August 18, 2019

Avi Yemini in Hong Kong: Hundreds of thousands rally peacefully in Victoria Park

Avi YeminiGuest Contributor

Today, hundreds of thousands of people — including an Australian tourist I spotted in the crowd — gathered in Hong Kong's Victoria Park for a peaceful demonstration calling for democracy, and “freedom” from Communist Chinese tyranny:

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commented 2019-08-19 18:38:59 -0400
LIZ ROSIE commented 4 hours ago…..…still me Keith.

Yes, I changed my name once too, used to go under Kilo Bravo, I think, for my Initials.
commented 2019-08-19 14:51:13 -0400
One of the things that this has all brought home, is the reaction of the Chinese community in Vancouver and that there are two distinct kinds of Chinese in Canada. It shows us the stark contrast between those we should consider welcoming and those who we should not be welcoming. We are allowing far too many of the wrong kind of immigrant into our country, whether from totalitarian Islamic countries or from an authoritarian/ communist one like China.

Do we want people from other countries who will respect liberty, freedom and democracy, or do we keep letting in people whose values are antithetical to our western ones? Why would we want as fellow Canadians, people who’s loyalties remain with totalitarian ruler’s and come here only to launder their ‘dirty’ money, buying up our real estate, resources, farms, companies and send their ‘fuerdai’ children to our universities to then go back to China with all they have learned/hacked?
Not all Chinese. Not all Muslims, but for God’s sake lets bring back some discernment.

China’s dictators need to leave Hong Kong alone. Damn straight the world is watching.

…still me Keith. I don’t know why it did that when I resubscribed(another problem). Close enough.
commented 2019-08-19 11:58:41 -0400
commented 2019-08-19 09:32:13 -0400
Junior admires China’s basic dictatorship so much, he wants to be Prime Mandarin, too bad they’ll only let him be a coolie.
commented 2019-08-19 08:54:51 -0400
Junior is a big fan boy of the Chicoms, in return they treat him the same way they treat the rest of their rank and file followers……dirt.
commented 2019-08-19 04:49:46 -0400
Interesting to see how deeply embedded the Chicom influence is in Canada. The size, evident weatlth and belligerence of the Chicom movement here in Canada is concerning. Diversity is our strength! (not)
commented 2019-08-18 21:07:17 -0400
Trump has offered act as a go between for China and Hong Kong.
Sky News.
commented 2019-08-18 20:54:25 -0400
In truth, these HK police are being pretty good. Just compare them with the Police in Paris, with their stun grenades and tear gas. When HK was under British Rule the police used to carry British Army issue, Sterling machine guns.
commented 2019-08-18 20:51:04 -0400
It’s too bad Muslims who do support democracy and freedom wouldn’t stand up against the terrorism Islamists are causing.
commented 2019-08-18 20:03:43 -0400
These brave Chinese are an inspiration. Never mind what Freeland says. Canada supports them.
This right here (clip in below tweet) is a positively obscene display. Why exactly do we keep allowing other countries to use us?
Little snots with their fancy cars bought with daddy’s laundered money..
Bernard Hancock
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More Bernard Hancock Retweeted Stephen Punwasi
The children of Chinese oligarchs, shitting on our country and our values, and rubbing our faces in it.
The Chinese in their sports cars in Vancouver, flying their Mainline China flags are not the Chinese community that support freedom and democracy. Just like Islamists are not the Muslims who support freedom and democracy.
Because freedom and democracy are antithetical to communism as well as Islamism.
commented 2019-08-18 19:35:38 -0400
“They realize that if they lose what they have they’ll never get it back”
commented 2019-08-18 18:37:42 -0400
It won’t be the protesters that cause any violence, it will be the police or the police supporters that will make it look like the pro-dem protesters.
The police are like the antifa. They will cause the problem if it occurs.

Now, imagine this in Canada. It would have fizzled out after the first hour and Trudeau would be laughing at the ‘nice Canadians’.