August 22, 2019

How many people watch The Rebel? How many Liberals? You might be surprised...

Rebel Staff

I tell you from time to time how many viewers we have, that we have over 1,266,000 YouTube subscribers. You probably get tired of hearing it. It probably sounds boastful, and I guess it is.

A small chorus of haters smears us all the time, but for every hater, there are a hundred fans. I can see this every day when I look at the likes versus dislikes button on every YouTube video we do. It is not rare for our stats to be 100 thumbs up for every thumbs down.

And then there’s just the raw view count:

Nearly half a billion views on YouTube, two billion minutes. And even more than that on Facebook and Twitter. That’s just huge.

And our viewers average age is just above 30 years old — the average viewer at CBC The National is around 65 years old. I’ve got nothing against people who are 65 years old, but I’m just saying: for all of the CBC's cringe-worthy efforts to seem relevant and hip, it doesn’t work. On any given night, less than 1 per cent of Canadians watch CBC News. But 100 percent of us have to pay for it.

But back to us, if I may: 

A week or two ago, something called the Public Policy Forum, a somewhat academic, establishment think tank in Ottawa, and funded by governments and lobby groups. 

Well, they did a study about the Canadian media called the DIGITAL DEMOCRACY PROJECT Research Memo #1 Media, Knowledge and Misinformation.

Let me read to you a few of the study’s political findings. Here’s one:

Alternative media sources that cover politics from an ideological perspective (e.g. The Rebel, Post-Millennial, Rabble) do not crack the Top 20 news sources in the survey. However, they enjoy more prominence on Twitter among users of the top Canadian political hashtags who share links to news sites, which is an indication that the conversation on Twitter does not necessarily reflect the perspectives of the Canadian population at large.

Can you I read you my favourite quote from the whole study?

Survey respondents who read or watched more traditional news media were less likely to express uncertainty about policy questions than those with low consumption, but more likely to give an incorrect response.

So if you’re watching the CBC and CTV and Global and reading a mainstream newspaper, you’re more likely to get your facts wrong, but you’re more likely to be extra-certain about yourself.

Ignorant AND arrogant. Yeah, that rings true. Sounds like a perfect description for the Media Party.

I’m skeptical of some things in this study. But really my point today is to show you how we’re doing.

One chart asks people:

Have you consumed certain media content in the past week?

Forty-two per cent of Canadians say they watched CBC for some moment in the past week. CTV and Global News are up there too, in the mid and high thirties.

Then there's 23 per cent for the Globe and Mail, 21 per cent for the National Post, 20 per cent for the Toronto Star, the largest newspaper in Canada by circulation.

And look at The Rebel: 16 per cent. As big as Maclean’s, the hundred-year old magazine owned by the Rogers cell phone company, stuffed with government bail-out money.

We were literally born four and half years ago. We live on a shoestring. No corporate money, and no government money.

There's a lot more, including that we're among the most frequently shared websites despite not placing in the top 20 news sources.

I actually think it’s our time to shine — and apparently, millions of Canadians seem to agree.

NEXT: Barbara Kay joins me to talk about how the discontinuation of a grant to a Vancouver "rape relief" organization "shows that trans activism is an attack on women."

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commented 2019-08-23 09:27:26 -0400
LIZ ROSIE commented 8 hours ago.
Scheer is a funny duck, and he is on the wrong side of history…………….

I agree with you Liz but I think that Ezra is under a lot of pressure right now from HRH Trudeau, resulting in restrained subjects being aired. It is not only Ezra, Shelia and David are using less topical subjects on their shows also.
commented 2019-08-23 09:25:31 -0400
I wonder how much loot the DIgital Democracy Project is receiving from the Librano’s? I am sure they will offer full disclosure.
commented 2019-08-23 09:05:19 -0400
The Rebel and The Post Millennial among others have got Maduro groupie Jerry Dias into a foam-mouthed frenzy. How DARE reasonable, non-cultural marxists get attention?
commented 2019-08-23 08:08:39 -0400
Serious question – DID you actually finish high school? The Rebel can’t even afford an edit button on their message board for typos for fuck sake.
commented 2019-08-23 08:06:49 -0400
Alberta Maga,

The Rebel is run out of a shit hole office with next to no contributors and staff now, because they can’t afford it even with donations.

Traditional media – either right or left have HUGE overhead with thousands of staff and contributors around the world.

Serious question – do you actually finish high school?
commented 2019-08-23 03:52:06 -0400
One of the foremost considerations in my mind when writing a Comment for THEREBEL is the fact that the left is listening…and I’m not talkin’ about them peckerwood trolls either.
Hey Ezra, I guess you and Barbara forgot to mention the whole sorry business of what that Ronan Ogre &$$ #&! did to Bill Whatcott through the BCHRT recently…that the NDP brought back to life after it was killed…and what Ronan’s connection was with the NDP, as Barbara mentioned…the things that went on at that so-called trial!
(I noticed the Vancouver Sun was below THEREBEL on that popularity list)
commented 2019-08-23 01:34:59 -0400
Andrew and John tell me that you both know the Oka Crisis was because CHretien and his buddies wanted to STEAL NATIVE LAND for a golf course they wanted to build, right?
commented 2019-08-23 01:16:06 -0400
Liberal Logic i action-The Rebel is tanking but the MSM who needs tax money because they are ACTUALLY TANKING are doing great LMAO!
commented 2019-08-23 01:14:05 -0400
Andrew and John i know the difference between a Puffin and a Penguin unlike our EDUCATED minister LMAO!
commented 2019-08-23 01:13:10 -0400
I see our Liberal supporters commenting like they are smarter yet they voted for idiots who show their idiocy every day.
commented 2019-08-23 01:12:07 -0400
Andrew Stephenson what were the questions and who asked them? Mcleans needs tax bailouts and government protection. And people who consume the MSM are brainwashed clowns.
commented 2019-08-23 01:10:24 -0400
John Wick the Rebel is doing good without handouts, the ones with their hands out are not doing well. The Toronto Star is a penny stock LMAO!
commented 2019-08-23 01:06:57 -0400
Scheer is a funny duck, and he is on the wrong side of history, knows it and knows that the Rebel would ask him questions he is loath to answer for Canadians. All traditional parties have completely forsaken Canadians. I hope more realize it and check out the Peoples Party of Canada before they cast their ballot before October.
As someone at the PPC leadership conference said last weekend “he’s drunk the milk!”
The Rebel is going to be harder for him to ignore next year, but it will be fun to watch. If Scheer does manage to gain even a minority it will be a short lived reign, he can be sure of that. His base sees him for what he is.
commented 2019-08-23 00:57:31 -0400
As I recall, maybe I am wrong, but, as I recall, back in the sixties, or early seventies, Time had a large readership in Canada, McLean’s was almost unheard of. Then, under a certain Prime Minister, PET, the Government put a lot of restrictions and/or duties on Foreign publications which made them uncompetitive in Canada. That is when McLean’s became popular as a replacement for Time.

Not much has changed. It still appears to need government support and protection to survive. But then again, maybe that is the plan, from both sides.
commented 2019-08-23 00:55:01 -0400
I’m convinced Scheer doesn’t want to be PM. By banning one of the only friendly media groups (Rebel) from reporting on his campaign bus, he’s playing into the hands of Trudeau. (Will TrueNorth have a reporter on the CPC bus?)
The Rebel can get White House media credentials, but they’re not good enough for Scheer?
commented 2019-08-23 00:39:09 -0400
Toot the horn! Rebel Media makes a difference!
commented 2019-08-23 00:28:25 -0400
Keith Barnes commented 26 mins ago
Your good idea of simulating Max in the debates needs decision makers attention.
Why not send your comment to Ezra as he has told us that he can’t possibly read all comments?
Also see or e-mail your PPC candidate and he might forward it to Max.
commented 2019-08-23 00:07:09 -0400
Liz Rosie,

You might want to consider that Trudeau will be sticking around.
commented 2019-08-22 23:56:33 -0400
RON JOSEPH commented 9 mins ago.

Ron, Max would have the advantage, he could fit his comments to theirs, of course they would not be responding to him but it would still annoy them when they see the finished video.
commented 2019-08-22 23:46:48 -0400
“So if you’re watching the CBC and CTV and Global and reading a mainstream newspaper, you’re more likely to get your facts wrong, but you’re more likely to be extra-certain about yourself.”

More certain, or better informed perhaps. Those with high traditional media consumption got more right, too. The low-exposure types were able to answer fewer questions. (2.8 right, 1.2 wrong, 4 unsure) vs the high exposure types (3.7 correct, 2.3 wrong, 2 unsure).

As for the Macleans talking point … um:

And they’ve dropped about 20% since then in total circulation.
commented 2019-08-22 23:43:48 -0400
‘Too funny that Scheer doesn’t want the Rebel on his champagne bus.’
Make that campaign bus. I think its Justin’s ‘bus’ that goes in for the booz.
At least Scheer doesn’t tip the bottle . I will give him that.
commented 2019-08-22 23:40:48 -0400
Congratulations to Ezra, his Star Reporters and the many behind the scenes people who help make this site so popular.
I do worry about the absence many nights of " Viewer Feedback ".

Experts say that Bill O’Reilly’s “The Factor” became the most watched show in America in part because of viewer comments at the end of the program.

Keith Barnes—great idea on how to include Max in the debates; the problem being that the Politicians at the live debate will not be talking about the subjects that Canadians want to discuss like Trudeau’s Open Borders, Media Bribing, and Censorship. Perhaps these subjects could be discussed by Max with previous comments by the other Leaders put in after.
commented 2019-08-22 23:40:29 -0400
Almost five years and still growing. Seriously, next year is going to be a good one for the Rebel with the shifting political scene. Too funny that Scheer doesn’t want the Rebel on his champagne bus. Just think of what the playing field will look like after this election and with one of the main players still refusing free airtime it will only make him (Scheer) look more like just another lame duck. Well not to worry because the election cycle after this one is going to see Bernier as PM, (not ruling it out even this time) and he and his MP’s will give the Rebel all the airtime they can spare away from their busy roles as effective members of Parliament serving the people for the first time in over 60 years.
…and a mighty fine day that will be.
Canadian politics has never been so terrifying and so much fun at the same time.
commented 2019-08-22 23:14:52 -0400
John Galt,

No – I am referring to this:

Meet The Rebels

Ezra Levant
Rebel Commander

Sheila Gunn Reid
Alberta Bureau Chief

David Menzies
Mission Specialist

Keean Bexte
Rebel Correspondent

Jessica Swietoniowski
Rebel Correspondent

Miles McInnes
Social Justice Warrior

Avishai Ivri
Rebel Correspondent

The Rebel had 50…50 contributors at their height of success and popularity. Those days are LONG GONE. 7 people are working here for fuck sake. It’s laughable to even suggest that The Rebel is doing well. Ezra simply can’t afford what he was able to before when people were watching his most popular contributors who are no longer here.

If you are reasonable and rational, you will concede that this doesn’t look like the operation of a successful business. He should be adding contributors and growing the brand, but he simply can’t afford it.
commented 2019-08-22 22:59:53 -0400
John Wick has spoken…..tremble and feel the force(or is that farce) of his words…..
“Tanking for years…”,well,if a source has only been around for 4 1/2 years,it is probably a little over the top to state that it “has been tanking for years.”….wouldn’t you say Jonathan?
When you say “more than seven people contributing today”….I assume you are referring to the comment section.Perhaps you are not familiar with the human practice of not commenting publicly….but supporting privately,an idea…a concept…a direction?
But of course you do…you were just kidding….it is written all over your text.
commented 2019-08-22 22:58:20 -0400
Re my last comment.
Make sure the audio and lighting are of the same value and try and get the backgrounds as similar as possible.
commented 2019-08-22 22:51:49 -0400
Ignorant and arrogant. Only stupid people think their smart.

I’ve always maintained the Left are reality deniers. Here it is right in our faces!

The Human Rights Tribunals need to be shut down. They’re like a communist court in the plopped in the middle of a democracy.
commented 2019-08-22 22:51:03 -0400
There is not a darn thing wrong with tooting your own horn if you’ve got the goods to back it up. Toot away Ezra.