August 01, 2019

The NDP officially comes out as the anti-free-speech party

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Rachel Notley, the disgraced former premier of Alberta, has made opposing free speech on university campuses her latest cause.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the first universities in the province are now rolling out their free speech principles, based on a template from the University of Chicago. This is good for everyone.

But here’s what Notley wrote yesterday:

This is not about free speech on campus - we already have free speech.

This is the UCP dictating that universities and colleges owe everyone, including hate groups, a platform.

She was replying to a comment from her former education minister, David Eggen. (Remember him?) Eggen was tweeting about letters sent from the new Alberta government to universities asking them to adopt their own free speech policies. Eggen found this scandalous.

Here’s Kathleen Ganley, who was Rachel Notley’s justice minister until they were thrown out by voters:

My colleague @davideggenab received these letters from post-secondary leaders concerned about the extreme Chicago Principles, which will allow hate speech to spread on #abpse campuses #ableg 

Now, if she means by hate speech, simply speech that she hates, she’s 100 per cent right. Because no longer will left wing extremists be able to ban their “enemies” from speaking.

Then someone points out to her that hate speech, as defined in the criminal code, is still banned under law. And she says:

Hate speech is prohibited. On its face this should be enough, but that standard to prove is high and the wait to hearing long. Basically the privilege group gets to spew hate, those affected can try to get legal remedy at cost to themselves.

So what she means then is that, sure, hate speech, the criminal code variety, is still banned. And that’s enforced by police and prosecutors.

What she wants banned, and she’s sad that it won’t be banned anymore now that she’s not in charge, is speech by “privilege groups.”

That’s quite something to hear from a rich white liberal lawyer.

TONIGHT I'll show you all the expressions of NDP outrage over this adoption of common sense free speech principles by Alberta universities and colleges. There are many more.

All the NDP's disgraced former ministers, and their party staff, are making this their big push. They’re just coming right out and saying it — they’re against free speech. On campuses, of all places.

They’re not even pretending anymore. They were pretending until they lost the election. Now they’re showing us who they are, and always have been.

And I’m not surprised that the mainstream media doesn’t have a word to say against any of this censorship by the NDP — in fact, judging by their coverage of it calling free speech “controversial” — it looks like the media party agrees with Notley:

Some voices just shouldn’t be heard...

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid joins me to talk more about this — and about her ongoing battle against holdover NDP bureaucrats who are persecuting her for writing a book! 

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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commented 2019-08-01 22:39:55 -0400
Let’s remember to thank Sheila’s husband, kids and family.
commented 2019-08-01 22:10:19 -0400
- Alberta had an election. They eliminated that huge NDP mistake. Now the NDP are upset that they didn’t have the dictatorial power that they always craved. Notley is lashing out like a wounded animal (or a 2 year old having a temper tantrum.)

- Leftists want conservatives to shut up & conservatives want leftists to keep talking. If the NDP (or Liberals) didn’t have the media party filter they would sound every bit as bat sh*t crazy as they actually are.
commented 2019-08-01 21:58:30 -0400
Watch these two intellects from Venezuela. Notice how they list off all the same ‘rights’ as those on the left in Canada demand.
commented 2019-08-01 21:57:26 -0400
Half way through Rules for Radicals now. By today’s standards, Alinksy was a hard core conservative. He would never agree with what the left is up to now.

It was Battleford Christian Scbool.

they don’t want you to rebut what they say. They’re commie pinkos. They want megaphones blaring their views 24/7.

Police doing what politicians tell them to has become a huge problem.
commented 2019-08-01 21:43:02 -0400
Glenn Craig commented 17 mins ago
Ezra and Sheila, I am going to see what I can do to help raise awareness of this fight and get more contributors to the crowd funding.
Glenn, after reading your kind offer, I’m sending my donation.
Usually it would have been automatic for Sheila, however I have 15 good causes that are also asking me to contribute to.
My favorite is The Canadian Taxpayers Federation are hiring an INDEPENDENT REPORTER to put a light on Trudeau’s Gov’t Waste, (during the election) as they are afraid that the regular press won’t report it now that they are being bribed with the 600 million reward pot.
commented 2019-08-01 21:16:04 -0400
Carrier—-Meant Career Change Suggestion.
commented 2019-08-01 21:07:31 -0400
Ezra was reading my mind when he hinted that maybe Sheila’s pursuers from the past NDP Gov’t might be receiving a letter recommending a carrier change suggestion.

I was thinking at the time, would Ontario’s Catherine Winne go to Premier Ford and ask if it was OK if her ex employees could sue some people on behalf of the past Winne Gov’t.? I’m sure Ford would have a quick decision as he kicked her out of his office.
commented 2019-08-01 21:04:39 -0400
You’re right too about the left when they had no power. Free speech was their weapon. Now it’s proven to be a double-edged sword, they want it suppressed. They once fought “the man” but now they are “the man.”
commented 2019-08-01 21:03:00 -0400
We absolutely MUST support Sheila in this fight. Remember Martin Nemuller (spelling) who said they came for the trade unionists, communists, and others but he stayed silent. Then they, the Nazis, came for him and there was no one left to speak for him. Let’s not let that dictator-wanna-be take out those who fight for free speech. Even small donations from many people can bring huge results. Paraphrasing John F. Kennedy, “Ich bin eine Sheila Gunn Reid!”
commented 2019-08-01 21:01:14 -0400
Ezra and Sheila, I am going to see what I can do to help raise awareness of this fight and get more contributors to the crowd funding.