August 09, 2019

LIVE! Ezra Levant takes comments & questions about Tommy Robinson, “Jessica” Yaniv & more

Rebel Staff

Ezra Levant takes your comments and questions related to Tommy Robinson's condition in prison, our new expose of "Jessica" Yaniv, and more.

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commented 2019-08-11 14:15:04 -0400
I’m surprised there are no comments about Robinson. I turned off the cast once it got into waxing genitalia… and came here.
How does Tommy’s plight apply to the world?
I just posted this to see what happens
and not even a search on “hate and Canadian” will bring up the post, so it is likely shadow-banned already on reddit search.
It pertains to

I discovered the secret-society thUg-Network working the streets of Canada back in 2006 after noticing that they were surveilling my movements. It took years of witnessing their thUggery to figure out just who they were. William Cooper exposed that they use deception to mould society and guide the “sheeple” or “profane infidels.”

Canada is presently being driven to austerity as described by Alan Watt: and it is obvious since Interest free loans from the Bank of Canada was replaced with high interest loans from international banks instead since 1974.
Canada has 1000 tons of Gold saved in the 1960s… today Canada is the only country with zero gold in it’s coffers… why? Venezuela is the warning as was Argentina before it. Yuri Bezmenov was a kind of prophet when he said he saw the subversion of the West
commented 2019-08-09 14:47:38 -0400
Liza is right, BoJo was taking the piss out of the YoYo. Boris is a brilliant guy, he aced his way all through Eaton and Oxford. He and Trump will make good partners, especially in the case of any Military Action. God help the enemy……Take note Trudeau, You are up against the big boys now.
commented 2019-08-09 14:28:41 -0400
I adore Jen Smith. Nicest person.
He’s more wholesome than some Conservatives (definately more than some Liberals) and I know he’s a transvestite.
God bless him for many years with good health and happiness.
commented 2019-08-09 14:23:46 -0400
I think Yaniv must be more than a creeper if he wanted to be touched if that’s the critism. Creepers start off creeping and evolve. I have no idea what Yaniv is.
Just, wow. Very thin skinned but rips back when insulted.
The comments made about his mother had me blue in the face laughing.
commented 2019-08-09 13:29:41 -0400
Sorry, Jenn Smith has it right when HE says that these tribunals need to be abolished. Interesting guy, presents as a women but doesn’t call himself one. Its hard to keep track. However I appreciated his perspective and I agree that Yaniv is more of a creeper than a literal molester. I sure would like to know what’s on his computer though.
commented 2019-08-09 13:25:08 -0400
Yaniv’s disability claim is for free stuff yes, but more importantly its for his victim status, which is his main cover for his strange proclivities and fetishes towards women. He’s got most of the victim status deck covered. Ezra you forgot to mention his derogatory comments about immigrants. Yaniv sounds a bit supremacist to me. Its a sound bite so he can’t deny it.
Jenn Smith has it right when she says that these tribunals need to be abolished. They only serve to weaponize crazy people with chips on their shoulders at taxpayer expense. They are used to attack innocent people. Its an abuse of power and an insult to our Charter Rights.

I want an interview with the NY Fry’s guy in San Francisco north who wouldn’t serve Yaniv because he is a man in a dress or I won’t believe it ever happened. Paleese.
commented 2019-08-09 13:04:35 -0400
Boris is going to be great to watch. Not only was he ‘taking the piss’ he wouldn’t stop. He was going to drag it out and make that poor sot suffer for asking a personal question. Already he is training the media to stay the heck out of his personal life. They may think twice in future as it wastes valuable interview time. Puts new meaning to the term/tool most of our politicians are known for; ‘running out the clock’. I love it!
People on the right have more fun, there is no doubt about it. (Rudy cuts a fine figure of a woman).
commented 2019-08-09 12:51:52 -0400
Someone should investigate the disability yaniv claims to have … I am personally on disability and would love to be able to run like that!