July 26, 2019

What will the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo do with all the trans-gender cheaters?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo next year. I think that’s going to be pretty exciting.

I mean, I get it — most people don’t care about most of the sports and most of the athletes. But there’s something deep within the human spirit that loves these competitions — the thrill of them; the tribalism; but also the sportsmanship and camaraderie.

And of course it’s big business

NBC paid $4.4 billion for the broadcast rights through till next year, and another $7.65 billion for the dozen years after that.

So what do you think of this BBC story?

It will take female athletes "being thrown under the bus" at Tokyo 2020 before changes are made to transgender rules, says ex-swimmer [and Olympic medalist] Sharron Davies.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines state that transgender women must suppress testosterone levels for at least 12 months before competition.

But in March, Davies and others wrote to the IOC calling for more research.

In Tokyo, Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand could become the first transgender female to win an Olympic medal.

The 41-year-old weightlifter won two golds at the Pacific Games earlier in July.

Sorry, Laurel Hubbard isn’t a woman. Until just a few moments ago, Laurel Hubbard was Gavin Hubbard. He won some medals when he was twenty — he won them as a young man.

But he’s not a young man now; he’s a middle aged man, and he can’t win anymore. So Gavin is now “Laurel” Hubbard. And he’s crushing it.

Because I don’t care how strong you are as a girl, you’re not going to be stronger than a man who says he’s a girl, even if he’s in his forties and washed up. 

Now female athletes are dropping weight classes to avoid having to compete against Hubbard.

There’s a reason why men and women compete in separate competitions now. There’s reason why sports have different gradations — in boxing, you match heavyweights against heavyweights; lightweights against lightweights. Because, yes, we know that a heavyweight could probably crush a lightweight 99 times out of 100. So that’s not sport, is it?

So if Gavin, I mean “Laurel” Hubbard is now allowed to beat all the girls, will he go to the Olympics, and bravely beat all the girls there?

My point is: is anyone going to pay to watch that?

The Olympics; all of its sponsors; all of the government and quasi-governmental agencies involved in the Olympics and amateur sports — they have to stop pretending that you’re feminist, or even for equal treatment of women. You’re not.

You’re about to have a mass purge of every athletic woman in the world.

Because you’ve found something more woke than women — men who say they’re women.

You know, someone might even call that misogynist...

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commented 2019-07-29 08:04:53 -0400
Not an Olympic sport, This is about as fair as a man competing
in woman’s beard growing contest.
commented 2019-07-29 00:26:14 -0400
Jan G. We are asking the same questions on The Rebel Roundup comment section. We are hoping Keean is taking a break.
commented 2019-07-28 19:57:22 -0400
Where are Keean’s and Jessica’s stories? I’m sure Keean is working on something, or perhaps taking a wee break, as all TheRebel staff need to rejuvenate.
commented 2019-07-28 14:49:42 -0400
Every where is freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity? Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more.. I’d love to change the world – but I don’t know what to do, so I’ll leave it up to you.. Alvin Lee/Ten Years After…
commented 2019-07-27 19:59:27 -0400
Demanding the right to compete in international women’s sports? That must have taken a lot of cojones. Took. Past tense. (that’s my little joke there)
A transgender man who fights to the top of men’s boxing deserves respect like any other fighter. He/She would earn respect and even some acceptance. But going into women’s sports? That’s not sporting it doesn’t empower anyone.
I am a sexist. I don’t even like watching women box, and you can be any kind of man you want, but boxing is already a violent sport. Having men compete is just needlessly cruel. It’s like putting a boxer out of his weight class. It’s just not fair.
commented 2019-07-27 16:59:12 -0400
Chiclette—-I absolutely think that misappropriation of someone’s gender whether to win or present as the other is a serious offense and should be treated as a mental health issue if just presenting or charged with impersonating someone in order to steal a title.
Although your comment makes common sense, the point is, the women in charge of the sport and the women competing in the sport are afraid to say anything.
My point is it’s not up to men to change the rules for women’s sports. Like others here have said, women have to quit being Politically Correct and jump in and fix the problem.
commented 2019-07-27 12:50:27 -0400
This smells like gender appropriation …though I see nothing wrong with a group of people dressing up like another group, I absolutely think that misappropriation of someone’s gender whether to win or present as the other is a serious offense and should be treated as a mental health issue if just presenting or charged with impersonating someone in order to steal a title.
commented 2019-07-27 12:49:42 -0400
And then there’s the British Columbia case involving this Yaniv guy that has convinced the BC Human Rights that it is ok for a woman to be forced to touch and groom his genital area .
I thought inviting
commented 2019-07-27 12:18:09 -0400
Dan ,as sick as this transgender sports perversion is up to now the women haven’ had the guts to opposes it ,they are so worried about the inclusiveness and political correct brain washing they have refused to tackle the issue ,what kind of nut cases think it’s OK for men to compete in women sports .
commented 2019-07-27 11:26:27 -0400
Is anyone else out there completely fed up to here with the pinko left and their self destructive, degenerate, weirdoism and lack of morals and integrity?
These sicko vermin and demons are killing us slowly – why are we allowing them to?
We know who they are, and who the enablers are…so lets just deal with them…appropriately.
commented 2019-07-27 08:02:23 -0400
Women need to “man up” and take back their sports from the Trannys.
commented 2019-07-27 00:52:16 -0400
The IOC only have themselves to blame for not nipping this “transgender thing” already years ago.. Hell! It goes right back to the days of the old Soviet Union “fixing” their athletes and “fixing” doping results in sports such as female shot put and hammer throw… The East Germans ditto… You would think that after all of these screw-ups over the years they would have recognized the trans-gender fiasco from a mile away.. But no, they continue to flounder and then wonder why people would rather watch the Weather Channel than athletes “blatantly cheating” on the world stage… No Thanks! I’m not playing their game…
commented 2019-07-27 00:30:29 -0400
I have never had any intent in the olympics and their globalist, neo-pagan rituals. Haven’t watched the yawn fest in 30 years and don’t intend to start now.
commented 2019-07-26 23:31:49 -0400
I like Tulsi but i hope she can give up the easy road of running as a dem and fight the good fight for the right
commented 2019-07-26 22:56:30 -0400
Ezra, good job defending real women’s rights in the weight-lifting sport, but should you have done it? You may be called ANTI-TRANS by the women (it was not men) that instigated this change to our way of living. The CTV and CBC women (Feminists) will say that’s it’s not your business. Here is how they think:

Here is an analogy.
A few years ago in one of Sweden’s largest shopping malls, Teenage Refugee boys were harassing women of all ages, lifting skirts or pinching different parts of women as they walked by. The Swedish men decided to go to the mall and teach the boys a lesson; nothing too violent . The next day the Swedish feminists found out and said that “they would rather be raped by a Refugee than saved by a RACIST.”

LESSON LEARNED: Women got themselves in this predicament, they should get themselves out of it. Next time give the story to Sheila.
commented 2019-07-26 21:57:51 -0400
When people tire of insanity like this the broadcasters will stop paying so much and the Olympics will die.
commented 2019-07-26 21:13:32 -0400
If this guy was competing against other trans guys, I bet he wouldn’t enter the race.
This whole trans competition is because of men wanting the power and attention.
Women who transition certainly aren’t trying to compete with men in sports.
Next it’ll be figure skating!

Women’s sports are finished.
commented 2019-07-26 21:02:59 -0400
I hope that people get so tired of this extremely-deluded minority that they lash out at all their supporters. The Olympic organizers should have a class action suit slapped on them but I doubt that will happen. What’s more likely is that people will just switch off their TVs or switch channels and watch real competition.
commented 2019-07-26 21:02:48 -0400
Listening to Canadian news (CTV/CBC etc) truly demonstrates how very, very little news they are actually reporting. It’s either Donald Trump, Indigenous, or the two murderers on the loose, and then play it again every half hour.
There’s so much missing, now wonder why there are so many apathetic Canadians.
commented 2019-07-26 20:41:20 -0400
- With massive IOC corruption the Olympics are an shaky ground as it is. If they let fake women compete the Olympics will be finished.

- As we saw in 2016 the Democrat presidential primary won’t be decided by Democrats, it will be decided by party insiders. The last thing they want is sanity taking over the party & see her as a threat to that.