August 20, 2019

Justin Trudeau gets ready to accept another ISIS terrorist — who the Brits refused to take

Rebel Staff

Have you heard of Jihadi Jack? He’s a terrorist, and that’s the nickname the British tabloids gave him.

He was born Jack Letts, in Oxford. He converted to Islam, and went to the Middle East and became a terrorist.

Like so many terrorists, Jack was captured by Kurdish soldiers, and he sits in a prison now. The Kurds don’t really want him, and of course the Brits don’t really want him, either. But under our western understanding of citizenship, you have the right to come home — even if you’re a criminal, in which case you'll finish your sentence there.

But to Trudeau, terrorists are just like you and me. He said, "A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian."

You devalue Canadian citizenship by telling terrorists they can’t have it? That doesn’t even make sense.

Which brings us to the current moment:

Jihadi Jack renounced his British citizenship five years ago; and the British government only caught up now; and they’re following their laws; Jack isn’t stateless.

Now, as far as we know, Jihadi Jack has never set foot in Canada. He has nothing to do with Canada, never has. But his father once did, and so Jack apparently has inherited that Canadian citizenship, though he’s never used it. But boy, he sure wants to use it now.

It’s a perfect fit for Jihadi Jack, who admits he’s a terrorist.

This guy is a perfect fit for Trudeau. He reminds me of a cross between Joshua Boyle and Omar Khadr. Seriously — I could see this guy hanging out with Trudeau, smoking some pot in the Prime Minister’s office.

But folks — the election is just two months away. And this could be embarrassing — at least if something were to happen before the vote.

So look at Trudeau’s reaction:

Canada 'disappointed' after U.K. reportedly strips Jihadi Jack of citizenship

Goodale slams U.K.'s 'unilateral action to offload their responsibilities' in case of dual citizen Jack Letts

So why is Goodale so mad? Isn’t this a point of pride for him and his boss?

But not too mad — yesterday, Trudeau refused to rule out helping him.

"Trudeau refuses to say if ‘Jihadi Jack’ is welcome in Canada”

“It is a crime to travel internationally with a goal of supporting terrorism or engaging in terrorism. And that is a crime that we will continue to make all attempts to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. That is the message we have for Canadians and for anyone involved,” Mr. Trudeau said.

Really? All attempts? They haven’t prosecuted anyone, that I’m aware. I mean, we know what all attempts mean — look at the dozens of meetings and people involved in Trudeau’s scheme to get the charges dropped against SNC Lavalin. That’s what “all attempts” looks like. Has Trudeau actually made any attempts to prosecute any terrorists here? He’s lying, just like Jack Letts.

In fact, Trudeau has made attempts to do the opposite — to bring this gem over here.

Speaking by phone earlier this month, a Canadian consular official assured Letts that Canada is "working to resolve" his plight, according to text transcripts obtained by CBC News.

We’re about to get ourselves another little terrorist. A creep — like Omar Khadr, like Joshua Boyle. We’ll pay him money, of course. We’ll strain our police resources even more. We’ll take the wrong side again — helping ISIS, instead of the Kurds.

But Trudeau will get some more Muslim extremist votes out of it.

Trudeau has been working on this file for months, maybe years.

He’s just a bit embarrassed that this is coming out before the election. But once the election is over — he’ll roll out the welcome mat.

Do you doubt it?

NEXT: Lee Humphrey joins me to talk more about this scandal.

FINALLY: Your messages to me.

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commented 2019-08-20 22:19:07 -0400
POSTrudeau never shut up during the debate with Stephen Harper.
We’ve seen him talk over people over and over again since he’s been PM, eg. when he thanked the First Nation’s protester for their $contribution. Wait till the upcoming debates. He’s like Whoopi Goldberg and the other idiots on The View.

Get this: the father said ‘his son went to Syria to help create a PEACEFUL MUSLIM STATE and was NEVER INVOLVED IN VIOLENCE perpetrated by the extremist Islamic stage of Iraq…’. (article in paper by Jim Bronskill)


Get out your cheque books….here comes another one.

Scheer was on the CTV morning show (Mulroney) and he was (appeared to be emphatically) thumbs down on Jihadi Jerk. It sounded like he’ll use this as his trump card in the election. (The interview seemed very scripted, designed questions and Scheer was almost jumping for joy. Kinda like a little kid given his own bicycle. Mulroney was very bored and absolutely not interested in either asking these questions or any answers Scheer gave.)
commented 2019-08-20 22:12:35 -0400
According to CBC, Andrew Scheer gave his opinion on what his Party would do with Jihadi Jack.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Letts should remain locked up and his party wouldn’t intervene if it wins the October federal election.

“Jihadi Jack is in prison now and that is where he should stay,” Scheer said Monday in a statement. “A Conservative government under my leadership will not lift a finger to bring him back to Canada.”

Scheer’s handlers should make this a front page story. Why? because Trudeau and Goodale have been caught lying again. Goodale said in Feb. 2018, that Canada does not have to go out of their way to help wives and ISIS fighters; if they show up at our doorstep, then by law we have to interview them. The following CBC Story proves the Liberals are liars as they sent a group of Gov’t Consular employees to the Kurd jail and interviewed Lett. Here is another Liberal lying scandal if Scheer wants it.
commented 2019-08-20 21:45:37 -0400
I wonder what Lee Humphrey’s thinks about Tom Quiggin or this vid Quiggin put out of Scheer lunching with Islamists,
Political Entryism: Rise of the Islamist (Tom Quiggin Video) I also wonder what he might think about Bernier’s new Veteran’s bill rolled out at the PPC candidates convention in Ottawa last weekend, honouring the large number of veterans in the party, some of whom are candidates, that he has plans for if elected?

I think Humphrey’s is in the wrong party.
commented 2019-08-20 21:22:51 -0400
Just imagine…Canada with a Canadian Prime Minister and Islam a thing of the past.
Justin, let the Muslim in, give him $10m, no! $20m, let him feel welcome.
It will do wonders for Canada’s vote count, come election time.
commented 2019-08-20 21:22:37 -0400
TAQIA! Muslims are allowed to lie in order to protect and further Islam. That’s why Jihadi Jack and Omar Khadr tell lie after lie. Whatevr suits the situation is what they’ll do. Their one and only allegiance is to their demon lord, Allah. Now don’t get angry at me for saying that. God told the Israelites in Leviticus 17:7 (KJV) “And they shall no more offer their sacrifices unto devils, after whom they have gone a whoring. This shall be a statute for ever unto them throughout their generations.” Any other god is therefore a demon. The Quran doesn’t agree with the Bible, showing it isn’t part of God’s revelation but a fake.
commented 2019-08-20 21:09:25 -0400
Obviously the maggot Mohammad Trudeau is chomping at the bit to bring in one his favourite Islamo religious terrorist “Canadians” into Canada ASAP, it will shore up his muslim / Islamic/ terrorist vote.
The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is he and Buttslicker are trying to formulate the right PC spin to sell on CBC ( the terrorist killer is the victim etc )
Don’t forget Trudeau will also be handing out a $10.5 million dollar cheque to the ISIS terrorist as well
Welcome to Trudeau’s priorities
commented 2019-08-20 20:59:36 -0400
I agree with the father that the UK is passing the buck but who could blame them. We should have done it first and stripped him of his Canadian one.
Jihadi Jack’s father can go straight to hell along with Trudeau. Canada doesn’t want anything to do with the parents or their terrorist son. We already have too many of Justin’s terrorists that we are going to have to flush out and rid our country of (as soon after this fall’s election as possible).
Canada doesn’t have an ‘enlightened approach’, they’ve just been stuck with Justin Trudeau.
You will never be able to live in peace in Canada Jihadi Jack. We don’t want your sorry ass..
commented 2019-08-20 20:58:47 -0400
Trudeau’s filthy clown show government needs to be brought to its knees!!! The only way Jack Letts should be brought back to Canada is after he has had a kill shot placed between his eyes!! Isn’t it funny we have all these Isis terrorists running around our streets,but the RCMP are only interested in going after white supremacists in light of that army reservist that was part of the “Base” in Manitoba. And in that case they disclose all the info to the media,if it were a Islamic terrorist-well first of all they wouldn’t even pursue it let alone disclosing any details to the media.This onesided shit show has to end.Wake up you dumbass Canadians that would cast a vote for Trudeau!!
commented 2019-08-20 20:17:40 -0400
Jihadi Jack, according to Sky News, had his British Citizenship rescinded by the Government. This of course could just be Sky News attempting to turn the Muslims away from the Conservatives (election soon)
Hey Jihadi Jack, you only have to wait until next October and then Justin will send You a Limo.
commented 2019-08-20 20:04:49 -0400
Another 10 million bucks and a teary apology, Just kind of makes one sick.