May 28, 2019

The Liberals make their move against Canadians who dare to speak out on Facebook

Rebel Staff


The last piece of the censorship machine fell into place in Canada yesterday.

Karina Gould is Justin Trudeau's point-man on the file. Her official title is Minister of Democratic Institutions, but that’s quite Orwellian, since the bulk of her work seems to be to weaken democratic institutions and make them subject to political meddling.

Yesterday she announced that she managed to persuade high tech companies to censor the Internet in the upcoming political election, a "declaration" in the name of "electoral integrity." 

But it has nothing to do with electoral integrity. There’s nothing in there about, for example, getting proof that voters are Canadian citizens — you don’t have to show ID anymore to vote in Canada. There’s nothing about stopping foreign-funded groups from meddling, as more than 100 groups did last time. Nothing in there about Unifor, the conservative-hating union, being in charge of doling out $600 million to Canadian reporters.

No, it’s the latest move by Trudeau's Liberals to crack down on what they call “disinformation” and “fake news”, which is really just news they don't like

Today all the big tech companies were paraded through Parliament.

And all of them were bashed — for not censoring enough.

Not one voice for free speech today in Parliament. The Liberals want to shut people up. But so do the Conservatives:

They don’t like to talk about things that are too conservative for them, like criticism of immigration, political Islam, abortion or how trans rights have gone nuts.

(I notice that Andrew Scheer no longer objects to the $600 million dollar media bail-out — he just objects to one of the people handing it out, Jerry Dias of Unifor. Scheer no longer proposes to privatize the CBC, either — he actually wants them to do more Canadian coverage...)

TONIGHT I'll tell you more about Gould’s announcement yesterday.

For instance, it says:

However, these platforms have also been used to spread disinformation in an attempt to undermine free and fair elections and core democratic institutions and aggravate existing societal tensions.

Which is another way of saying, a vigorous debate, in which we all are allowed to disagree. An election is how we resolve tensions — we vote on things.

But Karina Gould is worried about that. She doesn’t want there to be any tension out there, any “fake news” about her boss. Too much tension. Best to silence it.

Look: Tommy Robinson lost his campaign for a seat in the European Parliament. There are a number of reasons — the main one was that Nigel Farage created a new Brexit Party, and it stormed the gates, perfectly capturing the mood of the country.

But as I pointed out yesterday, no-one can win an election in 2019 if they are silenced by big tech. Tommy used to have one of the biggest Facebook pages in the whole of UK — next only to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

One day Facebook just turned it off. Same with Twitter. YouTube is shadow-banning his videos. I don’t think this was done by the big tech companies on their own. I think this was specifically done at the demand of the British political class.

As Tommy pointed out yesterday, it’s not just that he couldn’t speak positively; he couldn’t reply to the wall of hate specifically directed against him. Soros-backed campaign group smeared him with a massive campaign — they boasted about it in today's newspapers.

I’m not against rough and tumble politics like that. But is it a fair election when one candidate cannot reply?

This, EXACTLY, is now coming to Canada.

I always said we’d be five years behind the UK. Yeah, I think it’s more like five months...

NEXT: Joel Pollak of says the huge win for the UK's Brexit Party "is also a massive win for President Donald Trump — and a warning to the American political establishment about the potential political cost of undermining the agenda on which Trump was elected."

Tonight he joins me to explain what he means.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-05-30 15:00:11 -0400
Karen Macleod, would you rather trust an honest gentleman with an economics degree with your money, or a lawyer that gets paid to withhold the truth about his clients in court? But you sound like you prefer to trust a part time substitute drama teacher with this once strong and noble country’s financial future!
commented 2019-05-30 14:55:25 -0400
It’s a shame when you are so hated you have to make a law forbidding people from telling the truth about you!
commented 2019-05-29 21:24:25 -0400
It is rather clever how Andrew Scheer phrased the need for a review of the CBC, and it is something that should happen in government as a non-partisan business practice:

1) Review departmental mandates every few years to ensure they are still relevant. (This is long overdue with CBC since we now live in the era on modern telecommunications (e.g. satellites and Internet). Their mandate remains from the 1950’s.)

2) Review all government programs and services to ensure that they meet the mandates, and ONLY the mandates, as there is terrible scope creep that has occurred, with way too many orphan government activities and programs that do not connect to any greater good.

3) Determine the best way to fulfil the mandate; whether it be through a government department or agency or contract with/offload the private sector or privatize.

4) Establish regulations and/or standards to ensure the mandates are properly fulfilled in an effective, cost-effective and consistent manner.

Once these steps are taken it becomes very evident what to do with CBC. For instance, government activities are NOT allowed to unfairly compete with the private sector, which CBC does by getting both government money and advertising dollars. For any services that are already adequately being provided by the private sector, the public sector is supposed to withdraw from the marketplace. It certainly isn’t supposed to expand into it! Those are just two basic examples.

CBC is also supposed to be non-partisan according to its charter. It obviously violates that standard, which I am surprised never came out in an auditor general’s report. I have personally submitted grievances to the CBC ombudsman, which is a complete waste of time since he/she doesn’t respond to complaints. Yet another service standard CBC doesn’t seem to meet.
commented 2019-05-29 15:30:54 -0400
Every Conservative PM who steps Left makes a big mistake. Harper didn’t balance the budget.
commented 2019-05-29 15:30:54 -0400
Every Conservative PM who steps Left makes a big mistake. Harper didn’t balance the budget.
commented 2019-05-29 15:28:54 -0400
Opp, I take that back. Harper earned a master’s degree in Economics. Its a mid way step back from a very succesful Lawyer. Mulroney had a law degree which is more appropriate for legislation drafting but the digbat passed the wrong kind of tax and Joe Clark was a professor.
We need to demand more from our elected officials on competence.
commented 2019-05-29 15:20:31 -0400
We used to have very educated lawyers and hugely successful business men in parliament frankly until Harper became PM with just an economics degree.
Not saying what the lawyers and business men did was right. But the new level of education for politics is now celebrity status and cloistered circles of who you know and merit has gone out the window.
If Mark Carney become leader of the Liberals, at least to my knowledge that’s a swing back to the
The frat circles are over. The working man does deserve a shot at power but the man or woman who works for a professional education, marxist or not is a step back to the Right because of the concept of merit.
commented 2019-05-29 14:48:40 -0400
Mad max split vote and not enough time well, Nigel Farage (England) did it in six weeks. Yes entrenched parties are afraid very afraid.
commented 2019-05-29 14:44:13 -0400
On the bright side
this government can not do anything well. This will also be a failure.
I would disagree that Canadians don,t care about politics the gun grab etc.
Most do not want to speak publicly and become a target of the human right,s kangaroo court. The silent majority are pissed. Desperation in the government is real. They know their days are numbered.
commented 2019-05-29 14:43:47 -0400
" … Where is the Government opposition? …"

The vast majority of “politicians” claim they care about the people/problems/economy etc. to get the votes, but once elected and their nose safely ensconced into the tax trough all bets are off. They will do as little as possible and enjoy the perks of the job.

As for the “official opposition” – question – what opposition? Scheer has proven to be Lib Lite and the Dippers usually are in agreement with the Libs.
commented 2019-05-29 12:57:55 -0400
The root of the problem that Democracy’s, world wide face, in these days of enlightenment, is the fact that people are too willing to vote for what ‘they were told was best’ while attending Grade School. In the old days, working class kids usually dropped out of school at the ages of fifteen or sixteen because this is what they were encouraged to do by their Socialist teachers who were sowing the seeds for more Socialism. The only thing that has changed since then is that more and more working class kids are now continuing their educations and attending University’s. This is where the real problem begins because the majority of university’s are under the control of Marxism and more recently Globalism.

What is it that gives some people the right to do what they please and to the best of my knowledge is illegal, Trudeau’s purchase of the MSM being a good example, while the rest of us sit back and do nothing? Where is the Government opposition? Governments and organizations blatantly do outrageous things, right out in the open and nobody says a thing. Look at Theresa May for example, she just gave the EU 35m Pounds Sterling, of taxpayers money, being the monthly membership fee for the EU. She would not have had to if she had followed the wishes of the people and walked away from them when the people voted to do so. The whole western world has succumbed to Marxist Gangsterism.

Pray for people like Trump and his good friend Nigel Farage for they are all we have left.
commented 2019-05-29 12:26:47 -0400
- Trudeau Jung Un & his vision for Canada where the serfs have no voice & nobody dares question dear leader. Brought to you by an oh so willing social media monster.

- I wonder what happens if/when social media censorship fails. The far left is desperate to silence dissenting voices. Is the next stage to murder their opponents or are there still a few steps before that?
commented 2019-05-29 12:12:41 -0400
I remember a time when we had a ‘British Invasion’ of another sort…the 60’s Invasion was much, much more covert!

Those 4 words…what Joel had to say…what’s going on in Canada…Yikes!
What was it Bill the Cat used to say…ACK!

This all has a nightmarish quality to it…that can only get worse.
It’s difficult to believe it’s really happening…in Canada!
commented 2019-05-29 10:16:58 -0400
LON BRISCOE commented 11 hours ago
Most Canadians are too busy trying to make ends meet than worry about fair elections.
Wrong. Most Canadians are comfortable enough to be apathetic. As long as the have their beer and hockey they don’t give a damn.
commented 2019-05-29 10:13:12 -0400
STEPHEN HICKEN commented 14 hours ago
Anyone that cannot see Trudeau is a dictator in the making has his or her head in the sand.
You mean like John Wick and Andrew Stephenson?
commented 2019-05-29 10:12:04 -0400
COLIN CRAMTON commented 1 hour ago
“war is peace

freedom is slavery

ignorance is strength"

Diversity is Strength as well. Meaningless verbiage.
commented 2019-05-29 08:52:43 -0400
“war is peace

freedom is slavery

ignorance is strength"

commented 2019-05-29 01:43:28 -0400
I think the power play panel show nicely the differences and similarities between the parties.
commented 2019-05-29 01:39:39 -0400

The panel with Raitt and Bernier starts at 22:00 if anyone is interested and hasn’t caught it already.

Prior guest is Karina Gould and the kind of regulation she is talking about doesn’t have squat to do with online security or privacy. Is all about wrong thought. I have to say one thing for her though, as Ezra mentioned I think, she does not speak with a valley girl affectation.
commented 2019-05-29 01:20:58 -0400
Thanks Jan, I appreciate your opinion. I expected criticism for sitting on the fence, although I still support Max and I can’t find anything that I dislike about his policies.

I am disappointed in one thing since the PPC beginning. I thought a decades long politician like Max would have around ten other MP’s willing to come along for the ride, much like the Jody and Jane close political relationship. Out of 100 Conservatives he didn’t convince any. It seems too high a mountain to climb for one person. Five months to go and I do believe in miracles.
commented 2019-05-29 01:08:55 -0400
If you believe the vote split myth you will be torn. I am a founding member also and I am not torn.
commented 2019-05-29 00:56:26 -0400
Everything on the internet is being assessed, torn down as crap, applauded, exposed, laughed at or shocking us whether its true, fake, humorous, scientific or artistic. We are more informed and world wise and free because of it.
We all are actively dismissing the junk and freely making our own judgements, conclusions and statements about things. Just because a few loons start obsessing and do something stupid or insane is no reason for a partisan government with an agenda to take it away from everyone using the guise of ‘safety’.
commented 2019-05-29 00:35:35 -0400
Thanks for the links.
I have to agree with you. I voted for Maxime Bernier for the CPC leadership, but I’m torn now because every vote will count to get that jerk PM out of office.
Bernier is a terrific guy, intelligent, sincere.
Rather than reiterating what Scheer is saying on this subject, Lisa Raitt decided to challenge Bernier on PowerPlay today. What a lost opportunity.
Raitt and Rempel wear the pants in the conservative party.
commented 2019-05-29 00:13:04 -0400
The censorship in Canada has been here since the Toronto Mayoral race.
“When the gov’t gradually destroys our democracy, why should the citizens then respect the rules of that democracy?”

Carole, that is why the gun grab. They don’t want Canadians causing any trouble for them. They know they are being evil and they know that we won’t take their crap sitting down forever.
commented 2019-05-29 00:01:19 -0400
Young far left Karina Gould only won the Burlington Ontario riding by 2400 votes
in 2015. The strong Conservative Candidate in 2015 who was right behind her
is running again – bye bye Karina – one term only – no pension. Find a new job
but not teaching as there are enough lefties in that field !
The Trudeau wave of 2015 is crash and burn now
commented 2019-05-28 23:48:27 -0400
I am glad that Ezra played the CPC Calgary MP STEPHANIE KUSIE tape where she wanted to help the Liberals censor the internet right now! Apparently many here missed the original.

I sent a couple letters of complaint to the CPC to hopefully get her kicked out of the party, for being against free speech.
The CPC Campaign Manager wrote back a well written letter with proof of the Party’s positive stand on Free Speech. This guy said that he has stood on the same stage as Scheer where he said that he would fight at all times for Free Speech.

He closed by explaining that there are 340 CPC Candidates plus sometimes multiple assistants for a grand total of close to 900 people. He said no leader could control that many people and not have a few stupid thoughts go public.

Last week Everyone here and the Political shows were discussing Trudeau’s 600 Mil. Media Bribe, however I hadn’t heard what Scheer had to say, so I wrote to the same Campaign Manager while attaching an unfavorable link on the subject. He got back to me saying , here is what Scheer has to say. Some good stuff.

I am a finding member of Bernier’s Party, but I will have to vote with whoever can beat Trudeau.
commented 2019-05-28 23:34:01 -0400
Most Canadians are too busy trying to make ends meet than worry about fair elections.
commented 2019-05-28 22:24:46 -0400
When the gov’t gradually destroys our democracy, why should the citizens then respect the rules of that democracy? The biggest moron in Canada wants to teach us critical thinking. Time to show him how we think.
commented 2019-05-28 22:18:28 -0400
“Ignorance has one virtue: persistence. It will insist through dogged persistence on leading others to follow its vision no matter how misguided. Ignorance will drive the world to the brink of failure and catastrophe and beyond into the abyss with arrogance and anger because wisdom is often too polite to fight. Wisdom doesn’t like to impose its will, but that is all ignorance understands—force over free will and choice. Sooner or later the world comes to its senses, but oh the damage that has been done…” (Kramer)
This quote is demonstrated by the Liberals time and time again. An educated an inept government using unproven mantras behind the foresight of common sense.
Censorship is to use the will of force against the politeness of reason. A courtesy even Otto Von Bismarck understood when he said, “Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness”.
Bismark did his best to squash out socialism but even he understood the basics of active listening when he created a welfare state and went to war three times.
He combated socialism with the free market of ideas. A conservative mantra that harvests the best thinking of everybody with freedoms as a guarantor.
Censorship is an evil that will destroy itself under the falsehood of politeness which the kind words from our elite fail to comprehend.
The Kramer quote is from
John Kramer, Blythe, 20 June, 2017.