February 09, 2018

New movie “The First Purge” looks like “regressive, race-baiting nonsense”

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews


In case the Oscar's Best Picture lineup didn't give you a clue, Hollywood is has been pretty "anti-white-American" recently.

The latest instalment of the horror movie franchise The Purge pulls no punches. The entire trilogy was conceived as a left-wing satire of America's racial, political and economic divisions. The new film, a prequel called The First Purge, promises to offer up more of the same, starting with its provocative, anti-Trump poster art.

It sounds like a bunch of regressive, race-baiting nonsense to me.


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commented 2018-02-10 18:18:33 -0500
The Purge sounds stupid.
Looking forward to Clint’s new one though.
commented 2018-02-10 18:12:18 -0500
I find Netflix to make far better movies and Series than Hollywood these days, they are allowed to experiment and be creative without Hollywood politics and overbearing studio heads forcing controlling them. Marvel Studies is superior to Hollywood as well. They at least know their audience. Marvel was smart to make their own studio as Hollywood had ruined most of the Marvel films they made.
commented 2018-02-10 18:07:04 -0500
James Crockett you trust reviews? Many are paid for, the video game industry especially is horrible for dishonest reviews and Star Wars got horrible reviews back in the day.
commented 2018-02-10 00:12:05 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

You may want to wait for Netlix – it’s getting HORRIBLE reviews.
commented 2018-02-09 23:21:25 -0500
In the globalist mindset Whites are the perfect target. A minority that developed the most successful civilization the world has ever seen. They have the class hatred of the communists, the race hatred of the Nazis & the hatred of enemies of the state (world government) of the fascists. Globalism in a nutshell. “We will deliver utopia to you if we can eliminate the White race” – then those suspected of having “White blood” – then those who aren’t enthusiastic enough in their support – then those who are too enthusiastic in their support – then those who someone whispered something about behind their back – etc. The Jews, the Kulaks, enemies of the state – how many times do we need to keep going down this same road? It leads to hell – for everyone.
commented 2018-02-09 17:34:15 -0500
Roger that tammie
commented 2018-02-09 17:17:55 -0500
Hey, I’ve practically purged Hollywood out of my life!
I will make an exception for Clint Eastwood’s latest movie and see 15:17 to Paris.
commented 2018-02-09 15:36:59 -0500
It seems that all the messages coming out of Hollywood today if they’re not out right antiwhite they are subliminally passing that message along… I think it is time to boycott the perverts and pedophiles Hollywood as well.. Where would Hollywood be without the economic support and disposable income of the majority of the people around North America and the rest of the world but mostly North America… Hollywood is not an industry that is self-supporting it needs to be supported from the leftover disposable income of the four intrinsic means of producing wealth that actually come from the ground multiplied by sweat equity.. For the primates they can understand it as reality economics 101.. The reality about primates is you can teach all of them something but you can’t teach any of them everything..!! Lol
commented 2018-02-09 13:32:15 -0500
I would love to hear what films you think should be nominated for Best Picture – that weren’t to support your anti-white argument, which is laughable quite frankly.
commented 2018-02-09 09:34:45 -0500
BEN ,, you and I , and most of us REBELS are part of a group purging the LUGENPRESSERS , I love it , it’s the new movement call the TRUMPIAN REARANGEMENT SYNDROME