 50 people in about 20 minutes.

He also live-streamed his actions on Facebook, and uploaded a “manifesto,” a half-mad explanation of what he did.

As I mentioned last week, that manifesto expressed his desire to manipulate the media, to sow maximum discord in the world, especially in the United States, especially between classes and races.

The media granted his wish, blaming people who had nothing to do with the murder — for political purposes, just as the murderer had wanted them to do.

The live-streamed video was quickly banned in New Zealand, making it a crime to merely possess it, punishable by 10 years in prison. And if you shared it with someone — that’s 14 years.

Here's the latest development:

The New Zealand government has classified the killer's manifesto, which he called "The Great Replacement," as "objectionable."

I’d agree, it’s objectionable. But they mean that in a legal way, that they have made that piece of paper illegal in New Zealand.

And the decision was endorsed by the Chief Censor of New Zealand. (That's his real job title. At least they're honest...)

The statement continues:

“Most New Zealanders who have read this will simply find it repellent. But most New Zealanders are not the target audience. It is aimed at a small group who may be receptive to its hateful, racist and violent ideology, and who may be inspired to follow the example set by its apparent author.”

This chief censor, who has never heard about reverse psychology, just made it the most desirable forbidden fruit in the country.

It is an offence to possess or distribute an objectionable publication. People who have downloaded this document, or printed it, should destroy any copies.

But if you really, really want it, and if you’re an approved person, you can fill out some forms.

And then the government will sell you a copy — for $102.

I was in the UK this month, and learned about their Orwellian license to be a journalist. But I’ve never seen a license to read before...

The Chief Censor of New Zealand is allowed to read it. And his staff too. And police. They can handle themselves.

But you? Well, you have to prove yourself to them.

They don’t have to prove themselves to you..

The terrorist said he’d create social strife. He said he’d make politicians and journalists jump.

And he is.

Say: how long before you think this madness reaches Canada? Or is it already here?

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commented 2019-03-27 23:48:01 -0400
Australia and NZ are like the UK. The legal system(s) and media do the same as the UK has been doing to Tommy Robinson.
commented 2019-03-27 18:23:37 -0400
Isn’t it funny how everything has a price,I wonder what the price was for Jacinda Ardern to sellout her and the New Zealanders to Islam? What a disgusting pathetic puppet.