August 06, 2019

Ezra Levant at the White House: Media watches Trump's every move by the minute, while Trudeau vacations again

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

One thing that struck me during my time among the reporters at the White House was how carefully they monitor President Trump's every move.

This is especially true for the rotating White House press pool, who literally chronicle the president's actions minute by minute.

What a contrast to the Canadian media, who don't seem very curious about why Trudeau takes so many vacations.

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commented 2019-08-06 23:01:52 -0400
Trudeau just takes off like his mother did. It’s genetic.

Was this video posted like the others? I missed it.
commented 2019-08-06 19:48:13 -0400
You should’ve taken Trudeau to court for that Ezra. Total egg on his face.
commented 2019-08-06 18:39:56 -0400
Obama banned Fox News from the White House press gallery and refused taking questions when it was present at public events. Pissant Trudeau (aka Baby Doc, as in Duvallier) banned The Rebel from Canadian media events. Notice how the left hate opposing views, if not shocked that there are opposing views?
commented 2019-08-06 18:17:08 -0400
Hi Ezra,

Glad to see that your press credentials came through and always happy to have you and The Rebel visit and report from/on the States. :-)

A story you might want to track, down the road, is the Left’s attempts to push through a ‘Red Flag Warning’ law — at the federal-level — to purchase (or keep) firearms. The premise is insidious and forces a person (presumable conservative or at least moderate) into a Hobbesian choice: Under this plan, if you speak up about the government, people can turn you in anonymously and the authorities could come to confiscate your guns, because you are “critical, racist, a potential threat” etc. If you keep silent for fear of having your firearms taken, the narrative of the left goes unchallenged. Either way, the left derives an advantage and continues down their merry path of gutting both free speech and the right to bear arms. It is a little bit like people dropping a note into that mailbox in Fahrenheit 451, in order to inform on others who may be reading a “book” (God forbid!).

This is such a despicable tactic that it naturally reminded me of the kind of trick that PM Trudeau would be wont to pull.

Take care and stay safe.
commented 2019-08-06 17:16:10 -0400
The MSM/CBC enemedia in Canada is just a bought off cheerleading squad for Trudeau.
They are too busy filling their fake news casts with anti -Trump stories and “Russian collusion” stories and their favorite distraction red herring story “white nationalism”
They certainly don’t report news they spew propaganda
commented 2019-08-06 17:04:41 -0400
LIZA ROSIE – I agree Canada needs a diversity of voices in the media.

The Rebel Media fills an appetite for unabashedly conservative reporting and punditry on issues of the day. It is, however, much too small an organization to cover all of the news which needs to be reported.

The Rebel also suffers from a lack of consistency. There’s good, investigative journalism, such as the stuff Sheila Gunn Reid regularly produces with her insightful freedom of information request based reports. There’s the often imprecise but entertaining punditry of Rebel commander Ezra Levant himself. And then there are the cringe-worthy excuses for journalism were some of the cub reporters chase after news sources and openly insult them, calling them names and arguing with them. David “The Menzoid” Menzies seems to a combination platter, at times donning a ridiculous wig or other costume and pretending to be transgendered, other times going about attired like a straight-laced businessman and feigning offence when people call him and The Rebel out as being biased. His reports are really a roll of the dice.

These are growing pains. It’ll take another decade or so to see what will become of The Rebel Media when many of the current personalities retire or move on and the institution has to move forward without them. The web as a news medium is still so new and developing so quickly that it remains to be seen what will be possible and how things will shake out.

The Rebel is certainly right about most of the media being so far to the left as to have significantly lost touch with a large segment of the Canadian population.

I expect that the future will see a series of The Rebel Media inspired media ventures, perhaps eventually forming larger news organizations, which will report online, subscription-based, and take up causes now under-served by the mainstream media. News will be even more personalized and pushed to consumers in a way that is still not the norm in Canada. When that happens, I suspect that Ezra Levant and The Rebel Media will be seen as trailblazers of a new form of news delivery and method of accountability by journalists to their readers.

I guess time will tell.
commented 2019-08-06 16:27:36 -0400
Mette Reed, Oops! Please forgive my misspelling of your last name. I’m so sorry.
commented 2019-08-06 16:20:59 -0400
Mette Reid, I think it goes right back to the origins of Canada. Britain always treated
‘the colonies’ like a second class. You see with their class system, how they treat Tommy Robinson because he is ‘working class’. It’s like that. Then Trudeau came along and we got a “charter of rights and freedoms” for groups really, not a declaration of individual rights and freedoms. We’ve been played as dupes starting at Confederation, but Canadians settled for second best.
commented 2019-08-06 16:06:56 -0400
Calgary Lawyer John Carpay recently told us, "Canadian’s have Rights and Freedoms like Americans, however you sometimes have to spend money suing the Government to get these Rights and Freedoms.
commented 2019-08-06 16:00:18 -0400
Well there is something Trudeau is good at going on vacation on our dime .
commented 2019-08-06 14:54:44 -0400
Our government and our mainstream media are keeping Canadians ignorant. Especially in this time now leading up to our elections. They are not reporting on the real news of the day. They are not asking about the issues that really matter in this country and the CBC particularity is allowing lies to to stand as truth by liberal bureaucrats and politicians. The opposition party, is not doing their job The UN has a grip on Canada already. We have no representation. They are doing everything to keep the only man who wants to pull Canada out of this tailspin censored,changing laws on the fly to disqualify Max Bernier of the growing Peoples Party of Canada and keep him out of the debate. If they have him on the air, they do hit pieces and misquote his comments. We need another perspective of the proceedings within our government. We need The Rebel News to be allowed access to our politicians (our servants), and the goings on in the peoples Parliament buildings and press conferences.

We live in a banana republic going forward if this doesn’t change. We don’t have freedom of the press here. They are afraid of the hard questions, they want to keep Canada in the dark. They are withholding information and hiding behind smoke screens.
Let the Rebel in if they don’t have anything to hide. Canadians want another perspective. We have a right to another perspective.
commented 2019-08-06 14:38:21 -0400
So easy to get accreditation to the White-house but, not Canada is so disgusting but, then it seems that when many Canadians get any kind of authority whatsoever, it goes to their heads and they get clicky thinking their something special. One of the differences between Canadians and Americans. Also, the reason why so much corruption is hidden so easily within the Canadian government. Why have Canadians let our politicians get away with so much disrespect for the Canadian public?