September 26, 2018

New Calgary based Rebel talks gun rights, transparency and pipelines (Guest: Keean Bexte)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Alberta's next provincial election is less than a year away, and I predict May 2019 will wrap up Rachel Notley’s first and last term as Premier.

It's a pretty safe bet that things are going to get a little wild and desperate in the NDP camp as they hurtle towards their unceremonious fate on the unemployment line. Expect the NDP to call Albertans every name in the book while at the same time begging for their votes.

In Calgary, Mayor Nenshi was handed another mandate despite a last minute conservative insurgency. As a result, he thinks he was given a mandate to continue his policies of closed door meetings and money-wasting vanity projects like public art that resembles roadside garbage and Olympic games that no one wants.

There’s so much going on in Alberta, and we want to cover all of it to bring you the other side of the story that you won’t see in the mainstream media.

In order to do this, we had to call in a reinforcement! Keean Bexte is Rebel’s new Alberta-based journalist, and you may have already seen some of his work.

Keean joins me tonight to talk about some of the issues that matter to Calgarians, like government accountability and transparency, and he’ll also give us a sneak peak at what he’s working on next.

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commented 2018-09-27 22:57:19 -0400
How true it is that city folks have no clue about predator and vermin control. They’ve watched too many cartoon animals that talk. Some of these nincompoops even figure that we’re murdering poor gophers who “just want to live.” I wonder how those fancy people would feel about a truckload of live-trapped gophers being dumped on their fine lawns.
commented 2018-09-27 13:15:48 -0400
I think Nenshi has his eye on what happens to the Olympic venues, or more precisely the housing for athletes, after the Olympics. Not to mention their ability to use unions to ensure cost over runs and delays. I think he plans on setting up his own no-go zones filled with fake refugees to keep him in power, indefinitely. Don’t forget how long it took Montreal to pay for their Expo. This is what they have in mind for Calgary. They really want to destroy Calgary, and so do Notley and Trudeau! Because the people here are mostly conservative, and there are many entrepreneurs. And they absolutely hate capitalism!
commented 2018-09-27 12:50:20 -0400
If the NDP think they can polish their past & make it look good, they’re delusional. Hurricane Notley has been a disaster from day one. Leftists always steal from people “for their own good” (same excuse when it comes to eliminating your rights & freedoms. Toronto’s anti-car crowd has made that city a traffic nightmare. It seems Calgary needs revenue streams to pay for that Olympics that they can’t afford & few want. Canada’s gun laws are based on feelings, not facts, by the same people who will then turn around & support hug-a-thug soft on crime policies. Great to hear from the new guy at The Rebel.
commented 2018-09-27 12:43:33 -0400
Great interview with Keean Bexte SHEILA GUNN REID – Thorn!

PETER NETTERVILLE commented 3 hours ago
I agree, Ron, Keean is obviously an intelligent fellow. He does need to gain confidence, but that will come over time. 
You are doing well, Keean, glad to have you here.
I’ll have to disagree with you about what you call Mr. Bexte’s ‘lack of confidence’, Peter.
Rather, I read him as a stolid conservative, intelligent, very grounded and confident in his assessment of the world, from his learned, conservative perspective, and being one of the disenfranchised, rural/bush minority…but then this is only the third time I’ve seen him, on THEREBEL.
We have all been indoctrinated and conditioned to a certain degree, helpless victims of the left’s massive control and overreach of all media/academia. We have all been programmed to accept only the slick talking head homogeneity of the MSM…Fake News…Media Party’s, Marxist ideology. So when someone who is not a slick-talking-head-lefty opines, we have misgivings – in spite of what they are saying. LOL. We can’t help it.
Look at Mr. Bexte’s two-dimensional visual; buttoned down, the worlds most conservative eyeglasses and haircut, low volume, almost monotone delivery, packing facts, that all cause you to strain to listen.
Compare that to the Media Party talking heads…heck, compare that even to THEREBEL’s reporters…Menzoid!
Sometimes you can tell a book by it’s cover…
Regarding lefty gun grabbers: If politicians want to grab our guns, then they – the politicians themselves – ought to come and grab them…try and grab them…not send brown-shirted, jack booted, thug hirelings to do their fascist dirty work!
Seems fair…
commented 2018-09-27 09:55:14 -0400
I hope that Keean gets in touch with Save Calgary! They are trying to keep Nenshi and his followers in control, so that they don’t destroy Calgary. It boils my blood that Nenshi does whatever he wants while stealing from the taxpayers. Notley and her team of destroyers got him re-elected.
commented 2018-09-27 08:34:37 -0400
I agree, Ron, Keean is obviously an intelligent fellow. He does need to gain confidence, but that will come over time.

You are doing well, Keean, glad to have you here.
commented 2018-09-26 22:57:23 -0400
Calgary (& Edmonton) have ICLEI Compliant Streets’
commented 2018-09-26 22:51:44 -0400
Good show Sheila and I’m impressed with Keeans intelligence and common sense which is such a rarity nowadays .