July 21, 2019

Women fight back against trans bully in genital waxing case

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, I spoke to John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, about a British Columbia "human rights" case making international headlines: 


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commented 2019-07-23 22:01:10 -0400
I think we have been trolled by a drag queen version of Godfrey Elfwick.
commented 2019-07-23 21:48:34 -0400
I am going to stick my neck out here…I didn’t before because I know the dynamics of mobbing…

I hope some or all of you listened to the Alex Jones interview with JV

What concerns me is that page that was made up of isolated quotes taken out of context…boy could my enemies ever have a field day doing that…

Please let me continue…the comedian Jack Benny (one of my all time favourites) said that he got a lot of his material from getting W C Fields and Mae West drunk and running through one liners on the theme “a Jew so cheap”.

Likewise Mae West (I met her biographer Craig Russell a drag queen)…loved to have an entourage of drag queens and gay men…because they were a gold mine of sassy sexual humour….think Milo

That posting of all JVs quotes floating in unconnected space did not sit well with me…

You could easily do the same thing to Gavin or his alter ego Miles
commented 2019-07-23 15:12:33 -0400
Even Daisy Cousens (along with commenters) talked about this ridiculous case going on in BC, Canada. Yup, Canadians and our tolerance of Loony Leftism is being talked about by others across the Globe. And, we are not looking good. Check out her Sunday SuperChat..
commented 2019-07-22 23:38:34 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 25 mins ago
“Sorry I just won’t chase the lazer on this one…“she” is not the problem…the liberals who enabled this are. Stay focused people.
Wrong, Liza. The problem is the peoplekind who vote Liberal. The Libs didn’t get into power through a coup. But we must like it since we keep voting Liberal and NDP.

“If the people haven’t suffered enough it is their God-given right to suffer some more”.
William Aberhart
commented 2019-07-22 23:10:42 -0400
“Sorry I just won’t chase the lazer on this one…“she” is not the problem…the liberals who enabled this are. Stay focused people.”

Too true Glenn. But now what to do with all the militant weaponized lgbtq?It will take years to regain some semblance of balance in society again. We need to fix the political pushers who encourage this and the judicial system that punishes the rest of us for trying to protect ourselves, our kids and our livelihoods.
commented 2019-07-22 22:53:39 -0400
When revolutions begin you know who usually goes first, right? I wonder why? Not that they are missed.
commented 2019-07-22 22:34:16 -0400
Sorry I just won’t chase the lazer on this one…“she” is not the problem…the liberals who enabled this are. Stay focused people.
commented 2019-07-22 17:11:38 -0400
I am glad that the publication ban was removed. Why should someone who is potentially a threat to children (as his tweets attest) be allowed anonymity? This man has submitted requests to Langley city to put on a semi nude swim for 12 year olds and up where guardians and parents are forbidden to attend. Its on hold at the moment which is telling in itself. The powers that be need to publicly denounce any such events and the police should investigate this nutbar/pedo.
commented 2019-07-22 15:39:40 -0400
This piece of Shyte is being protected by the Human Rights Commission? Do not be surprised here folks. I’m not, as that is exactly what ALL Human Rights Commissions do.. THAT, is their Mandate. All Human Rights Commissions are full of people just like this whacked out nutbar. Nothing new here..
commented 2019-07-22 09:54:43 -0400
I am irritated that this comment contributes – even though in only an infinitesimal way – to the attention these pathetic drips so desperately seek.
commented 2019-07-21 23:44:50 -0400
In the Orwellian PC nightmare world of the left……….Everyone should be forced to join in to celebrates its mental illness !
commented 2019-07-21 18:57:43 -0400
As stated, different wax, different techniques… I don’t care if you FEEL like a woman, you STILL have balls! But since JY insists on a female waxing… go ahead, but make sure JY signs a form stating that there is no suing the waxer when “she” has 2nd degree burns on “her” balls! Case closed!
commented 2019-07-21 15:00:17 -0400
Here’s what the sicko does for a living.
“Trustednerd blogger”
1. a wikipedia page that was supposed to have been deleted:

2. here’s a podcast of him being interviewed at BCIT in Vancouver (don’t bother listening to it all)

3. even the trans-community think he’s a sicko wanting to see nude women and is a pedophile

This man will commit suicide. He’d be able to accept and further fight the human rights tribunal if he lost, but he won’t be psychologically able to take the backlash he’s now and going to continue to receive from the public.
commented 2019-07-21 14:18:29 -0400
This guy is also ANTI-IMMIGRANT and racist. Listen to what this pig posted (under his male name) about immigrants
Rex Murphy’s article states:
" The litigant in this case, while posting under his masculine name, Jonathan Yaniv, put up this:
““We have a lot of immigrants here who gawk, judge and aren’t the cleanest of people, they’re also verbally and physically abusive, that’s one reason I joined a girl’s gym, cause I DON’T want issues with these people … They lie about shit, they’ll do anything to support their own kind and make things miserable for everyone else.””

So the guy hates immigrants and this is his way of getting back at them. Attack the women and ruin their livelihood.
commented 2019-07-21 14:11:22 -0400
Men who seek this brozilian wax have to be either gay or sadomasochistic sickos trying to get more than a wax off job.
These women should sue him for sexual harassment and their financial and business losses.
commented 2019-07-21 10:13:54 -0400
Ezra great show! In regards to Courts; I remain skeptical that " Real " Courts would rule any different in the current climate of Political Correctness. Lately in some " Legal" rulings the victim has been punished by the insane verdict(s).
commented 2019-07-21 10:06:41 -0400
All I see is some plump guy in drag who is…made up to look like some plump guy in drag.
Ugly and repetitive birth control…..For every White Gay, there is one White Family less to propagate the White race.
For every Black Gay, there is one Black Family less to propagate the Black race….Meanwhile Muslims take four wives!