June 06, 2019

It's the 75th anniversary of D-Day. What would those men say about us now?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

D-Day was on June 6, 1944. The greatest invasion in history, when the Allies landed in Normandy, the coast of France, to drive Hitler’s army’s out, and to begin the liberation of Europe from the west, as the Soviet Red Army was doing from the east.

Donald Trump was in Normandy representing America, and Justin Trudeau was there, biting his tongue no doubt, representing Canada. All that toxic masculinity, all that male privilege, all those guns — he managed to keep his mouth shut for the most part, which is the best we can hope for.

(Maybe while he’s there, learning about the Nazis, he’ll reconsider calling Canada a country of genociders...)

Now here’s a story from just yesterday:

Homeless veteran living in her van draws attention to national crisis

"During a week when world leaders gather on the shores of France to recognize the sacrifice of D-day, many veterans here at home are undertaking a desperate struggle.
They are former soldiers with no place to live. It’s an urgent national problem.
Diane Claveau is 56 years old, educated and military trained. She is also homeless, living in her van in the parking lot of a big box store; on the list for subsidized housing and on the hunt for a job.”

According to recent statistics, Claveau is one of an estimated 3000 to 5000 veterans across Canada who are homeless. It's a crisis and many organizations say it's a national disgrace.

“I would say this is one of big shames of Canada,” says Suzanne Le, the Executive Director of Multifaith Housing Initiative, “We have failed these people.”

As Trudeau would say, she’s asking for more than we can give.

If she were smart, she’d go to the U.S. come across the border illegally, like close to 100,000 fake refugees have done, file a bogus human rights complaint, and get free housing, free everything.

Here in Toronto, the government has literally rented out entire hotels, like the Radisson Toronto East, just giving free hotel rooms — plus of course housekeeping services, because why not — to any fake foreign scammers.

What would our own Canadian war dead — the 42,000 of them — what would they say about us?

What would they say about us tearing down statues of Sir. John A Macdonald?

What would they say about, just this week, the government giddy to censor, Nazi-style, any wrong-think on the Internet?

What would they say about our disgraceful treatment of veterans, but our prime minister’s love affair with convicted terrorists, like Omar Khadr, seen here receiving a hero’s welcome on Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster?

But it’s not just Trudeau. It’s the media. It’s the schools. It’s the culture.

I bet that literally most Canadians under the age of 40 have no idea about D-Day, or even World War Two. Don’t laugh — we asked a dozen Canadians who our first prime minister was, and they had no idea.

I just don’t believe the folks who, once a year, pretend they care about our troops, or today, those who pretend they care about our liberties. They just don’t.

Donald Trump is an exception, the rest of the so-called leaders in Normandy today — they really couldn’t care less.

NEXT: Yesterday, the British Foreign Office released a video — more scaremongering about climate change, calling it the biggest threat facing the 21st century. 

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore replied, on Twitter: "BS."

Tonight he joins me to debunk the many claims made in this video.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-06-09 02:00:41 -0400
I would like to see Patrick Moore speak in NZ, assuming they would let him in. The U.K. has nothing on the hysteria of climate change in N.Z. Zero Carbon and declaring climate emergency is not enough, students are demanding the govt do more. It’s absolutely insane.
commented 2019-06-07 16:21:57 -0400
KEITH BARNES…..Same thing happened to my dad. He and his friend were riding bikes back after finishing their shift (fixing aircraft radios) at an Air force base in Ontario. An Air force car killed his friend and they put a spike in my dad’s knee. Obviously no lights were allowed on the car or bikes.
commented 2019-06-07 14:03:59 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 2 hours ago.
Geez Keith, I’m sorry, thank God it wasn’t his end………………………….

Liza, my Dad was fine, this of course was in London. All my Dad could talk about when he was released from the Canadian Military Hospital, was the good food and the pretty Canadian Nurses. My Mum told him to shut up or he would end up back in the Hospital. lol
commented 2019-06-07 13:28:50 -0400
Canada has always had such a great reputation throughout the world, now the dictator is making sure our reputation is being marred by creating a false and negative image of Canada with his gossip.
He said some our vets attending remembered him when he was young, and of course his father. I wonder if he reminded them, that instead of fighting along side with them, his father was driving through the streets wearing a German helmet and was a member of the Communist party.
commented 2019-06-07 12:36:20 -0400
Regarding enviro lunatics…

‏Maxime Bernier
Verified account
2h2 hours ago
3/ “And the few who push back against the propaganda, such as Roger Pielke Jr., find themselves on the receiving end of abuse and career-threatening attacks, even though they have all the science in their corner.
Something has gotten scary and extreme, but it isn’t the weather.”
commented 2019-06-07 12:18:31 -0400
Everything Trudeau has done has been against the best interests of Canada! He needs to be arrested and jailed for treason.
commented 2019-06-07 12:12:05 -0400
WW2 Korea my family served in both.
I will say it for those of my family who can not.
Trudeau should be charged with treason.
Cowardice in the face of the enemy, no he is the enemy of all Canadians.
Supports those who fought and continue to fight against us.
Helping fakugees over run our border lines.
Treasonous bastard it is my hope Canadians will see you charged for crimes against Canadians.
commented 2019-06-07 12:05:39 -0400
Geez Keith, I’m sorry, thank God it wasn’t his end. Hell of a thing to go to war and get run over on your bike by allies.
commented 2019-06-07 11:04:11 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 9 mins ago.
Aside from my Dad and Grandad……………………

Liza my Dad was in the Airforce and he was wounded and hospitalised for a while. He recieved his wound one day when the fog was to thick to fly and he was out riding his bike when he got run down by a Canadian Army Truck. This is true…lol.
commented 2019-06-07 10:49:30 -0400
Aside from my Dad and Grandad, my Great Aunt was a field nurse and my Mom was a wren. Those are the people I honor. I don’t know what going to space has to do with our vets. It seems odd to me that Payette spoke at all. At any rate, in true liberal form she made Canada the laughing stock yet again.

Remembrance Day was a big deal when I was a kid. We need to bring back civic class in school, return our monuments to their rightful places, celebrate, honor and teach our History so that we have a country of patriots who love ,cherish and would fight for their homeland to keep it strong and free. A proud people in a proud land. That is what will honor those who went before us.

A nation that refuses to honour their own history will be taken advantage of,(others will rewrite it for us) and so we are being taken advantage of, on all fronts.
commented 2019-06-07 09:17:50 -0400
Re my last comment…Should have read Friday 7th June….
May will continue on as acting PM until a replacement is selected.
commented 2019-06-07 08:51:33 -0400
Did anyone else notice how much Julie Payette sounds like Margaret Trudeau?
Listen again, maybe Justin hired her for her spaced out ideas like mommy.
commented 2019-06-07 07:44:52 -0400
Reading the online news this morning am sure that the brave Canadians that gave their lives would be rolling in their graves at what the younger generations of Canadians have allowed and are allowing to happen.

This piece of news is disturbing:
“Bill C-69 is the subject of more amendments than any bill in Canadian history — ostensibly 187, but because many are multi-part, in reality upwards of 250 … But it’s clear already that the government intends to strip out all amendments except those put forward by the Independent Senators Group…..”

Years ago Trudeau claimed that the Liberal Senators no longer were affiliated with the Liberal party but rather were now Independents yet low and behold …

“Justin Trudeau has expelled from his caucus every single Liberal member of the upper house and has declared there is no longer any such thing as a Liberal senator.”
commented 2019-06-07 07:36:26 -0400
My father and uncle who both fought in WW 2 would be shocked to see what Canada has become and would wonder if there’s any integrity left in this country. With what this country has become in it’s immoral debauchery and chastisement of good honest people, if a war were to break out today Canada would be lucky to have any volunteers to fight for it. In it’s present state there’s not much to fight for. With the outbreak of WW 2, Canada had a very high rate of volunteers to go to war. My father and uncle, if alive today, would think that the enemy they and so many other honourable Canadians fought overseas, is here right now. Who will defend Canada if there’s another call to war?
commented 2019-06-07 07:15:14 -0400
Off topic.
Mon 7th June; Last day in office for Theresa May, she has resigned.
commented 2019-06-07 06:13:09 -0400
The men and women who fought and died for freedom would be turning over in their graves if they could see what a shit-house Canada has become, mostly due to the current Lieberal Crime Family.

I find it disgusting that Trudeau would even be attending such an event given the way he and his band of traitors short-change Vets and active service members.
commented 2019-06-07 03:02:16 -0400
Keith, yes, that too.
commented 2019-06-07 02:44:54 -0400
Thursday morning I watched the ceremony at the Juno landing site. Trudeau, true to form, less than three minutes into his speech and on cue pulled out his handkerchief to wipe away his crocodile tears. The spectators applauded. That is when I turned it off. He doesn’t seem to understand that he is a Prime Minister, no longer a fill-in drama teacher.
commented 2019-06-07 02:39:21 -0400
They would wonder why the hell we are pissing our freedom away and why so many of us welcome tyranny.
commented 2019-06-07 02:38:36 -0400
Andrew Stephenson how about you ask veterans how they feel about phony refugees getting handouts while our vets are ignored and forgotten by too many on the left.
commented 2019-06-07 02:36:19 -0400
Andrew Stephenson spare us your BS that everyone is refugee , some are, those are not the ones we have a problem with. The ones coming from the US are not refugees in any way. You are so lost in your imagined reality it is pathetic.
commented 2019-06-07 02:17:48 -0400
Well spoken Ezra,
Clearly, we (including our Governor General) don’t know our history, and like they say …
‘If you don’t know where you have come from, you won’t know where you are going’
What a pontificating fool, that G.G.

Regarding our climate emergency, I was in London in April and was surprised at the amount of media coverage, especially BBC Channel 4, on a fringe group called ‘Extinction Rebellion’, whose symbol is a stylized swastika. I came across about 50 supporters marching through Hyde Park. They could easily have come out of the Woodstock movie. Anyway, I kept their handout and it reads very similar to the government commercial featured on Ezra’s show.
Their three demands include this gem:
‘The government must create and be led by a national Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.’
Now Hitlers argument for suspending democracy during the 1930s was to bring peaceful order to society. And he would lead it.

You are so right Ezra about Canada’s WWII military achievements. It started in WW1. Canada’s volunteers rose to the top, not only in Allies eyes, but in the Germans as well. A well documented fact. Modern day special forces trace their roots to Canada during WW1 and WWII (First Special Service Force).
Interesting how the Donald acknowledged Canada’s achievements. Not surprising. Americans know their history.
commented 2019-06-07 00:56:42 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented: “Why don’t we ask the veterans what they think? I suspect you’ll find little traction for the vitriol directed at refugees among people who have seen real problems firsthand.”

Mr. Andrew ‘Dickhead’ Stephenson, how’s that a Canadian problem??
ISIS, al-qaida, boko haram, muslim terrorism, african fake refugee crisis, south american migration mess are all because of Canadians??
commented 2019-06-07 00:55:16 -0400
Victoria city councilor suggests billing the military for events like Remembrance Day-this is the kind of complete disdain and lack of respect for our military that Trudeau and socialist’s have created. Of course this councilor had to make these statements on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day how disgusting!!
commented 2019-06-07 00:54:43 -0400
I’ m happy that Dr. Patrick Moore finally has a well deserved important job, and will be working with like-minded experts in Washington to prove Climate Change a Hoax.
They are going after this proof in an ambitious way, so maybe we will see results in 3-5 years.
commented 2019-06-07 00:39:30 -0400
Sickening that we have a PM that has attacked and torn down everything that those boys and men went to fight for and what they stood for. We have a spoiled brat who claims there is genocide in Canada and then hops a plane to pretend he is there to honor our soldiers and vets and the ones that didn’t make it home. Gimme a break Trudeau you are nothing short of a coward,and pathetic filthy weasel you should absolutely be ashamed of yourself and the worthless example you set for your kids. Disgusting.
commented 2019-06-07 00:36:34 -0400
Did you see what our abortion promoting prime minister did today at the ceremony?
Aside from the crying, he MADE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS!
That’s blasphemy.
He made sure to do it correctly to screw up Catholics watching.
What a fake, lying, manipulative hypocrite.
commented 2019-06-07 00:22:46 -0400
If we are so unfortunate so have a second term with The Groper/Feminist and should he be so brazen as to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies, I would hope that both the veterans and serving members of the armed forces would turn their backs on him.
commented 2019-06-06 23:29:39 -0400
BETTY POWER commented 1 hour ago.
I hope to live to see the day when adults govern Canada again.

I hope to live to see the day when Canada is run by a Canadian again.