June 14, 2019

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid

David MenziesMission Specialist

Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies and gentlemen – and the rest of you – in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. 

Given that Lisa Raitt had to delete and apologize for a mild-mannered tweet about climate change, the question arises: just what exactly do the Andrew Scheer Conservatives stand for? Ezra Levant will try to solve this riddle.

Hey, are you up for a career change? Do you want to earn $200,000 for only 240 days of work? Well, then, check this out: Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is hiring a special advisor on to help out on that pesky Venezuela file.

Just one hitch, though: you must confirm to the Trudeau Liberals that you cherish the odious political system that is communism. Sheila Gunn Reid has all the inexplicable details.

And finally: letters; we get your letters; we get your letters every minute of every day. I’ll share some of your responses regarding my coverage of a group of eco-fanatics that decided to shut down a major Toronto intersection during rush hour recently to bring attention to the so-called “climate crisis.”

And what did they achieve? Well, they pissed off a lot of people who were completely inconvenienced.

And these SJWs also actually increased the carbon footprint in the immediate area thanks to causing hundreds of cars to idle in gridlock. Winning!

Those are your Rebels, now let’s round ‘em up...

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commented 2019-06-16 13:10:44 -0400
RON JOSEPH commented 13 hours ago

“Andrew, the Party didn’t start until Sept. 14, 2018, and Max had no people in any riding; how could he have been 3% in the polls in Oct., if he had no people running? "

I am but the messenger. His slate of candidates doesn’t seem to matter. Given the way people breathlessly speak about Bernier/PPC interchnageably, it seems that they are indeed still running on his name alone.

(This is of course ironic, given that he’s said he won’t whip his caucus … so his opinion is irrelevant vs the agendas of his occasionally zany candidates anyway).


The PPC received 10% in the Nanaimo by-election, while only 2% in the Ont. by-election."

The PPC got 3% in Nanaimo, and 2% in the Quebec and Ontario seats. It was in Burnaby that they got 10%, running a social conservative candidate that pandered to the very religious immigrant community, on a platform rather inconsistent with Bernier’s own libertarian tendencies (though as noted, Bernier doesn’t actually want to enforce his platform, leaving it “open for debate”).

Burnaby’s an interesting one because without the preacher splitting the vote, the CPC would have been competitive.
commented 2019-06-16 13:08:07 -0400

Fair enough – just like people who voted for Gary Johnson. The only difference here is that they knew he can’t win, but they couldn’t vote for Trump or Hillary. You actually think Bernier will be PM.

You better start on that momentum – he is in the toilet right now as the biggest loser in the election.


Canada will be just fine. The sun will still come up, people will still go for their morning coffee, they will go to work, socialize with friends, go on dates, go to restaurants, see the latest movie and otherwise do everything they have been doing for decades.
commented 2019-06-16 13:08:04 -0400
John Wick, No more Victor Laszlo or Hollywood insight from Martina and Ben.
Rebel reporters that have only been here for a number of months come and go; some are extremely talented others are not missed.
However Victor Laszlo has been with us since the beginning. (4 years) Some times there isn’t anything newsworthy happening in Canada, so reading Victor’s exciting (sometimes over the top) world news filled the empty slot.

My guess is Ezra pulled the plug on Victor as a result of the new Minister of Democratic Institutions (CENSORSHIP QUEEN) Karina Gould. After all, how could one of the most boring people in Canada be impressed with someone that reports true but too over the top news for Karina.
If she loses her seat in October, she can always go back to wiping the tables in the Parliamentary Cafeteria.
commented 2019-06-16 12:56:08 -0400
Re my last comment…I should have mentioned that, said Ladies are doing a fine job of exposing you for what you are….Wick.
commented 2019-06-16 12:51:47 -0400
Wassa Matter Wick, cat got your tong? Perhaps you feel safer debating Ladies.
commented 2019-06-16 12:46:47 -0400
Not only will Canada NOT be fine, There will be no Canada.
commented 2019-06-16 12:44:37 -0400
Yes I will stand by my decision because aside from voting to protect my values I will have had a hand in building momentum for the PPC. It isn’t going anywhere, and at the moment the PPC is the only honest attempt to fight this globalist attack on our right to exist as a free nation. which is what this is.
commented 2019-06-16 12:40:55 -0400
Scheer would not get my vote now under any circumstance. He is Trudeau minus the socks.It would be fruitless.
commented 2019-06-16 12:39:36 -0400
50 – 60 years ago is when the ground work was laid for what we are beginning to experience now, an ever increasing totalitarian rule and the minimizing and destruction of sovereignty. Its been a slow cook, but as we can see everywhere we look, it is heating up.
commented 2019-06-16 12:33:24 -0400

Let’s say the election was tomorrow. Trudeau is re-elected, Scheer was close and Bernier was just a blow out. Will you stand by your vote or wish Bernier supporters voted for Scheer instead?
commented 2019-06-16 12:31:14 -0400
Big thinker.
commented 2019-06-16 11:52:20 -0400
liza Rosie,

Canada has been perfectly fine for me for the last 50 years. Too bad it sucks for you. Bernier will be PM, Bernier will be PM. Keep wishing….
commented 2019-06-16 11:32:59 -0400
Canada will be just fine, keep repeating it, Canada will be just fine………
commented 2019-06-16 11:29:56 -0400
Arguing with a leftie is a waste of effort as proven time and again. But truly you do need a new handbook Wick for the Dems have played all your cards already and it didn’t work for them so what makes you think it will work for you? But hey nice try LOL. Now I have better things to do today than banter further with you, get out of your mom’s basement and go for a latte, the fresh air might do you some good.
commented 2019-06-16 11:27:48 -0400

The difference is that Wynne was polling to lose big time and even Liberals hated her. Funny how Doug Ford has already proven to be worse – this is how well Bernier is doing: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D9HTP69XoAE2XJg.jpg

He is polling in the toilet across Canada. The Green Party has a better shot.
commented 2019-06-16 11:19:38 -0400

Yes, I am melting down for stating the reality about Bernier. Guess what? Water is wet. I am CRAAAAZYY!
commented 2019-06-16 11:11:04 -0400
Duh Wick, you are starting to smell of desperation again. So much for the pat on the head because it has gone to your head. Is your meltdown approaching quicker than anticipated? Neither Trudeau’s Liberals or Scheer’s Liberal Lite PCs will get a majority. Look what happened to your beloved Wynne, the Red Tent even lost official party status in Ontario, there will be a repeat federally as the sheeple got their weed and so have no further need of the Libtards and why would anyone vote Lite if they won’t vote for the real thing? Times are a changing, just as the Dems down south can’t handle it neither can the Left up here.
commented 2019-06-16 11:01:01 -0400
liza Rosie,

I see you are irrational as ever. Canada will be just fine and I say that as someone who hasn’t been happy with Trudeau, but I don’t go into hysterics about him.

If Trudeau is the devil to you, then why are you voting for someone who can’t beat him? I realize you think Scheer is Trudeau lite, but that’s all you have got if you want to get rid of Trudeau. You may feel great that you voted for Bernier, but he can’t win.
commented 2019-06-16 11:00:24 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 18 mins ago.
Troll is wrong. Canada IS ‘doomed’ under Trudeau…………………………………..

Good comment Liza.
You have just described Globalist New World Order to a tee.
One World, One Leader, No borders…Islamic Law…White genocide……Wake Up CA.
commented 2019-06-16 10:55:57 -0400

Keep digging yourself in deeper – so you look even more the fool after the election. It’s all good for me.
commented 2019-06-16 10:49:51 -0400
You are never “right” on anything Wick, you are “wrong” on the vast majority of things and are a known “left” LOL
commented 2019-06-16 10:47:30 -0400
John Wick commented 14 mins ago
Like I said, I will remind you of this discussion and your “vast intelligence” when Bernier crashes and burns in the coming election and doesn’t even come close to winning. I have saved this page, so you can say to me – I guess I should have listened to John Wick, he was the only one here who was right. "

ROFL, ok you earned a pat on the head this time around even though you have resorted to snide a insult again for the following comment of yours –
“so you can say to me – I guess I should have listened to John Wick, he was the only one here who was right”
LMAO priceless!!
commented 2019-06-16 10:34:41 -0400
Troll is wrong. Canada IS ‘doomed’ under Trudeau, that is a fact. We will lose our sovereignty, our free speech, our culture, values and our nation will no longer be STRONG AND FREE. We will be replaced, yes replaced by immigrants. This is an evil UN experiment that will make a small number of elites very rich and strip the rest of us of everything that matters.

Justin’s ‘post national state’ is what we will be without a complete about face. Scheer unfortunately is being run by the same outsiders.
People can pacify themselves with, ‘Scheer will fix it’, or ‘its all going to be okay either way’, but it won’t be okay. This is really happening.

As far as China is concerned, we are already their little bitch. They are happy to take Vancouver and make it too expensive for anyone to live there while bossing us around in every way imaginable, including stopping Canadian imports to China while demanding we still take theirs. They own much of our debt and larger percentages of our resource sector than Harper led us to believe. Chretien, and all the corrupt old guard in the background will be laughing. When everything crumbles to the ground, Soso and friends are coming in to ‘clean up’. The world has seen it before, with a lot of the same players. We can pacify ourselves by saying its just a conspiracy theory. This is INDEED a conspiracy, whether or not it is a valid theory will be proven eventually. I think the water in which Canada is cooking is already too close to a boil for most to jump out of the pot and save themselves. Most don’t even know they are on the stove. We are all being played. Deal with it or live like little bitches. Is it fear mongering if its true? asking for a friend.
commented 2019-06-16 10:33:16 -0400
Well well, If it isn’t young master Wick Puller, alive and well espousing his Liberal BS.
It would seem to me Master Wick, after glossing over all your comments, You are in the throws of desperation, You have just realized that your favorite hand job image Justy the Trud is about to be thrown under a bus.
In addition, perhaps you should learn to talk to members of the opposite sex with a little respect. This may be hard for you, because you will first have to define the meaning of opposite sex….. Are you left handed?
commented 2019-06-16 10:28:33 -0400

Like I said, I will remind you of this discussion and your “vast intelligence” when Bernier crashes and burns in the coming election and doesn’t even come close to winning. I have saved this page, so you can say to me – I guess I should have listened to John Wick, he was the only one here who was right.
commented 2019-06-16 09:56:36 -0400
Sweet Jesus. That troll is a painful piece of work.
Wes, thumbs up.
commented 2019-06-16 09:49:27 -0400
ZZZZZZZZZ " mouth breathers like you" resorting to vulgar insults proves you have nothing as per usual Troll.

The Troll commented -“Reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Failed Fact Checks”

No such thing, but keep trying, someday you and your comrades will finally let go of the 1940s and 50s and move forward into reality.


It will be a very long wait before the troll actually posts something resembling any form of intelligence it seems LOL.
commented 2019-06-16 09:34:28 -0400
Robert Greeley,

I haven’t avoided anything and I am certainly not a fan of Trudeau. See how that works – you don’t necessarily have to like a politician to still acknowledge reality that Bernier can’t beat him or that Canada won’t be doomed if Trudeau is re-elected.

Everyone knows that Breitbart is a propaganda machine that is constantly full of shit. So much so that many have said that if Andrew Breitbart was still alive, he would be disgusted with what they have done with his name.


Reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Failed Fact Checks
commented 2019-06-16 09:27:09 -0400

I have offered something intelligent in this thread that mouth breathers like you are ignoring – Bernier can’t win. You can vote for him because you feel he is the best candidate, but you are confirming yourself as an idiot that you think he can win.

I have also pointed out in this thread that due to the fact that The Rebel is tanking – they have lost 5 contributors pretty much all at once and The Rebel roster has never been smaller, but again – people like you keep their head up their ass and believe The Rebel is taking over the media world.