July 10, 2019

Ezra Levant in London: Committee to Protect Journalists NOT keen to support Tommy Robinson

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On the first day of the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, UK, I ran into Tom Gibson of the Committee to Protect Journalists and asked him if his organization was supporting Tommy Robinson, who was just found guilty of contempt of court, or as I call it, "committing journalism." 

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commented 2019-07-11 20:13:58 -0400
Except the ones who know me
commented 2019-07-11 20:12:42 -0400
That’s hilarious. You remind me of me. Forcing people to realize the truth. Everybody hates me. (Expect the ones who know me)
commented 2019-07-11 04:59:39 -0400
That journalist lacks intestinal fortitude. What a disgrace the English justice system is.
commented 2019-07-10 21:24:53 -0400
So many UK folks don’t understand the Tommy Robinson case. Worse yet, they lecture foreigners like myself as if we’re clueless twats. I got flamed by a guy in Swansea for sympathizing with a Nazi, all because Tommy was part of the English Defense League at one time. Of course my friend didn’t know that Tommy quit the EDF because white supremicists infiltrated the party. This proves my point that infiltration is more effective than confrontation.
commented 2019-07-10 18:00:33 -0400
What utter hypocrisy!!!
commented 2019-07-10 13:57:40 -0400
When are the “journalists” who were “reporting” outside of Tommy’s trial going to be held to the same standards?…
commented 2019-07-10 13:53:48 -0400
Um AHHHHH. Sounds familiar.
Maybe he should have already looked into all of the particulars of the case. This fraud for the ‘Committee to Protect Journalists’ is stalling because he knows what a hypocrite he is. Wait until its you Tom Gibson, or are you going to curb your reporting so you remain safe from the tyranny of your own pathetic government and courts as you are doing at this moment. Coward. Nobody is going to defend you either, don’t think you are safe.

Has this guy really not kept up with Tommy’s case? What kind of journalist isn’t prepared to address the hottest affront to freedom to report and safety of the press today in England? You know, that dying little Island we all used to love and respect.

…and finally a goon comes along to save the coward and he runs away. Pathetic. This conference is a sham and a charade, hypocrites.