June 15, 2015

New book shows that the truth about Justin Trudeau isn't so pretty

Richard AndersonRebel Blogger

There is no other modern Canadian politician who has attracted so many nicknames. Ezra Levant has dubbed him the Shiny Pony. Others have seen fit to describe him as The Princeling or the Once and Future Prime Minister. Yet the name that has really stuck, that has been applied even by some of his erstwhile admirers, has an appropriately regal ring to it: The Dauphin.

Justin Trudeau is a strange and nearly unprecedented figure in Canadian political history: A dynast. Even his staunchest admirers confess that, lacking the Trudeau name, this gaffe prone man with the post-it note resume would likely still be teaching drama in suburban Vancouver.

Given his work experience and education a responsible business executive or entrepreneur would not hire Trudeau to sell, manager, engineer, service, maintain or negotiate anything of any real importance. Yet as of the writing of this piece Justin Trudeau has a very strong chance of becoming Canada's next Prime Minister.

Paul Tuns, a veteran political journalist and long-time editor of The Interim, has taken up the task of exploring this paradox in his latest book: The Dauphin: The Truth About Justin Trudeau. Let's be clear about what this book is not: It is not a rant, screed or a litany of loosely connected gossip.

There is no shortage of material on the Right-end of the Canadian blogsphere that takes cheap and vulgar shots at the Liberal Party's youthful looking leader. Instead this is a carefully researched, even handed and point by point review of the Justin Trudeau record. The picture that emerges is not appealing.

Most Right-leaning Canadians already have a strong and mostly negative impression of the Trudeau family, especially of the famous father and his eldest son. The book appropriately begins with a recap of Pierre Trudeau's mostly pernicious legacy: Fiscal incontinence, statist intervention in the economy and a policy of radical social liberalization. From the emasculation of the Canadian military through to FIRA and NEPThe Dauphin provides a quick refresher to those of a certain age and an introduction to those too young to remember the elder Trudeau's reign. 

The argument the book lays forth doesn't, however, rest on guilt by association: You hated the father so hate the son. Instead it's the first step in explaining that in every way that matters Justin Trudeau is every inch his father's son. In voting for Justin we should expect, albeit in modern garb, the policies of his socialist father. 

Tuns lays out his case over twenty-two relatively short chapters, ranging from Trudeau's views on sexual harassment, economics and pipelines to drugs and abortion. The book itself can be read comfortably in an afternoon. While drawing upon the whole of the younger Trudeau's public career, Tuns has focused his efforts on parsing the last two years that Trudeau has spent as Liberal leader.

The issues that the book covers touch upon almost anything of importance facing modern Canada. Yet despite the diversity of topics the impression of Justin Trudeau's record is consistent: Where he has not been vague or evasive he has shown himself to be a radical at heart. 

In what is clearly the book's most important chapter, Tuns dissects Trudeau's largely inaccurate views on the state of Canada's middle class. The rhetoric emanating from the Liberal Party over the last two years has painted the picture of a middle class that has become poorer and more disenfranchise over Stephen Harper's time as Prime Minster. As The Dauphin lays out quite clearly this is mostly nonsense. The Canadian middle class, broadly defined, is the richest in the world. 

Even the shopworn rhetorical flourish about "the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer" is given a careful once over in the book:

But what about middle income earners? By definition, the three middle quintiles are middle class (as, probably are many in the bottom and top quintiles, but for the sake of simplicity, only the three middle tiers will be used.) The second quintile, people making an average of $44,500, saw the second largest increases (170 percent) to almost catch up to the middle quintile. That middle quintile now earns an average of $47,500, up 58 percent in 2009 from 1990. Put in simple terms, there is now little difference between lower middle income and middle income earner. The fourth quintile saw its income increase 32 percent, to $60,100. The highest fifth of income earners now make more than $94,900. 

The picture that emerges of Justin from reading this one chapter is clear enough: A trust fund kid trying out for the role of class warrior.  

In their last two national campaigns the Conservatives have been able to successfully define their opponents: Stephane Dion was not a leader and Michael Ignatieff was just visiting. These bits of political spin worked because, underlying the tacky commercials, was a powerful and basic truth.

Dion was a well meaning man who lacked the personality and skill to lead a national party. Ignatieff was a political opportunist with a terrible grasp of what makes for a good opportunity. Years later we see that Dion has essentially vanished from the political radar and that Lord Iggy is now re-ensconced at Harvard.

The Conservative attack ads for Justin Trudeau have the same logic behind them. The Tories are claiming that Justin isn't ready. But it's actually worse than that. The take-away from The Dauphin is that the younger Trudeau is too immature and too lacking in judgement ever to lead Canada. Should he ever take the political reins it's likely that shrewder and tougher men, like his top advisor Gerald Butts, would be calling most of the shots.

With four months to the next election The Dauphin provides Canadian conservatives and libertarians with the intellectual ammunition they'll need in the fight ahead. 


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commented 2015-06-18 07:29:27 -0400
If the young Dauphin had any intellectual wherewithall and intent of personal acheivement, he would have striven to be the best at his chosen craft and perhaps graduated from Julliard and been an integral part of the theater culture by now ( he’s almost as old as Ron Howard) but instead we see the evidence of failure to launch and mundane underachievement that only entitled privilege brings. I think his run for PM seat was a sad attempt to feel relevant at something/anything.

The thing I get a chuckle from is the slavish devotion the prog hordes show this privileheged underachiever – here they are pimping things like white privilege guilt and their figure head is a direct product of that the Laurentian oligarchy – someone who’s claim to rule us is based on dynastic genes.

No wonder Tommie the commie’s numbers are up. Dogmatic partisan liberals are leaving the LPC theater in droves because the casting and acting is so transparently bad.
commented 2015-06-17 20:15:27 -0400
I disagree with the author that Trudeau “would still be teaching drama in suburban Vancouver”. If it wasn’t for the fact that Justin Trudeau IS the son of his famous Dad,Justin would be plying his trade far from Vancouver, out in the sticks where they’re desperate for teachers. He was only hired to West Point Grey Academy because of his famous name and to attract the children of prominent Liberals to the school. The prestigious school can choose from the most highly qualified, and with his resume, Trudeau certainly cannot be said to be a top notch teaching prospect at an upscale private school.
If his name was Justin Smith, he’d more likely be teaching grade 7 in Kapuskasing or Geraldton, in his home Province.
commented 2015-06-17 18:38:04 -0400
Justin is an NDP Spook, weather he knows it or not. He is helping these NDP, Commie Wing Dings to gain support with his idiotic performance. More hits on the NDP from The Rebel are needed. Remember, Dull Care is in bed with the Muslims, just like ‘Justinapt the brain dead Trud’.
commented 2015-06-16 17:31:14 -0400
Harry – I agree with you 100%! His comment on rethinking space and time really got to me too. If his butt wasn’t being covered 24/7 by our Marxist MSM, he would be mocked all the time for the man child that he is. He is no leader, he is just the empty suit, the placeholder. The dirty players in the back ground are the ones we should be exposing from now until the election, as they are the ones who have been leading JT down the garden path. I hope they all self destruct for all the lies and smearing they are doing to anyone or anything conservative. Liberals are the people of the lie!
commented 2015-06-16 17:13:05 -0400
Trudeau is a 3 dressed up as a 9. Wait. More like a 1 dressed up as a 9. He has even less intellect than Iggy did. All Iggy did was mumble on about “..that’s not democracy…”. The fool he was. Justin just states stupidity like “rethink basic concepts as time and space.”. What the frack does he think he is? Something profound? He’s a total tool that is a poser. The Liberal Party for the last decade has been nothing but Posers.
commented 2015-06-16 13:01:45 -0400
Trudeau is a lightweight, an empty suit, just as Obama has proven himself to be. If elected, Trudeau will do all the photo ops and everything else will be done by the backroom people like Gerald Butts. Trudeau will just be the public face of the party.

That may actually be good in the sense that at least he won’t be messing things up due to his own staggering incompetence but it could be very bad if the backroom people push the party far to the left again, as it was in Pierre Trudeau’s day.
commented 2015-06-16 09:40:57 -0400
Should Le Bebe ever suffer an accident and fracture his skull, air would rush in.
commented 2015-06-15 21:35:19 -0400
Has anybody ever interviewed JT’s hair stylist? Probably some interesting stories there.
commented 2015-06-15 21:31:30 -0400
WTF—- I don’t get it.
In the States they have the Kennedy, the Bush and the Clinton dynasties.
We don’t have ,need , or want a Trudeau dynasty in Canada.
Justin is just plain stupid.
Anybody got a copy of one of his $20,000 speeches? .
commented 2015-06-15 19:13:39 -0400
for interests sake i checked the toronto library…. justin trudeau’s common ground 172 copies…..olivia chow’s my journey 131 copies…crazy town, the rob ford story 233 copies..as well as a few lesser rob ford short stories…..the 7 deadly virtues a collection of conservative essays…..0 copies (and they denied 2 requests to order)……….this book also zero copies and none on order…
commented 2015-06-15 19:02:29 -0400
the conservative “attack ads” are too kind … “isnt ready”?……..isnt capable and will never be ready because he lacks the ability..