August 08, 2018

New Poll Says Most Brits – Even Remainers – Want the Government to Get On with Brexit

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Theresa May is continuing her embarrassing trips to meet foreign leaders. Well, sort of – this time she’s crossed the border to Scotland, visiting Edinburgh to attend the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe Festival. She was immediately met by protestors at Edinburgh’s Assembly Hall, with hecklers asking “any plans for when the government collapses, Theresa?”

Even one of the comics performing at the festival, Jane Godley, shouted “Theresa, are you coming in for the show? We’ve got a food bank.”

And, while the visit is underway, a Scottish political commentator has claimed that the PM’s relationship with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hit “rock bottom.”

Ian Macwhirter claimed that the two leaders should now try and build a constructive relationship, based on the similar experiences they’ve had as women in male-dominated professions.

He told The Express:

“I think they actually had quite a lot in common and quite a lot to talk about…But that relationship has certainly deteriorated over the subsequent years and is now at rock bottom, mainly because of this controversy over the so-called power grab which is the powers that are repatriated from Brussels going directly to Westminster and not going to Scotland in devolved areas.”

Meanwhile, British voters are telling the pollsters that they want the PM to just hurry it up and get on with Brexit, regardless of what the deal is.

A survey by Deltapoll found that 60 per cent of the British public agreed to the question “Right now, I no longer care how or when we leave the European Union, I just want it all over and done with.”

That’s quite substantial. It’s certainly higher than the 52 per cent that originally voted for Brexit. Even 48 per cent of Remainers agreed with the question. Interestingly though, 75 per cent of Leavers agreed with the statement. I suppose those 25 per cent actually just mean that they do care about the deal – with maybe a few percentage points having changed their mind about Brexit since.

Seventy-five per cent of Labour Leavers want her to get on with the job as well, and a sizeable chunk – some 42 per cent - of Labour Remainers want her to get on with it.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the British public want Brexit, but with the way our Parliamentarians are behaving, you’d think there had been some major change in public opinion.

I think I’ve found out why, though. Reports today explain that there have been an increase of incidents where large lumps of stonework are falling off from the Parliament building, as it undergoes much-needed repair works. The politicians must have experienced a fair few bonks to the head, if so many of them are acting this crazy over Brexit.

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commented 2018-08-08 14:08:27 -0400
From Theresa May on down, those who wish to remain as members of the EU are nothing more than spineless gutless individuals who were never British in the first place and have no confidence in the UK’s ability to govern it’s self.
For example; A short while ago Britain decided that it needed another Nuclear Power Station and as is required put the proposal to the EU, who agreed, stating that they would set the deal up. This is the EU deal. The Chinese would build the Nuclear Plant, to their own design and using their own Technicians. When completed all hydro produced would belong to the Chinese who would sell it to the UK at triple the going rate for the next 30 years. The EU also required the UK to install cables and supply hydro to the EU Continental grid, at no charge. the EU intends to sell this hydro to member Countries. The Hydro Plant is under construction right now.
commented 2018-08-08 13:19:11 -0400
Theresa May had a clear majority and could have gone forward with Brexit. But, I suspect that Soros paid her some big bucks and she called that snap election which lost her clear majority. Now, she’s dithering – no doubt it’s in her contract with Soros. She needs to be removed from office and replaced with a real leader.

Oh, and her promoting islam is another thing that should hasten her departure.