January 13, 2016

NEW Hillary Clinton email scandal: Did America secretly back leftist demonstrations in Israel?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As you know, Hillary Clinton set up a home-made e-mail server when she was Secretary of State, and did all her e-mail on that, thinking that way she could hide those from the public by deleting them.

The courts compelled her to hand over these deleted e-mails. (She’s also under an FBI investigation for all this.)

Here’s one of the "deleted" e-mails that's just come out.

It's to Clinton from a former U.S. Ambassador, Thomas Pickering.

He tells Clinton that the United States should secretly foment demonstrations in Israel against Benjamin Netanyahu, to pressure him into making concessions to the Palestinians.

And what did Clinton do? All we know for sure is that she forwarded the memo to her staff and asked that it be printed out.

Suddenly, the Occupy Wall Street movement and anti-war protests popped up in Israel.

Were those protests organized by Clinton, like Pickering suggested? We don’t know.

But we do know that Obama is harder on U.S. allies — from Canada to the UK to Israel to Ukraine — than he is on America’s enemies.

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commented 2016-01-15 03:47:33 -0500
typo… mean to say “exchanging”…
commented 2016-01-15 03:34:16 -0500
Wow!, “Nathan W”… Not as misguided as you would wish… And “convenient” ?… “Not so she could hide them”? I would love to hear your equivalent examples of Bush administration Secretaries of State exchaning “top secret” e-mails on their unsecured personal servers… Like high resolution North Korean missile data…
commented 2016-01-14 16:38:29 -0500
She set it up that way because it was more convenient, not so she could hide them. Previous Republicans had done the same thing.

“But we do know that Obama is harder on U.S. allies — from Canada to the UK to Israel to Ukraine — than he is on America’s enemies.” – Utter trash. Waving some signs around is not “harder on” someone than literally bombing people out of their houses (ISIS or Taliban) or full economic sanctions (Russia and North Korea).

Yet another hopelessly misguided article on an issue of foreign affairs.
commented 2016-01-14 13:24:59 -0500
Democrats = Evil.
commented 2016-01-14 12:25:10 -0500
A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote an extension of Obama and his destructive ideology. I can only hope that the American voters can see through her deception and lies and understand how dangerous she is to the future of the U.S.A. and the world.
commented 2016-01-14 11:10:21 -0500
Adding to Rebelation’s observation, which I agree with.

I wonder how much money, influence, advice was covertly given to the many, many third party organizations registered in the last election to defeat the Conservatives by the Obama administration? My bet is it was significant.
commented 2016-01-14 10:16:55 -0500
@chris Healey…I fully agree….in fact I am no fan of J Edgar Hoover nor the Prohibition he enforced. But the reality is that personnel is policy. The sort of legal prosecution being called for can only be approved by the attorney general…and apparently he doesn’t give a shit.
commented 2016-01-14 02:25:22 -0500
I hope Donald Trump has somebody keeping track of the rebel to see stories like this.
commented 2016-01-14 02:10:53 -0500
Bill Smith —I thought the USA gave billions in financial aid to Israel.
commented 2016-01-14 01:39:29 -0500
How is Chiquita Banana doing ? The West is forever in the Mid East . Making friends and saving Children. WHY ? We have lots of our own oil. or do the ELITE just simply own the Government.?
commented 2016-01-14 00:52:12 -0500
Well, not that we ever doubted you Ezra, but I think this revelation gives credence to your assertion that it’s US NGO’s fomenting dissent against Cdn oil, and I think, going forward, you should consider linking the two no?
commented 2016-01-13 22:11:36 -0500
I think the States had a hand in the mess we now see in Ukraine.
commented 2016-01-13 21:52:52 -0500
Glen Craig. Kennedy could not be faulted by the sins of his father. In this incidence it is Hilary Clinton herself that is under investigation. She has admitted that she used a private server to do business as Secretary of State and if it is proven that she was sending out or receiving classified documents during that time then she was breaking the law. The fact that she tried to delete those emails in a cover up is further proof she is unfit for office.
commented 2016-01-13 21:35:57 -0500
Why not? They secretly backed and assisted Trudope to win the 2015 election.
commented 2016-01-13 21:24:56 -0500
The clinton intifada plan called for the recruitment and incitement of arab women to ‘protest’..reason was that using arab women would be less likely to develop into violence… and poof.. recently, a group of arab women started harassing visitors to the Temple Mount… FYI, the Temple Mount is the most holy site to Jews, but when the Mount was liberated from illegal Jordanian occupation in 1967, for whatever reason, Israel allowed the Jordanian Wafq to administer the Mount… and the wafq is the caretaker until today. Several million muslim visit the Mount every year and several hundred thousand Christians too… but only about 12,000 Jews. When Jews visit, they cannot move their lips because the wafq will assume that they are praying silent, and this is a crime. one thing lead to another and the arab harassers and their allies came up with a story that the ‘status quo’ of the Mount is being changed… it is not true… Israel even offered to install CCTV cameras that anyone worldwide could monitor in the internet… but Jordan and local arabs adamantly refused.. obviously they do not want facts coming to light. Lefties and arab groups never let facts get in the way of a good story… the result is this intifada that is now underway, the so-caled knife intifada… just about daily, arabs ram cars into bus stops and teenagers throw rocks and go on stabbing sprees in the streets. Israel has only a population of 8 million so the stabbings to-date would be in proportion to 10 terrorist stabbing and car rammings in each and every American State and Canadian Province…. so yes, this blood is on the hands of interloping lefties. Canada is indirectly involved too. For example, there is a group in Canada called ‘queers for palestine’.. as everyone knows, gays get murdered in arab countries, but Israel has a vibrant gay community.. this groups accuses Israel of being tolerant to gays only to make arabs look like savages… however, this is a fringe group, not all indirect Canadian support is fringe. PFLP is a marxist terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for some of the stabbings and murders. PFLP leader, Khalida Jarrar sent her daughter, Yafa Jarrar to Canada.. she married a First Nations person and spend all her time in Canada at universities and left-leaning churches to raise money for PFLP and spouting propaganda about Israel under the guise of ‘feminism and anti-colonialism’… And, there is a left wing Jewish group called New Israel Fund.. they funnel cash from donation to ultra-left groups in Israel who support the knife intifada… Jon Kay of Walrus Magazine is used by NIF as a speaker at their fundraising events…
The main point is that Israel is a huge success story… from it’s foundation in 1948 until the early 1970’s, USA never gave any aid to Israel because they though it would be a waste of money, they thought the state was doomed.. but dispute a the odds and all the attacks, Israel prevailed….. and as we all know, lefties hate a success story.
commented 2016-01-13 21:01:46 -0500
@chris Kealey……..J Edgar Hoover did not understand why John Fitzgerald Kennedy…the son of the only prohibition bootlegger he failed to prosecute….became president.
commented 2016-01-13 20:28:25 -0500
January 13, 2016
Dear Diary;
The guy who helped me out by tattling on Stevie wrote a nice piece about me in The Globe and Mail titled “How Canada can avoid Germany’s refugee troubles”. What a great piece, the answer is so obvious to everyone, even to me, but Ibbitson rambles on and on and makes it sound so complicated and difficult to understand that, by the end, my zombies will again be convinced that I’m the only one that’s cerebral enough to deal with the issue. Which I won’t, of course. The U.N. told me that everything’s going just fine.
He even talks about me in glowing terms for making great sounding promises and not keeping them and for missing deadlines for quotas, which is okay because they were stupid to begin with anyway, but no one realizes that.
It won’t be long now and I’m off to the Alps with Chrystia, oh, and some others from Gerald’s cabinet. It’s for something called the World Economic Forum. There’s a rumour going around that I’ll be the chosen one to give the keynote address because all the other world leaders will want to learn from me how to start kicking their economies like I’m doing here.
commented 2016-01-13 20:14:40 -0500
I don’t understand how Clinton can be running for the President of the United States if she is under investigation by the FBI for comiting a a criminal offence. That along with her treasonous offence of not coming to the aide of American citizens when they were under attack at their embassy in Bengazi should disqualify her from ever becoming President.
commented 2016-01-13 20:13:38 -0500
It’s amazing that those Democrats do these type of things instead of working for the people of the country that elected them, such as creating jobs for Americans etc etc.
commented 2016-01-13 20:06:57 -0500
Nothing that Hillary or Bill do surprises me. They are both liars & hypocrites & like Obama are always blaming the right for everything. I pray a Republican wins the White House. Did anyone watch narcissist Obama’s State of the Union speech last night? All about his non accomplishments & denials about ISIS.