August 07, 2019

Ezra Levant: “Why I will keep visiting Tommy Robinson in prison until he's free”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I visited Tommy Robinson in prison a couple of weeks ago, and he’s being treated in a satisfactory way.

He’s in isolation, in a special prison within a prison at HMP Belmarsh. Given how many Muslim prison gangs there are in the UK, it’s probably for the best.

When I saw Tommy, he told me he was receiving adequate meals and medical care, and that the guards were courteous enough. It’s outrageous that he’s in prison at all just for doing journalism, but at least he’s not being starved, threatened and physically and psychologically tortured, like he was last year in at the prison in Onley.

But what if they move him? That’s the one thing that worries me. Because they moved him last time, and that's when his treatment changed and he ended up being starved in solitary confinement.

So I spoke with Tommy’s wife Jenna yesterday, and we agreed that I’d continue to visit Tommy until he gets out:

To make sure he’s fine, and to give him some company. To inspect his treatment in prison — as I told you last time, the guards tried to change the conditions of that visit at the last minute. I made such a fuss I thought they were going to throw me out of the prison, but instead, they backed down.

And I think it’s for one reason only: I’ll raise bloody hell about it in the media if they mistreat Tommy (who has been "unpersoned" from social media.)

I know it’s crazy to come all the way from Canada to visit Tommy. But I just have to see for myself. I don’t trust anyone else, and Tommy knows he can be candid with me.

And he's specifically asked me to keep visiting him.

I want to keep that promise.

So that’s why I’m going back:

I’m leaving tonight; I fly overnight; I land in the morning; I visit him in the afternoon, and I fly back to Canada that same evening. No hotel. I’m sleeping both ways on the plane. I bought an economy-class ticket. Plus train and taxi fare each way.

The total cost of my one-day trip to visit Tommy is going to be about $2,000 Canadian, which is about £1,500.

The only way we can afford this, is through crowdfunding. If you think Tommy's fine and doesn’t need to be checked on, then don’t worry about it. But if you’re worried they might move him, or change his treatment, like they did last time, please help me get over there.

So please help if you can — go to to chip in a few dollars or a few pounds. And that’s where I’ll post my videos when I get out of the prison.

Help me keep watch over Tommy Robinson for 38 more days till he’s free.

If you can help me do that, please do — go to Thanks.

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commented 2019-08-08 09:31:09 -0400
a message to Tommy, as requested for your imminent next visit (sorry it’s a bit too verbose) :Tommy,
Our thoughts are with you and your family , as you prepare for another round of travesty of justice after surviving a gruelling trial period that the powers in place inflicted on you, either to break your spirit or to throw you to the lions, for a possible outcome, no doubt to be be later commented on by the MSM as a ‘regrettable fatal incident’; the tacitly hoped for ‘incident’ they desperately needed to free themselves from the legal headache of finding a valid reason to gag you and keep you in custody without corrupting for ever the principles of justice they have pledged to defend and uphold, regardless. As powerless as you may feel, you are the unbearable pebble in their shoe, and they enrage because you as still there, standing up and up-standing, like this amazing Jewish prisoner of the Nazi medical experimentation programme, who came out from a 24(?) hour cold room alive and in control, and who facing his tormenting officer, addressed him with a gleeful smile saying: “well, as you can see, officer, I am still here. So what would you have me do now?”
We owe you a deep debt of gratitude for making a stand, at an immense cost to yourself and your family, to challenge the residual strength and integrity of what used to be the pillar of the social contract in the Age of Enlightenment, for we, who so far remain passive, risk being treated in the long run as you are being treated , should and when we break away from the herd because things have gone too far, but unfortunately as a move that may come too late to have any impact against a sweeping tidal wave of social and government change. You are an anchor of candid common sense or and a thorn of uncomfortable truth to those half awake who still slumber.
I close this message by embracing the Ezra Levant and his team’s superb dedication and solidarity for the brave down trodden and the unfairly treated like yourself, Tommy, for it takes this God-sustained spirit of a cultural tradition steeped in 3000 odd years of suffering and persecution to rally with and militate for the oppressed, tirelessly and with passion, the way they do – a great lesson in humanity, to us the shameful lukewarm.
God bless you, Tommy and your loved ones, and may his Spirit put his words on your tongue during this hypocritical farce- Act 2.
Marcus A. (Australia)

commented 2019-08-08 06:23:59 -0400
This is proof that the establishment will break the law to seek revenge when people stand up to them.
They did it to the” pentonville five “ for fighting for better terms and conditions of employment.
They did it to “ the Shrewsbury 24” for wanting safer working conditions on building sites , this case has only been successful recently as one of the men became a famous Uk actor starring in The Royle family ( Ricky Tomlinson) after being black listed .

Tommy has proven that the establishment again are hurting the working class and trying to prevent change for the better . If they used the law to protect children there would be no need for demonstrations and people like Tommy exposing their failings.
commented 2019-08-07 18:30:47 -0400
Robert Spencer was banned from the UK, as was the Dutch MP, who’s name I forget, had a big mop of blond hair and very nearly became the Dutch PM. Both banned as Hate Preachers because they spoke out against Islam.
commented 2019-08-07 18:12:00 -0400
I will be curious as to when Ezra is denied entry to the UK as a foreign agitator. The direction the UK has taken, it will happen; probably just before Robinson’s terms of confinement are arbitrarily changed.

What grounds would the UK use to deny entry to Ezra? Former employer of Tommy, who has maintained a personal and working relationship between the two. Also Ezra is former first employer of Lauren Southern giving her a start, and who also is banned entry to the UK for an association with Tommy.

As unfair, morally reprehensible, and probably illegal as it is; I think it will happen.
commented 2019-08-07 13:19:19 -0400
Tommy is fine, as far as safety is concerned, while he is in jail. When he comes out is when the real danger will be present. At the last Pro Tommy rally, a day or so ago, some Muslims were badly injured on the streets and they are blaming Tommy for this. 24 hr Body Guards will be a necessity.
commented 2019-08-07 11:09:16 -0400
HI Ezra,

God bless you for keeping tabs on Tommy.

If I may make a suggestion: there is a great black and white “Free Tommy” T-shirt on the trnews website, but it is only available in the UK. I know he has a lot of supporters here in North American. If you think of it, you might ask him to see if they can make those shirts available outside of the UK. I think doing so would make him some extra money and help spread the word.
commented 2019-08-07 10:54:57 -0400
Keep up the good work Ezra , you sure are working hard at this .
commented 2019-08-07 10:28:12 -0400
It is important to have an advocate when others hold your fate in their hands. We need to advocate for each other to be protected from any possibility of abuse of power from authorities or nefarious actors who might have access. When there are people who would see you dead and out of the way, an advocate with a wide audience is your best security.
The world is watching, and won’t stop watching.