July 19, 2019

Canada's Elections Commissioner gives up chasing an Internet rumour, after spending millions of tax dollars trying — Here's what this “investigation” was REALLY about

Rebel Staff

I want to tell you a ridiculous story, so obviously it’s about Trudeau’s government.

The Liberals tried to hunt down someone who was wrong on the internet, and it didn’t work out very well. Blacklocks reports:

The federal Commissioner of Elections yesterday collapsed a first-ever fake news investigation. The office confirmed foreign “individuals” planted a false story to discredit New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh, but could not find out who was responsible or why.

This "false story," from the UK newspaper the Independent, shows NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, and the headline under it says, “Jagmeet Singh shows off his new mansion.”

But when you clicked through it, it didn’t actually show you his mansion. It was a supermarket tabloid story, a clickbait ad, really. It was fake. It was clever, though, because it only served up that ad to Canadians, even though it was in a UK newspaper.

So Trudeau’s election commission actually — get this  — engaged in an international manhunt for the people who put up that fake news ad, and others like it.

At the time, the CBC was really excited about this.

The NDP is asking Canada's elections watchdog to immediately launch an investigation after a series of ads claiming Leader Jagmeet Singh lives in a multi-million dollar mansion popped up online in the lead up to Burnaby South by election later this month. (...)

In a letter to Commissioner of Elections Yves Côté, the NDP's Director of Operations Jesse Strean Calvert writes that the party "is very concerned" about the "slanderous" ads and asks Côté to investigate possible breaches of the Elections Act.


"These advertisements are clearly false and are intended to affect the outcome of the upcoming election."

Yeah, no. I think the reason Jagmeet Singh is going to lose the next election is because he’s empty; he’s always under-informed; he is vague and wishy-washy about many things; the things he’s passionate about — like shutting down the oilsands — are unpopular or wrong. He’s a weak campaigner, and he’s a radical leftist.

This advertisement wasn’t a political ad. It just used a political name and picture as clickbait, to get you to go to their site, to drive ad revenue.

The ad was brokered through different companies. It wasn’t an attempt to influence the election. It was an attempt to get bored people to click on it. And it worked.

But our government spent months trying to track it down. And they finally gave up.

Say, do you really think that little ad, probably seen by only a few hundred Canadians, perhaps not even by a single person in Nanaimo, is why Jagmeet Singh’s NDP came in third in the Nanaimo by-election?

No — that’s making excuses, like Hillary Clinton did for why she lost Wisconsin, and thus the presidency.

But why is everyone so excited about this?

Well, I think it’s obvious:

What they want to do is normalize censorship. Normalize the government going on hunts for who said what, and for the government to determine what’s politically acceptable and not.

Jagmeet Singh, and Trudeau (and most of the media by the way) love the idea of creating scares about “unregulated ideas” on the Internet. They love creating a moral panic about online news. About "fake news."

I’m not talking about defamation law, or criminal law. We already have those laws.

I’m talking about this new, Trudeau-appointed, partisan elections officer, a political cop, going after things he says are “fake”.

That’s what this is about. They’re coming for me. And they’re coming for you...

NEXT: John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms joins me to talk about the disturbing "human rights" case in which a male-to-female trans person is serially suing salons, many owned and operated by immigrant, minority women, for refusing to perform a "Brazilian wax" on his still-male genitalia.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-07-20 23:09:12 -0400
Robert Greeley commented 3 hours ago
Ron Joseph.. about Harper being a globalist.. I don’t think he was by some of his actions..
Agreed Robert, I remember Harper got all Canada excited when he wanted to make Canada a ENERGY SUPERPOWER.
Unlike Trump who hit the road running after being elected, Harper and his crew seemed to celebrate their Majority Victory for a couple years, then they went to work on Pipelines, but it was too late as the Indians had surrounded the wagons. (Indian environmentalists and Americans allowed to protest pipelines in our Country)
commented 2019-07-20 20:08:21 -0400
Ron Joseph.. about Harper being a globalist.. I don’t think he was by some of his actions.. Scheer in his words are globalist words.. So what do you go with? If Bernier gets in.. lets see if he backs up his words.. imo.. if he doesn’t all hell will break loose.
commented 2019-07-20 19:04:58 -0400
Only other thing I can pick up on this is that Tommy was beaten by other prisoners. Sky News has clammed up on the story.
commented 2019-07-20 19:00:17 -0400
commented 2019-07-20 11:05:11 -0400
Liza Rosie—Karen is an Anglo female name, Karan is a male Sikh name
I didn’t know about the above explanation from Karan Singh; thanks for explaining.
I only spelt it Karen because Spell-check told me to.
I brought up Harper, as I hadn’t heard that he was a Globalist anywhere else, so I was wondering where it came from.
Jeremy Hunt wants to hire Harper if he becomes PM, but Harper also showed interest in helping Boris take out the UK from the EU should Boris win.

Yes, off-topic, however things are going to happen this week in the UK. (Of course I have heard that for 3 years)
commented 2019-07-20 10:13:22 -0400
The liberals need the NDP to take votes from the conservatives, and then they will form a globalist coalition government. Why else would Election’s Canada bow down to this request.
commented 2019-07-20 10:13:22 -0400
The liberals need the NDP to take votes from the conservatives, and then they will form a globalist coalition government. Why else would Election’s Canada bow down to this request.
commented 2019-07-20 09:20:18 -0400
Take heed, Big Brother is watching You, (Us). Wrong speak is a sin and will get you a ‘Life Sentence’ in a ‘Death Camp’ but do not worry, ‘You’ will not be there for long.

I wonder at the delusions of grandeur running in Trudeau’s head as October draws nye…October the 10th is Communist Day, In Hong Kong.
commented 2019-07-20 08:58:57 -0400
Elections Canada has been working tirelessly for the liberal government, which is how Boy Blunder was put into our parliament. The last election was definitely rigged. I also believe the UN has been funnelling money through the unions, every union, including the student unions in our schools, to go after democracy and the rule of law. I think that is where they are drawing the lunatic fringe from for their antifa gangs. These gangs are wearing masks, and I can’t help wondering how they are being allowed to do this. So that leads me to believe that our police forces have already been brought to heal before their globalist masters. They are no longer working for the people, and law and order have been thrown out the window. God help us!
commented 2019-07-20 03:46:06 -0400
Regarding the elections commissioner, I think elections Canada needs to be investigated. It is feeling less and less non partisan by the minute.
commented 2019-07-20 03:44:22 -0400
Ron, it was in a post a long time ago. I referred to him as a she and he corrected me, I also made the same spelling mistake that you did. Karen is an Anglo female name, Karan is a male Sikh name.
Not sure why Harper is being brought up at this time but briefly, Harper is the gentle globalist. He has always eased it in. I don’t know Ron, I will have to see what role he is playing exactly. Beats me.
commented 2019-07-20 02:07:36 -0400
liza Rosie commented 3 hours ago
Karan Singh is a him.
Is she a new convert? or has he always been a man? Did she put this information on a Rebel post?

You said recently that Harper was a Globalist. I hear that he may have a job helping to bring the UK out of the Globalist EU. That is a strange job for a Globalist, as he would be doing the opposite.
commented 2019-07-19 23:16:41 -0400
Karan Singh is a him.
commented 2019-07-19 23:14:58 -0400
Glenn Craig commented 34 mins ago
RON JOSEPH…that was obviously staged.

Sikhs and jihadis have never been friends.
Last year I commented that “Sikhs and Muslims have never been friends”, and Karen Singh proved that I was wrong. If I remember correctly, I had to read 300 years of world history just to answer her comment.
commented 2019-07-19 23:01:49 -0400
It makes no sense Ezra going to the UK to ask Tommy how he is feeling.
That is 14 hr. flying, 3hr at airports and 2 hr. getting to and from the Airports, plus the effort and money spent.

Not long ago Tommy had a million fans on Facebook, surely there is someone local that can be trusted to report on Tommy’s health after a week in prison. Ezra had Gerald Batten on his show and said he was impressed. Batten is also a close friend of Tommy’s and would have given Ezra his honest opinion.
Lord Pearson of Britain’s House of Lords is also a friend of Tommy’s. Ezra could surely count on his word.

There must be something else going on. Perhaps the new Prime Minister Boris wants to offer Ezra a job as Britain’s Ambassador to the Middle East or Pakistan.
commented 2019-07-19 22:29:22 -0400
RON JOSEPH…that was obviously staged.

Sikhs and jihadis have never been friends.
commented 2019-07-19 22:21:20 -0400
Paul McCullough commented 1 hour ago
- Jagmeet Singh is a dud.
Yes Paul, that is how he has been behaving since being elected leader. Before this he was quite impressive, running into crowds and speaking to everyone.
I hope he doesn’t return to his best game.

Watch this 2 min. video where he handles a Female protester better than anyone that I have ever seen. There are many instances like this.
commented 2019-07-19 22:20:44 -0400
Jagmeet who?
commented 2019-07-19 22:18:58 -0400
You wouldn’t think that tranny’s would want to tick people off this way if they wanted to be treated equally and with some modicum of civility. This character is a bully and a trouble maker and I hope the law can go after him instead of unsuspecting women who have a right to say NO to anyone they feel threatened by. That would definitely make me feel threatened and there is no way I would comply. Want a Brazilian? , do it yourself buddy. Most women don’t go to salons to get a Brazilian, they do their own landscaping.
commented 2019-07-19 21:55:12 -0400
Mr. Dressup is simply seeking attention.
He’s seeking attention by claiming he’s a woman, from the government, from the media and all the other claims he’s making and he’s targeting vulnerable women because he’s a bully and wouldn’t take on women who are not immigrants.
He’s royally screwed up and needs to be locked up long enough with a real group of men.
(Even if he were in a female prison, they’d certainly take care of his ’Bro’zilian.)

and this bastard wants to protect HIS job!
What goes around, comes around.

(Give Tommy a hug from Canada and don’t get run down Ezra…we need you in good shape.)
commented 2019-07-19 21:03:48 -0400
I believe you`re right about incremental censorship by the government. Tyrant-minded people love to suppress any opinions which don’t favour them. North Korea is an excellent example. Christians are suffering horrible persecution for having Christ as their Lord rather than Dear Leader. As I see it, Andrew Scheer better use his platform to criticize the muzzling of the press and opposition parties.

I also will post the servey which the conservatives sent out about Andrew Scheer. In it, I called him a chicken and that he’s letting down real conservatives. And how sad too that we don’t have real conservatives fighting against the transgender monstrosity in BC. Those delusional folks are imposing their warped view of reality on us. Even science shows that either cells have XX or XY chromosomes.
commented 2019-07-19 21:00:26 -0400
- Jagmeet Singh is a dud. The Liberals wanted to ensure that he stayed in place as the head of the CBC to keep the NDP from drawing off votes from the Liberal party. The Liberals also want to justify their efforts to rig the coming election by pretending that they’re efforts are actually designed to prevent the very thing they’re doing. It’s a tactic right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” – accuse others of doing what you’re already doing.

- These human rights commissions are horrible scams. They don’t defend human rights, they destroy human lives. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is doing much needed work. Donation made.
commented 2019-07-19 20:53:00 -0400
Ezra, you ,,,a lawyer…asked another lawyer…a question in which you used the term “asshole”…..I have to tell you this story…

The CSN/CNTU in Montreal offered state of the art courses in labour relations and labour law….I later aced a university course on this topic as a bonus from this excellent instruction….in the classroom discussion I used the term “asshole” in reference to my boss….I was advised not to use that term in court or at any official arbitration or tribunal…the official acceoted term is “militant cynic”…

I later did as I was advised at a grievance hearing and refered to my boss as a “militant cynic”….the official ruling included the statement that it was my employers perogative to be an “asshole” if he so choosed….:-)

The only lawyer in Canada who was willing to represent the men’s movement against Status of Women and their academic collegues was Doug Christie….so I know what you mean Ezra.