January 02, 2019

Uprising in the West: Anti-Trudeau, pro-pipeline convoy straddles two provinces

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The pro-pipeline truck convoys and anti-Trudeau protests carried on throughout the Christmas to New Year break and show no hint of stopping.

Last weekend, I was in Canada’s border city, LLoydminster, Saskatchewan (and then Alberta!) to cover yet another heavy truck and equipment rally and simultaneous Yellow Vest protest.

The convoy staging area was in Saskatchewan, at Northern Livestock Sales, across Highway 16 from the Husky Upgrader on the Eastern outskirts of the city. From there about 200 trucks, pieces of equipment and even cars headed through town to the Alberta side and back.

While the truck convoy was rolling through town, another Yellow Vest protest took place on the Alberta side of the red markers that delineate the border between the two provinces. About 100 people lined both sides of the street, spilling onto the median.

I talked to some of the truckers in the staging area and some Yellow Vest protesters to bring you the other side of the story. Watch as I show you why these folks thought it was so important to spend their Christmas holidays making their concerns known.

A lot of these people told me they weren’t rallying for themselves, but rather, came out that day to express concern for their friends, their families and the future of all Canadians.

The symbolism of the cross-border rally was obvious.

While the two provinces may be taking very different approaches to Trudeau’s attacks on Canada’s oil and gas industry, the people of both provinces are standing together.

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commented 2019-01-07 17:00:12 -0500
How do we donate to the Yellow Vest organization and others who are on the convoy to Ottawa? I want to make sure I don’t send it to the wrong address.
commented 2019-01-03 20:11:54 -0500
The hoax is unravelling big time around the world. Observe and take notes on all of the liberalist globalist..they all can’t hide their true agenda anymore.
commented 2019-01-03 11:49:18 -0500
Alas and alack, it is not a perfect world and there is not a perfect conservative leader to vote for. Does that mean one throws one’s vote away on a fringe candidate or stays home on election day? I think not.
As for me, I will focus on my local CPC and PPC candidates, rather than the leader, and see who has the best chance of winning.
commented 2019-01-03 11:10:13 -0500
I watched Wednesday’s CTV’s Power Play with Don Martin. (a Journalist that tries to tell the truth without losing his Job.)
At the end Don had two Political experts on to predict the Federal Election. Both said Trudeau wins with a small MAJORITY.

However Susan Delocourt added that she sees the CPC exploding near the actual election and wanting a leader change. ( as Scheer is as exciting as a wet noodle. ) Could Bernier wreck the CPC confidence and be the new leader of the CPC just before the people vote?
Around six of us here also predicted that may happen when Scheer won the Leadership. If it happens, at least the Conservatives would be together.
commented 2019-01-03 11:00:08 -0500
Norbert: The populist loyalty test is – Trust no politician who will not utter these words:
“The catastrophic man-made global warming campaign is a hoax.”
Politicians unwilling to utter these words are agents of the media/Uni-party. Sheer has painted himself into a corner. He claims global warming is an existential crisis yet won’t commit to substantive action. The media will make a fool of him in the next election.

Peter: You’re agreeing with my original premise; and now supporting SGR for doing so. You’re saying: “Sheila shills for Sheer as she surely should.”
commented 2019-01-03 09:28:38 -0500
Okay, so the Conservatives and the Liberals are similar, but are they the same?

Which is better? Neither? Then what is the realistic alternative, the NDP?

No other party is really in the running other than those three.

Which is the least bad of all of them and vote for that party while actively working at creating a party that is a true alternative and can compete with the big three, such as the PPC.

However, there is no way Bernier’s PPC is going to be ready to compete with the big three by next election. Wish it were so, but won’t be.

Does anyone here want Trudeau in office again next year?

If you don’t then voting for the non-Liberal party best likely to replace Trudeau is the best option.

Then work for the next four years to increase the status of the party you have chosen to replace those two “very similar parties”.

We, the right of center voters, will have to work in stages to get the government back to conservative values. The first step is to oust Trudeau with the slimy spineless Scheer, then oust Scheer in four years for a real right wing party.
commented 2019-01-03 08:51:03 -0500
Those yellow vests aren’t going to accomplish anything. Trudeau DON’T CARE. You don’t have enough showing up, so there is virtually nothing for him to be concerned about. He absolutely does not give a care about anything, other than satisfying his agenda of destruction on Canada. If there are things like no jobs, no oil and no future for your grandchildren, then he has been successful. He has less than a year left in his current term of office, I’m guessing he is going to expedite his goal of turning Canada into a third world shithole. Expect a flood of migrants, more unnecessary taxation, more of our money being squandered, more traitorous activity. Military action against the Canadian population, carried out by U.N. landed military personnel, invading our soil. If we will allow that, then we will allow anything. It will indicate we are ready to live on our knees. With the things Trudeau has already done, he should of been removed from office ages ago. We have already surrendered.
commented 2019-01-03 08:45:58 -0500
Good reporting. Sheila.
I agree with William Kay. One only has to look back in history to the late 60s to arrive at the conclusion that the two main parties have remained very similar . Conservatives have moved away from the " Classical Conservative " and the Liberals have moved even farther to the left! Jason Kenny unfortunately is not going to save Alberta. Albertan’s only can do that.
commented 2019-01-03 07:16:38 -0500
“William Kay being against Trudeau does not mean one likes Scheer or Kenney. And there is more than one aspect to preferring either one over Trudeau. "

True, LBERTA MAGA. A week-old fairy fart has more substance than turdo, so saying that Scheer or Kenney would be an improvement isn’t a ringing endorsement.

William Kay has correctly pointed out that neither Scheer or Kenney (or any other politician for that matter) has the honesty or the guts call out this apocalyptic climate change horseshit for the gigantic swindle that it is. And until that happens, Alberta, Canada, and the Western World will continue their declines
commented 2019-01-03 01:27:25 -0500
Sorry Alberta, under BC’s NDP-Green Gov’t, no help is on the way. They are so out of it, that they are going to screw themselves by eliminating Natural Gas on new Buildings. The replacement will be Heat Pumps which will be subsidized by the new Carbon Tax, on top of our present 7%
Little do they know is. Heat Pumps don’t work in cold weather.
Even the writer of this 5 min. read thinks it is all a joke.
commented 2019-01-03 01:06:57 -0500
William Kay being against Trudeau does not mean one likes Scheer or Kenney. And there is more than one aspect to preferring either one over Trudeau.
commented 2019-01-03 01:05:39 -0500
William Kay your presumptions are idiotic as usual. Try some research and try to form a basis for your comments that are not mere assumptions. First off you need to do some research into the separation of church and state you made in the past which was to protect religious freedom , not a secular state.
commented 2019-01-03 01:03:10 -0500
Mike – I’ve never posted under any other name than my own.
Peter – I thought my posting had gestalt but inasmuch as Sheila has deigned to join us I will elaborate.
Sheila almost exclusively focuses her attacks on Trudeau and Notley. (A few exceptions prove the rule.) By implication she is saying that replacing these two politicians with their Official Opposition will solve the problems at hand. The populist movement emerged out of the realisation that we are confronting a “Uni-party” i.e. that mainline party convergence has created a de facto one party state; and that, consequently, dreadful energy and immigration policies are being foisted upon a disenfranchised majority. By engaging in hack partisan third party advertising 97% of the time Sheila betrays herself as someone who just doesn’t “get” the populist spirit.
commented 2019-01-03 00:22:01 -0500
I cancelled my PC membership when Scheer signed the Paris agreement.
commented 2019-01-02 22:49:58 -0500
In response to Ron,unfortunately I don’t have a concrete answer for you,the problem is our distance from Ottawa. We need to disrupt something that’s near and dear to Trudeau. I’m sure the convoy to Ottawa will carry a bit more punch than the ones being carried out locally here in Alberta. I totally agree with you if we aren’t taken seriously or have some impact, then we have to separate. The other problem is we in Alberta are new to this protest game and we need to figure out a game plan that causes impact.
commented 2019-01-02 22:34:29 -0500
Jihadi Justin needs the carbon JIZYA TAX to fund his UN MIGRATION PACT for mass 3rd world Islamic immigration to Canada.

CANADA… It’s time to put on your YELLOW VEST.
commented 2019-01-02 21:44:35 -0500
Not sure how the double post happened… :-o
commented 2019-01-02 21:41:56 -0500
Sheila…. Those trolls ( specifically one) are here to…… well, troll. They add nothing but rhetoric, regurgitating the talking points of the globalists parasites. I (we) know, as these elections approach, The Rebel will be front and center on the real issues. Keep up the great work!
commented 2019-01-02 21:41:56 -0500
Sheila…. Those trolls ( specifically one) are here to…… well, troll. They add nothing but rhetoric, regurgitating the talking points of the globalists parasites. I (we) know, as these elections approach, The Rebel will be front and center on the real issues. Keep up the great work!
commented 2019-01-02 21:08:12 -0500
I think this is admirable but we need to be more aligned against the climate against us. I don’t hear anyone screaming about China’s pollution. We are being pawns. We are kings. Act like it.
commented 2019-01-02 21:07:12 -0500
SHELDON EISLER commented, “These nice little protests/rallies are a start but they won’t do the job, time to start stepping on a few feet!!”
What do you have in mind? There is a talk of a convoy going to Ottawa. Withhold taxes? ? ? If we didn’t have a socialist government in Alberta, would tell Trudeau that the pipeline construction begins tomorrow and I mean tomorrow or we take steps to separate.
commented 2019-01-02 20:56:10 -0500
Sad, as one protester pointed out, there is no quick fix. Alberta needs that pipeline today! In the meantime the Alberta economy will continue to crater along with social consequences. Not sure as to what can be done, if anything, to expedite the building of the pipeline. Trudeau does not care and will ignore those localized protests. How long can Alberta wait?
commented 2019-01-02 20:52:36 -0500
Western Canada separation!! Would some politician put the vote forward?? I’ll support it.
commented 2019-01-02 20:43:27 -0500
We need to step up these protests big time,most of these rallies are lucky if they get a 10second slot if that on MSM. I’m an Albertan but I have to say to the other Albertans if you think we’re getting a pipeline anytime soon,I’d say you would be dreaming.That POS in Ottawa is going to drag this out till election time and if the rat gets in again you can forget any pipeline!!! These nice little protests/rallies are a start but they won’t do the job,time to start stepping on a few feet!!
commented 2019-01-02 19:40:11 -0500
This is good publicity for normal Canadians to see. People need jobs now, not fairy dust promisesses. Those Lawrention bubble folks need to get a clue and do what we, their bosses, say. Let’s all get radical and keep the conversation going with our family and friends.
commented 2019-01-02 19:12:02 -0500
My sympathy goes out to all those who lost their jobs or businesses as a direct result of the myth Climate Change. Before this it was just straight Pollution that was going to kill us all and we all had to spend a fortune on exotic exhaust systems. Now we have a new killer among us, it is called Trudeau and NWO. Dose anyone really believe that Trudeau cares about the climate?
This whole climate change lie, is all about removing the ability of the Canadian people to be able to travel, a population that is restricted to public transport is easy to control. Just stop all the buses and trains in the winter time and you can starve a lot people to death. The Muslim death squads would know where to find the rest. Life would be easy for the wealthy and political Islamic elite. Trudeau would be able to sit on his Throne and relax, right up till the time that he hears a sudden pounding on his front door, at 3am……No Virgins for you, Justin.
commented 2019-01-02 18:39:33 -0500
Willy….your post has an eerily familiar tone to it, like a resident cowardly troll whom posts under fake names……but I digress.
These issues will be forefront in the months to come as the elections here in Alberta get closer.
I’ll bet you’re one of those that complain when your ice cream is cold.