August 28, 2018

New Trade Deal with South Africa Won’t Work if the Farmers are Dead

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Theresa May sealed the first post-Brexit trade deal with Africa today, and she did a little jig to celebrate. Seriously, she’s been all over the news after showing off her dancing skills when she was greeted in South Africa by dancing school children.

I felt a bit bad for her – the mockery has been pretty intense. The school children were dancing, and so were the African delegates around her. So she waved a leg around, moved her arms a bit, and even did the Robot at one point. It was all very sweet and innocent, and I found myself relating to her awkwardness…but then she went and opened her mouth.

Commenting on land expropriation in South Africa – where the government takes land from white owners – Theresa said that Britain supports the policy as long as it’s “legal” and “democratic.”

I feel truly ashamed of my country’s government after this, and I suppose May is hoping the fact that she secured a trade deal with Africa will help us forget all about it. She signed a free trade agreement that is said to be worth about £10 billion a year – meaning we’ll be buying South African tea, fruit, and wine. Well, that is, assuming all the farmers aren’t killed first. At this rate, it isn’t looking good.

She couldn’t escape Brexit while she was out in Africa, either. She’s been challenged about Philip Hammond’s warnings about a No Deal Brexit, and she reconfirmed that no deal would be better than a bad deal. She also said that a No Deal Brexit “wouldn’t be the end of the world,” which is always refreshing to hear.

However, when asked out-right whether she would vote Leave in a second referendum – and whether she thinks Britain would be better off after Brexit – she simply refused to say it. That’s because she doesn’t believe it.

I remember when this was first done to her during an LBC interview. I felt bad for her. I thought “Well, maybe she doesn’t believe it, but at least she’s doing it!” Now, I can’t help but think she doesn’t believe it and she’s actively working to stop it happening, too.

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commented 2018-09-12 17:42:44 -0400
Flatwater Flatearth,
Bravo!! Exactly what I have been saying and I believe we canadians should do this the closer we get to full collapse and overthrow by the invaders! CANADIANS NEED TO BOMB EVERYTHING , EMPTY THE BANKS AND HIDE YOUR MONEY, LEAVING NOTHING FOR THESE BARBARIANS AND TRUDEAU!
If you haven’t the balls to stop it, at least don’t leave them anything! God, are CANADIANS STUNNED!
commented 2018-09-12 17:42:43 -0400
Flatwater Flatearth,
Bravo!! Exactly what I have been saying and I believe we canadians should do this the closer we get to full collapse and overthrow by the invaders! CANADIANS NEED TO BOMB EVERYTHING , EMPTY THE BANKS AND HIDE YOUR MONEY, LEAVING NOTHING FOR THESE BARBARIANS AND TRUDEAU!
If you haven’t the balls to stop it, at least don’t leave them anything! God, are CANADIANS STUNNED!
commented 2018-09-12 17:37:44 -0400
wow, another trudeau! As and American friend of mine stated recently, BRITAIN AND CANADA NEED SOME HIGHLY SKILLED SNIPERS!
commented 2018-09-06 13:42:47 -0400
Hugo Chavez had great contempt and hate for the multinational oil companies so he threw us all out. Now the refineries and upgraders are producing roughly one third of their design capacity if they are operating at all. And the Venezuelan economy and currency have collapsed.
South Africa will follow the same trajectory. Just like the Bacardi family left Cuba, the whites had better cash in their chips before they have no chips left and their lives are on the line. Like TODAY .
commented 2018-09-02 07:12:41 -0400
No “anti racists” say a 100% Black area needs more diversity.
No “anti racists” say a 100% Asian area needs more diversity.
According to “anti racists”, they are already 100% diverse.
They demand open borders for ALL and ONLY White populations!

Its Anti White
commented 2018-08-30 03:32:55 -0400
Maggie Thatcher must be “turning over in her grave” by what this dumb C*** has wrought in the name of the country that was The Mother Of Parliaments…
commented 2018-08-29 08:43:30 -0400
all these WESTERN lefty politicians are morons gleefully celebrating and rewarding the eradication of their countries and their citizens-especially THE WHITE CITIZENS!
trudeau , merkel and may make a fine team and hopefully they will be the FIRST TO BE ERADICATED BY THEIR COVETED ISLAMIC TERRORISTS /INVADERS!!
commented 2018-08-29 03:59:52 -0400
Oh Dear God… Once again “Dark Africa” reverting to its tribal roots and animosities… In human history, some societies obviously learn from their mistakes, and evolve and progress and adapt the lessons of science and art and music and human understanding… And hence found evolving societies… And some, obviously, are all too wiling to return to hunting “bushmeat”… And, sigh, yet again, it was South Africa where the the first human heart transplant was performed at the Groote Schurre Hospital??? To quote Shakespeare – “What a falling out was there…”
commented 2018-08-29 02:25:44 -0400
I0 years from now when the last of the white farmers have left the area and the residents have eaten all the endangered species for bushmeat and every now and then eating each other and reviving the slave trade, only then will the Liberals be happy.
commented 2018-08-29 02:17:58 -0400
FLATWATER.. FLATEARTH commented 3 days ago
South African farmers… If they are going to push you off your land raze it to the ground… Leave them nothing but a scorched earth policy and burnt equipment and none of the magnificence that you had built and maintained.!! Burn your crops and sell your cattle if you can, if you cannot slaughter them where they stand and leave the savages nothing. Remove your money from the banks and deposit it into international funds far away from the country and into a safe banking place and leave them nothing. Throw your dead cattle down your wells for the water they would drink will be bitter. Leave them nothing but hard work requiring the same forsight that you needed to build into prosperity.!!!
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commented 2018-08-29 01:03:33 -0400
If you are White and in South Africa I recommend you run now. I would get out and save myself and my family. If you are a farmer, contaminate, poison and burn everything as you leave. As difficult as it is to leave everything you have worked for during decades, it won’t mean anything if you are being tortured and made Dead. Get away and treasure your memories with your family. Because it seems to me they will come for you eventually as that is the game plan. Fighting for survival each day is not living, it may be existing but that has no glory or future. Save yourselves and get out.
commented 2018-08-28 21:51:37 -0400
Robert Dewar, it’s hard to have to leave your home. If you’re a Christian, you might appreciate this video containing footage of a prophetic word for South Africa by a renowned prophet named Kim Clement, given before he passed away in 2016 (zoom to minute 16:00) According to this prophecy, South Africa will be free, and I hope you can go home.
commented 2018-08-28 21:46:30 -0400
White farmers are being buried alive in South Africa! Why wouldn’t Trudeau offer them sanctuary in Canada?…..Because they are White.
commented 2018-08-28 20:03:51 -0400
Like there will be anything left to buy there
commented 2018-08-28 19:15:32 -0400
As a long-time South African resident, who (like many whites in South Africa with rural connections) knew personally at least one white farmer who had been murdered, I wanted to be certain that my perception that white South African farmers were at particular risk of being murdered was not inaccurate.
It is not: having read many different reports online (some from liberal-progressive/left wing publications like the Guardian, which claims my perception is a load of hooey, and the nice South Africans would n’t dream of targeting white South African farmers for murder), I am 95% certain that yes, white South African farmers are being targeted for torture followed by murder.
The average murder rate in South Africa is 34 per 100 000 people.
The average “commercial farmers” (ie, white farmers) murder rate in 156 per 100 000.
White South African farmers and their families are being targeted for torture and murder.
Of course, as a long time South African resident, I knew this without having to go online. Papers like the (British) Guardian have an agenda to push: it fits in with the liberal-progressive assertion that black people cannot be racists, and that black South Africans are all angels.
In fact, black South Africans (excepting the murderers and Julius Malema’ s supporters amongst them), are indeed a very warm, open-hearted, welcoming, generous people. And I miss them, living as I now do in a north European country today, where compared to South Africans of all colours, the people appear to me to be cold, greedy, irreligious and unfriendly.
commented 2018-08-28 17:27:20 -0400
Yeah the country will become a hellhole and people will starve, some trade deal.