August 22, 2019

How many people watch The Rebel? How many Liberals? You might be surprised...

Rebel Staff

I tell you from time to time how many viewers we have, that we have over 1,266,000 YouTube subscribers. You probably get tired of hearing it. It probably sounds boastful, and I guess it is.

A small chorus of haters smears us all the time, but for every hater, there are a hundred fans. I can see this every day when I look at the likes versus dislikes button on every YouTube video we do. It is not rare for our stats to be 100 thumbs up for every thumbs down.

And then there’s just the raw view count:

Nearly half a billion views on YouTube, two billion minutes. And even more than that on Facebook and Twitter. That’s just huge.

And our viewers average age is just above 30 years old — the average viewer at CBC The National is around 65 years old. I’ve got nothing against people who are 65 years old, but I’m just saying: for all of the CBC's cringe-worthy efforts to seem relevant and hip, it doesn’t work. On any given night, less than 1 per cent of Canadians watch CBC News. But 100 percent of us have to pay for it.

But back to us, if I may: 

A week or two ago, something called the Public Policy Forum, a somewhat academic, establishment think tank in Ottawa, and funded by governments and lobby groups. 

Well, they did a study about the Canadian media called the DIGITAL DEMOCRACY PROJECT Research Memo #1 Media, Knowledge and Misinformation.

Let me read to you a few of the study’s political findings. Here’s one:

Alternative media sources that cover politics from an ideological perspective (e.g. The Rebel, Post-Millennial, Rabble) do not crack the Top 20 news sources in the survey. However, they enjoy more prominence on Twitter among users of the top Canadian political hashtags who share links to news sites, which is an indication that the conversation on Twitter does not necessarily reflect the perspectives of the Canadian population at large.

Can you I read you my favourite quote from the whole study?

Survey respondents who read or watched more traditional news media were less likely to express uncertainty about policy questions than those with low consumption, but more likely to give an incorrect response.

So if you’re watching the CBC and CTV and Global and reading a mainstream newspaper, you’re more likely to get your facts wrong, but you’re more likely to be extra-certain about yourself.

Ignorant AND arrogant. Yeah, that rings true. Sounds like a perfect description for the Media Party.

I’m skeptical of some things in this study. But really my point today is to show you how we’re doing.

One chart asks people:

Have you consumed certain media content in the past week?

Forty-two per cent of Canadians say they watched CBC for some moment in the past week. CTV and Global News are up there too, in the mid and high thirties.

Then there's 23 per cent for the Globe and Mail, 21 per cent for the National Post, 20 per cent for the Toronto Star, the largest newspaper in Canada by circulation.

And look at The Rebel: 16 per cent. As big as Maclean’s, the hundred-year old magazine owned by the Rogers cell phone company, stuffed with government bail-out money.

We were literally born four and half years ago. We live on a shoestring. No corporate money, and no government money.

There's a lot more, including that we're among the most frequently shared websites despite not placing in the top 20 news sources.

I actually think it’s our time to shine — and apparently, millions of Canadians seem to agree.

NEXT: Barbara Kay joins me to talk about how the discontinuation of a grant to a Vancouver "rape relief" organization "shows that trans activism is an attack on women."

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commented 2019-08-22 22:47:35 -0400
Morgan, Michelle Rempel’s best ‘girl’ friend, has no business in a position of power in our government. Oger has proven […..].self to be a weaponized activist and Canadians shouldn’t have to be worried about being bullied, deplatformed, and defunded by their elected officials for refusing to put biological women in outrageously uncomfortable and even dangerous positions. Getting the Vancouver rape clinic defunded is worse than bullying and its the definition of despicable. The left are breeding and weaponizing bullies and misogynists. Barbara is right, they hate women. All of this ‘in your face’ gender bending is yet another of the many tools being used against society to usher in total control. You think we have too much nanny state nonsense now? Keep ignoring this as harmless and maybe next year people will get it. Google Morgane Oger and see what she has and is up to. These hateful political activists do nothing to promote understanding of the community they purport to speak for. As a provincial politician,( seeking federal ndp nomination) shouldn’t Oger be representing all her constituents? It doesn’t look like she is.

Great interview with Barbara Kay, she understands the issue thoroughly.
I am not surprised at the Rebel’s progress. Just wait until next year.
commented 2019-08-22 22:36:14 -0400
The Rebel isn’t doing well. Ezra is taking into account traffic, stats and rankings from YEARS ago when The Rebel had popular contributors like Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes and others.

When they left and after the Faith Goldy incident, The Rebel had a massive drop in viewership many people bailed this place. Ezra continues to ignore that massive drop in viewership.

The Rebel has been tanking for years now – why do you think this place has gone from having literally 50 contributors to laughably only having 7 today. At least Sheila and Menzoid will always have a job here.

That’s not a sign of success and growth. That’s a sign that a business circling the drain. The Rebel is no Canadian version of Breitbart. I am sure Ezra envisioned The Rebel to be more than 7 people contributing today when he first launched The Rebel.
commented 2019-08-22 22:23:18 -0400
Ezra, congratulations on the success of TheRebel. You and all the terrific, dedicated members of TheRebel have made us successful as well. You have helped make us be heard and you have respected our opinions. Unlike Scheer and other Conservative political personalities who have publicly rejected and shunned us.
All at TheRebel and your families have sacrificed a great deal and we acknowledge what you have given up for us, for our country and for the truth, and we are forever grateful.

You have made and are making a difference. God bless you all.
commented 2019-08-22 22:11:44 -0400
Rape has nothing to do with sex; it is all about power. It doesn’t matter how a woman looks, her age, her size. A rapist sexual predator will stalk his prey and go after the vulnerable ones. These men are doing the same to women in a different way. They’re taking the ultimate ownership of womanhood, as in redefining femininity (like all the other screwball leftists).

Yaniv is NOT delusional; he is an actor. He’s using the system and that is what is required to be successful. He’s very good at it.
It’s the government that’s making these laws and enabling people like him who are delusional.

It’s still a man’s world! and these men are making sure they keep ownership of it.
commented 2019-08-22 22:03:55 -0400
- I’m not surprised that The Rebel is doing so well. Conservatives tune in to get actual news. Leftists tune in to find things to be outraged over. Moderates tune in to get the other side of the story.

- It’s looking more & more like the left is empowering trannies for the purpose of destroying women’s rights. From women’s sports to waxing businesses to women’s shelters. Now what people would want women kept out of the public square (or at least covered from head to toe)?
commented 2019-08-22 21:46:22 -0400
Ya Ez. Never missed a show. What happened last Friday? To sum it up. Trump says I’m the chosen one and the left says he is crazy even though he’s right. A man says he’s a woman and they’re ok even though he’s wrong
commented 2019-08-22 21:41:06 -0400
Keep fighting the good fight Ezra, your going to end up the winner.
I just read that the Leader of the Green Party has had to resign because she Tweeted something about a Muslim who got mad at one of his wives and tried to set fire to her…Don’t know the details.

Just had a thought Ezra, could make you famous.
When the time comes for the Leaders Debate, record it and convert it to a format that you can edit. Next you need to get hold of Maxime Bernier and have him record his comments (re the debate) on another video of the same format. Now all you have to do is Cut the Debate Video in the right places and insert Maximes responses, from his video, in the right places……Max will end up in the debate, compliments of The Rebel.
You will end up with a Video to put on The Rebel and You Tube, that could well go viral.
commented 2019-08-22 21:00:43 -0400
As far as the trans tyranny, it truly is revealing what sort of folks they are. My prayer is that normal people will get tired of their perpetual victimhood. These trans people who sue at the drop of a hat are just turning people away from their cause. I hope they keep doing it so nobody will pity them.
commented 2019-08-22 20:57:38 -0400
Congratulations on these recent stats! Remember too what David did to Goliath of Gath. Remember how when the Israelites were outnumbered and cried out to God, how he routed their enemies. Righteousness will always prevail. Light always destroys darkness.