August 15, 2019

Trudeau had the government take over the political leaders' debates. And surprise — he decided to kick out Maxime Bernier

Rebel Staff

Who should run the debates between the party leaders?

In a free country, the answer is: anyone. In fact, pretty much the only wrong answer is: the government.

Think about your local community — voting for an alderman, or a local politician. If the debate is held at the local Rotary Club, or a local church, or school — what’s the difference? The last people who ought to control election debates ought to be the government — since it’s the government that turns in the balance.

You don’t want a mayor choosing who gets to challenge him as mayor.

Well, surely that applies at the national level too, only more so. And we’re talked about this before — how the Liberal government just decided, one day, to take over debates, and appointed their hand-picked people to run them. They nationalized these debates. And the bail-out media, just rolled over.

The Liberals are deciding which of their opponents they want there. They can’t avoid Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh. But what about the smaller parties? What about Elizabeth May — really just a me-too for the Liberals? What about the Bloc Quebecois — can they participate? The party almost disappeared, and obviously it’s irrelevant in English Canada.

What about Maxime Bernier’ and his People’s Party?

A few elections back, Elizabeth May — who was in the single digits in polls, didn’t have a full slate of candidate, and was really just a one-person pundit — the media really campaigned to get her in the debates, and the ruling Conservatives broke down and agreed.

Maybe that was a good thing; but in the end, it wasn’t up to the Conservatives.

But not now. Now, the Liberals can make the strategic decisions about who they want. They just order it.

Last year, here’s what Trudeau’s spokesman, Karina Gould, said

Maxime Bernier would be eligible to appear in the 2019 leaders’ debates if his upstart People’s Party successfully nominates candidates in at least 90 per cent of ridings, Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould said Thursday.

By the way, Bernier has a lot more candidates nominated than the Liberals. The Liberals have dozens of unfilled seats, no candidates. Trudeau will eventually hand-pick them. (So much for local democracy.)

Bernier surely exceeds the Liberals in nominations. But he’s being excluded.

I know a lot of my viewers are Andrew Scheer supporters. Not fans — I have yet to meet someone who truly loves Andrew Scheer. It’s more of a loyalty thing, a passive thing. Fine. Many say Bernier is going to split the vote. And there’s some truth in that.

But that’s a completely different thing than having Justin Trudeau, through the power of the government, banning a candidate who has just as much right to be there as, at least, Elizabeth May. And, insanely, — the leader of the Bloc Quebecois.

I want Andrew Scheer to beat Justin Trudeau in the upcoming election. I’m not a member of any party. But I want to have a choice — I want Canadians to have a choice — and to even hear that there is a choice out there.

Maxime Bernier probably doesn’t have a statistical chance at becoming the prime minister. But he is certain to put forward ideas that many Canadians share — especially ideas that are considered politically incorrect. Ideas that the establishment club doesn’t even want to talk about.

Whether or not you like Bernier isn’t the point. It’s whether or not you think governments ought to be able to ban their challengers. And surely any conservative can be against that.

If your goal is to tamp down populist anger in the country, I’m pretty sure banning dissenters from a debate is about the worst way to do it...

NEXT: Our reporter Keean Bexte went to the notorious Roxham Road, where countless fake "refugees" have illegal crossed the U.S. border into Canada ever since Trudeau tweeted out his invitation to the world. 

Tonight he joins me to talk about the shocking things he saw and heard.

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commented 2019-08-15 21:18:27 -0400
I’m old enough to remember the Sunday funny papers. There was one comic strip called “Lil’ Abner”. And for some unknown reason (I can’t usually remember where I left my car keys) I remember one Lil’ Abner comic strip with spoiled little rich girl who puts me in mind of Trudeau with this one statement; “What’s the use being me if I can’t have everything I want?”. That’s Trudeau, alright! By the way, I don’t know what anyone else is going to do, but I’m voting PPC all the way.
commented 2019-08-15 21:07:27 -0400
Max has a petition, all should sign;

Max should pursue a Mandamus Application. The rules are not being applied evenly, and that will be sufficient to get a positive ruling. Remember, now that it’s being run by gov, the other side that double-edged sword, is that now they can be held to task by the courts.
commented 2019-08-15 21:01:15 -0400
Max is the only one who will call out the globalist swine sell outs that run “our” political – enemedia cabal , that is why they all want him and any truthful opinions banned in our “democracy”
commented 2019-08-15 20:56:52 -0400
I’ve seen videos of RCMP warning would-be crossers that it’s illegal and they’ll be arrested. Then, they stand aside while the people cross into the country and then they arrest them.

This is a ‘crime in progress’, and they’re obligated to stop crimes from happening. It’s an obstruction of justice and a breach of trust. I don’t care if their boss told them to. If their boss tells them to not uphold the law, their obligation is to charge their boss!!
commented 2019-08-15 20:55:45 -0400
Other than winning, the best thing that could happen to Maxime is to split the vote. This way he would hold the balance of power.
I do not trust Scheer, he is to sympathetic toward illegals and so called migrants and gets down on his hands and knees in Mosque’s looking for votes. Having said that, I think Scheer would be a thousand times better than Trudeau.
In truth this Election will be rigged, Trudeau will win he is the UN’s man.

commented 2019-08-15 20:43:58 -0400
Should the Liberal’s special rules win them another election, I wonder if Max Bernier and his Policies would move to the West and start a new Country?
commented 2019-08-15 20:42:56 -0400
I think Trudeau and Butts should be tarred and feathered and driven out of this country for good.
commented 2019-08-15 20:40:05 -0400
This liberal govt under “Skippy the crook” is an absolute farce,when is this nightmare going to come to a conclusion. The debates shouldn’t even be an issue anymore,the issue is why is this punk still at the helm??
commented 2019-08-15 20:38:41 -0400
You’re right in exposing Trudeau’s control-freak ways. The little prince always gets what he wants. And to ensure his election win, he’s excluding the only non liberal politician from the debates. Though few watch those, the news blatherers give their idiot opinions on how the debate went.
commented 2019-08-15 20:37:32 -0400
I have been saying for 3 years now Trudeau is a dictator in the making, and we have all seen it has already begun. He rules the roost and if you get in his way your toast.
commented 2019-08-15 20:37:24 -0400
All the more reason to vote for the PPC.
commented 2019-08-15 20:34:58 -0400
Talk about censorship! Excluding Maxim Bernier from the debates is a sure fire sign that all the other parties are afraid of him and his message. Many Canadians haven’t even heard of Maxime and might agree with his views. That is a big no, no!!!
commented 2019-08-15 20:32:42 -0400
Ohhh…So this is what it feels like to have a fascist jackboot pressing on your neck…