July 19, 2019

Iowa: Andrew Yang won't condemn Antifa by name at Democrat candidate event

Jessica SwietoniowskiRebel Correspondent

While reporting on a gathering of Democratic candidates vying for their party's presidential nomination, I asked Andrew Yang if he would disavow Antifa by name, since a number of prominent members of his party have so far refused to do so.

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commented 2019-07-22 01:33:18 -0400
Joseph Goebels gained high leadership stature in the NAZI party because he acheived what many in the NAZI PARTY thought was impossible…he established a party presence in Berlin…which at that point in time was thought to be a communist stronghold.

When ANTIFA complained about the “thuggery” of the brown shirts Goebels replied that they were just jealous because his thugs were more fit, better disciplined and more effective than theirs.

I hate to say it but this sort of thing is bound to happen in America and soon. Failed revoultions are called civil wars.
commented 2019-07-20 17:30:40 -0400
Antifa are the useful idiots of the globalists, democrats, liberals, UN etc etc …….too stupid to understand their true role in things ( Antifa is about as domesticated and conformist as it gets ) …..after globalism and Islamification is implemented in full they will be exterminated by their former masters.
No more gender study safe spaces for them !
commented 2019-07-20 15:03:13 -0400
He didn’t necessarily know the question came from a Canadian, besides asking logical questions of illogical, guarded politicians on camera is not only entertaining, but disabuses you of any expectation of competency. Its why the Rebel is kept away from Canadian politicians who have agenda they don’t want revealed. Are these U.S. stories of any benefit to us in Canada? I don’t know. It may make some Canadians want those sorts of questions asked of our politicians, and question why nobody is allowed to ask them here.

I do think both Keean and Jessica are doing a bang up job though. If nothing else it is getting the Rebel notoriety in the US. more of that is a good thing. If and When the liberals try to shut us down its more likely now that the Conservative outfits in the US will notice and have something to say about it. As the election heats up here I am sure there will be more focus at home on our own sad bunch of totalitarian politicians.
commented 2019-07-19 20:55:13 -0400
They’ve run out of excuses to keep defending the chaos.
commented 2019-07-19 20:10:09 -0400
The Silence of the Lambs…No, they ain’t Lambs, just grubby little Socialists.
commented 2019-07-19 19:55:14 -0400
Seriously, do you think they give a shit what Canadians think of them? Pretty pointless.