July 10, 2019

Rogers hints at Skydome stadium subsidies (and has a friend in Toronto Mayor Tory)

David MenziesMission Specialist

Next time you gaze upon your lofty Rogers’ cellphone bill, try to placate your anger in the knowledge that Rogers Communications apparently needs a lot of dough-ray-me for a new ballpark for their baseball team.

There are hints that Rogers might actually be coming cap-in-hand to the taxpayers for yet further stadium subsidization. And looky here: the guy sitting in the Mayor’s chair down at City Hall just happens to be the same guy who is still very well-connected with – you guessed it — Rogers.

Indeed, Toronto Mayor John Tory recently said:

“There’s now a decision to be made when it comes to the owners, of whether to reinvest in the building or build something new. I think you’re going to see some action on it, because [Rogers Communications] have a decision to make.” (...)

“I think the people at Rogers are aware of the fact that the notion that you’re going to get a lot of big cheques or any cheques written by government for the stadium is not likely to happen. Therefore, they’re going to need to come up with a way to pay for it.” 

Ominous detail #1: Tory says taxpayer funding is “not likely to happen.” He doesn’t say it will NOT happen.

Ominous detail #2: As The Star notes, Tory is a former Rogers executive with close ties to the Rogers family, and is STILL involved in the business of the Rogers group of companies. Given the reach of Rogers’ tentacles in the city of Toronto, this surely makes for a conflict of interest, no?

And yet, John Tory remains a trustee on the advisory committee of the Rogers Control Trust, which is largely comprised of Rogers family members. 

And if anyone accuses me of fear-mongering, I’ll retract everything if His Honour stages a press conference and says there’s absolutely 100% no way that Rogers is getting a dime from the taxpayers for a new ballpark. And while he’s at, Tory MUST announce his resignation from the Rogers Trust.

But will he do those two things? I think that’s about as likely as the Blue Jays winning the World Series this year.

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commented 2019-07-11 10:46:36 -0400
WELL the way things are going up here in canukistan, soon there won’t be any more TAXPAYER MONEY!!!
WE’RE BROKE – just as canada is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no jobs, no investment,all we get are taxes, taxes and more taxes, can’t afford to drive, eat, live while all trudeau does is borrow , steal and spend, ,spend, spend- and not on canadians I might add- nope, just on himself , his cabinet and his special people both here and back in their own lands!
Yup, even our canada pension is being squeezed by the thiefs on parliament hill and invested in china of all places (don’t hold your breath waiting for that money to come back!!) while their own pensions are being stuffed every day as THEY DECIDE how much WE OWE THEM FOR ALL THE GOOD WORK THEY HAVE DONE IN OFFICE AND FOR CANADA!!! mY BET IS TRUDEAU WILL CHOOSE MULTI MILLIONS PER YEAR FOR DESTROYING CANADA AND KILLING OFF WE CANUKS!! meanwhile we white slaves won’t even get back a fraction of what has been forcibly taken out of our paycheques,.
BE CAREFUL though as he has given the banks legal right to steal our money from our bank accounts when their profits drop- like say, when canadians who have NO JOBS have to walk out on their mortgages and car loans – oh and trudeaus INFRASTRUCTURE BANK for he and his ELITE FRIENDS in which ANY LOSSES FOR THESE ELITES BEIT POOR INVESTMENTS AND SO ON, TRUDEAU HAS PROMISED WE CANADIAN TAXPAYERS WILL BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE TO PAY THEM BACK FOR THEIR LOSSES!!! FACT!!
I could go on and I intend to each day until the election because canadians need to SNAP OUT OF THEIR COMAS AND TAKE THIS REGIME DOWN BEFORE WE ARE ALL IN THE GUTTERS
commented 2019-07-11 03:16:50 -0400
Got to hand it to “Toronto intelligence”… Scant days ago they were whooping and hollering about a TO based basketball team… But they are about to reward a baseball franchise that has done didlly-squat in some 20 years?? Man! I just love those “stupid rays” blasting the town each and every day from atop the CN Tower!…
commented 2019-07-10 22:55:06 -0400
John Tory can afford to renovate the stadium when Trudeau’s hundred thousand Refugees living in Toronto start working and paying taxes.
While Tory is waiting for the new tax money, the Blue Jays can play in the Detroit Stadium for the next 30 years.