July 20, 2018

New Polls Show London Out of Step with Rest of England

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Trust for London has released a new poll of opinions in London, in a publication called “What Britain thinks: Comparing views across London and other regions”.

One of the big stories to come out of the publication is the fact that Londoners are shown to be the least likely group in the UK to be at peace with homosexuality and pre-marital sex. Could that be a result of London having a larger Muslim population than most other parts of England?

Some 73 per cent of Londoners thought pre-marital sex is rarely/never wrong, compared to 93 per cent in Wales and 89 per cent in the south of England.

This is interesting, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. This report also mapped ethnic diversity in different regions across Britain, showing the most drastic demographic shift taking place in the capital city.

Using census data between 1991 and 2011 – data which is now out of date by seven years – the publication showed the native population in London decreased from almost 80 per cent in 1991, to less than 60 per cent in 2011. The North, South, Scotland, and Wales have maintained a native population of 89 per cent and above, as of 2011.

This should be expected. As the demographics of London have shifted, foreign religious groups have changed local attitudes.

Naturally, support for the Labour Party is significantly higher in London, too. The publication saw that Londoners were “more likely than those in other regions to report supporting the Labour Party (40 per cent were Labour supporters compared with 23-35 per cent in other regions).” Again, I would put this down to the demographic shift in our capital city.

Figure 4.5 in the document also shows that 32 per cent of Londoners believe that unemployment benefits are too low (compared to the North’s 29 per cent and the South’s 23 per cent). Figure 4.1 shows some 41 per cent of Londoners are pro-welfare compared to the South’s 26 per cent. To be fair, London was beaten by Scotland’s 43 per cent, but that’s the left-wing Scots for you.

London was also ironically shown to be the most left-wing place in the country, which doesn't really comport with the polling on Londoners views on homosexuality and pre-marital sex. Figure 6.2 shows some 58 per cent of Londoners as left-wing, and a tiny 7 per cent consider themselves right wing.

Are you noticing a trend here? London has a higher immigrant population, more diversity, a higher percentage of left-wing activists, and a passion for welfare. Yet more Londoners don’t like, or at least feel at peace around, members of the LGBT community? It's baffling.

Take this dumpster fire of far-left opinion, occasional hatred for LGBT members and other minorities from our culturally-enriching guests, and London’s skyrocketing murder and crime rates, and it’s clear to me that our capital city is a terrible experiment gone wrong.

London is a country within a country, a far-left project in social cohesion. It seems that the left’s denial that cultural diversity exists is unshaken, even when presented with violent ethno-cultural gang conflict, and a hatred for their own pro-LGBT agenda.

The question now is:

When will London’s left come to the final realisation that this project hasn’t worked?

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commented 2018-07-20 21:34:32 -0400
Soulless, So less, Seouless, sewless, whoops, no solace whatsoever.
commented 2018-07-20 21:21:30 -0400
Let’s not overstate a simple thing, the Marxist Left run round in a souless entropic death spiral. Not like puppys at all :)
commented 2018-07-20 20:09:10 -0400
The Marxist Left, run round and round in circles, like puppy dogs chasing their tails. The only difference is that the Marxist Left spend most of their time wondering why it hurts, when they catch them and bite.