July 11, 2019

Censored Pakistani journalist speaks out at Defend Media Freedom conference

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Late last year, a number of users around the world received warnings from Twitter that their tweets were violating Pakistani law. I was one of them.

Today during a panel at the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, I challenged Pakistan's Foreign Minister about this censorship, presumably in the name of enforcing blasphemy laws.

Afterward, I was approached by Irfan Hashmi, a special correspondent for Pakistan's UK44TV. He told me that that Twitter clampdown was just another example of his government's sweeping media censorship — three TV stations have been taken off the air, including his own news outlet.

And that's just the beginning.

WATCH all my reports and those of Sheila Gunn Reid, and help support our independent journalism, as we take you INSIDE the Defend Media Freedom Conference, at MediaFreedomConference.com.

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commented 2019-07-25 22:16:46 -0400
First o fall who the hell u r to post tweets about Pakistan politics u have no right to interfare in our politics busted fuck u in future if u do this mistake to interfare in pakistan politics so in Canada pakistanis will fuck ur ass busted fuckkkkkk u
commented 2019-07-12 20:23:26 -0400
How nice that this reporter is helped by Ezra Levant, the most dispised Canadian according to “progressives.”
commented 2019-07-11 21:56:36 -0400
Taking it personally, and how could you not (?), amped it up a couple of notches. Good job! I hope he shat himself.
commented 2019-07-11 21:06:32 -0400
I like that side of you!
Ride ’em cowboy! Yee Haw!
commented 2019-07-11 20:53:02 -0400
Since 9/11 IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,483 Attacks, 241,967 Killed, 321,178 Injured that we know of.
commented 2019-07-11 19:52:12 -0400
Ezra, you’re such a wall-flower Why don’t you say what you really think?
commented 2019-07-11 18:36:55 -0400
WOW! What a racist and islamophobic exchange Ezra inflicted on that Pakistani journalist. No wonder John Wick keeps stating Ezra and the The Rebel are Racist and islamophobic.
commented 2019-07-11 14:34:43 -0400
Wow, what happened Ezra? You should have shown the whole exchange. But from what we see, you’re a fighter and I’m very proud of you. You represent our country very well.
commented 2019-07-11 13:42:22 -0400
Great interview too. Exposing the lies and the liars.
commented 2019-07-11 13:13:06 -0400
Wow, just wow.
commented 2019-07-11 13:08:09 -0400
Ezra, good job in putting the Pakistani Foreign Minister in his place. Too bad Journalists can’t challenge the UN like this conference allows.
By the way has the CBC or Fake News CTV asked anything controversial?