March 17, 2015

NEWS: Gun control group reaches disgusting new low in video shaming first-time buyers

Rebel Staff

The lengths gun control groups will go to shame gun owners and potential gun buyers is getting revolting.

In a new video titled 'Guns With History' by 'States to Prevent Gun Violence', first-time buyers are seen entering a gun store hoping to purchase a firearm.

However, the store isn't real and the guns are models of those used in actual crimes.

When customers walk in and say they'd like a gun for safety or protection, the clerk suggests guns used in crimes or fatal accidents and describes them in explicit detail.

“It’s a great gun to carry in your purse, like that gal from the Walmart, her two-year-old son reaches into her pocketbook, pulls it out, shoots her,” the clerk says while showing a customer a 9mm semiautomatic.

Perhaps most disgusting of all is using Adam Lanza's Sandy Hook Elementary shooting to push their agenda.

“20 little kids, gone like that,” the clerk says while laying down an AR-15.

This isn't the first time those in favour of gun control have used this horrendous act to push their agenda.

Remember when Ben Shapiro accused Piers Morgan of 'standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook?'

It's worth noting that users are incapable of commenting on 'Guns With History'.

But you can comment on The Rebel. Voice your opinion on the video below!

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commented 2015-08-28 12:05:12 -0400
Most of these killers drove to where they did the shootings. Would they set up a fake car dealer and do the same thing?
commented 2015-03-19 21:10:52 -0400
commented 2015-03-19 02:09:35 -0400
The purpose of this sick ‘store’ is to engender gunphobia, which is already endemic amongst liberals, which most New Yorkers are. It might dissuade some of them from getting a gun to protect their loved ones, but it won’t dissuade the criminals who prefer gun-free zones (i.e. homes and businesses that have no guns for protection) to carry out their crimes against the people who don’t have guns. Something to think about before being conned by the gunophobes.
commented 2015-03-18 18:02:09 -0400
How about a fake abortion clinic that tricks young liberals into thinking they’ve avoided being punished with a baby?
commented 2015-03-18 13:13:25 -0400
So have the anti-gun-nut, gun-grabbin’, lefty/progressive/collectivists been so set to panic by all the failed attempts by the Obama administration to either walk through or around 2nd Amendment rights, that they’ve rushed out and produced this really sick and obvious bit of BS anti-gun-nut propaganda, or have all the ‘low-information-voting-useful-idiot-dupe’ faction been so dumbed down that they’ll buy into this ‘BS anti-gun-nut propaganda’, blindly and with out questioning – as they usually do with any message the lefty/progressive/collectivist elite tell them to buy into!?
commented 2015-03-18 12:51:24 -0400
Just when you think these people can’t crawl any further into the sewer.
commented 2015-03-18 12:07:00 -0400
First of all, how could these leftists get hold of the actual guns used in those crimes? Don’t the cops keep them as evidence and then destroy them when done? Second, notice how the comments are disabled on the video on the You Tube site so people can’t call them out on their lies.
commented 2015-03-18 12:00:11 -0400
Guns don’t kill people; people kill people! If anyone was truly intent on killing another person, it does not matter which weapon of choice is used! That is the message that is left unsaid in this video, and in all conversation dealing with “gun-control”!
commented 2015-03-18 11:58:07 -0400
This is the type of BS scabby rhetoric that has been the norm in Canada for decades… The anti crowd get to lie, invent statistics, mislead, and gin up stories… The pro gun groups get held to a higher standard. and still get hammered if they call out the lies of the anti’s
commented 2015-03-18 11:32:00 -0400
*NRA News
commented 2015-03-18 11:31:09 -0400
I saw this on the NBA News website, this is SOO stupid and insulting to me and many others. Liberals want to talk about Conservatives fear mongering?
commented 2015-03-18 09:44:01 -0400
If I had the resources to produce a parody of this could I ever do a hum dinger of a kitchen wares store featuring the various knives, cast iron skillets, and marble rolling pins that women have used to murder their husbands. With an ample supply of methyl hydrate to poison his liquor.
commented 2015-03-18 09:12:54 -0400
So, when will this crew put out a video of a car salesman trying to sell the same car that killed an entire family last week and 10,000 people since it was created by GM? Or the bus that was driven into a river with a full load of passengers?….etc.

Do dead people only matter if there was a “Bang”?
commented 2015-03-18 08:41:33 -0400
What the MSM will never say is that in the U.S., the black folks commit murder at a rate 10 times that of other folks. If black folks murdered at the same rate as other folks, the U.S. murder rate would drop down to similar to Canada. Here’s the FBI stats from 2012:
commented 2015-03-18 07:44:09 -0400
Switzerland thus has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world.1 In recent times a minority of political opposition has expressed a desire for tighter gun regulations.2 A referendum in February 2011 rejected stricter gun control.3… The vast majority of men between the ages of 20 and 30 are conscripted into the militia and undergo military training, including weapons training. The personal weapons of the militia are kept at home as part of the military obligations. The annual rate of homicide by any means per 100,000 population was 0.70, which is one of the lowest in the world. TELL THAT TO THE FEAR MONGERS.

PS …the most fearful Prime Minister was the Liberal one who told Canadians that they were going to bring in a gun registry and put an end to easy gun ownership. That struck fear into many hearts realizing that that government was serious about controlling its citizens and making them vulnerable…reminding us that the reason for the American “right to bear arms” was not for protection from other citizens but from oppressive governments. Why was the government suddenly so concerned about their population having guns after centuries of peaceful gun ownership, as a matter of fact?

The reason British and American citizens have had ‘governments that do not oppress’ is precisely because of armed citizens and citizen militias that remind governments that the people will not be oppressed.

In Germany "On November 11, 1938, the Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons was promulgated by Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews living in those locations of the right to possess any form of weapons including truncheons, knives, or firearms and ammunition.5 Some police forces used the pre-existing “trustworthiness” clause to disarm Jews on the basis “the Jewish population ‘cannot be regarded as trustworthy’”". The rest is history!

People have become lazy and complacent and forgotten that the state is potentially the greatest danger to its citizens. A state turned rogue can happen in months as Germany has shown.

The most dangerous place to live is in a ‘gun free zone’. Think about it! “An armed society is a polite society”…
commented 2015-03-18 07:17:15 -0400
Putting the terrible B acting aside on both sides of the ‘teaching’ counter…
Remember that MOST guns do NOT have a history unless you count going down an assembly line.
Where were all the brand new guns that are the norm in gun stores?
Where were the guns that ended British Rule in North America and started the best nation of Liberty ever!
Where were the guns that ended the Civil War and brought and end to slavery?
Where were the guns that ended the reign of Nazi Germany and stopped the gas chambers?
Where were the guns that ended the French Revolution?
…. that saved a family from a dangerous intruder?
…. that saved a parent from a masked man at the door?
…. that were in a cabinet and never used except for target practice?
A film for the gullible from sinister forces that would love a nation of unarmed people to enslave!
commented 2015-03-18 06:15:09 -0400
The actors were awful.

Some guns do have a tale behind them, but we’ll never hear a story from a dead person killed in a mass shooting, because they didn’t have a gun that might have stopped it before it got so far.
commented 2015-03-18 03:39:30 -0400
Its a bit of a strange promo: in NY and NYC you have to have a gun permit before buying or being able to transport a gun from one location to another. Even the regulations for an air or gas powered BB gun require a permit before ownership in NYC.

Another thought came to mind while watching this: if these are original weapons used in the commission of crimes, how would they have been available for sale? Wasn’t that a full automatic 9mm machine gun shown, something illegal to own?
commented 2015-03-18 00:46:00 -0400
I’m am liking the comments left here, it gives me hope for the future of this country.
commented 2015-03-18 00:36:36 -0400
Such stupidity can only happen in new York! The video only shows what happens when the stupid get the hands on a gun. Why not a story about how a home owner defends their family and property from a thief braking in to take stuff that’s not there’s.
A gun is a tool no different from a nail gun you can buy at a hardware store.
commented 2015-03-18 00:08:05 -0400
Well, how hard would it be to track down those same almost-customers (assuming that’s what they really were) and have them talk to people whose lives were saved by firearms? I don’t have the access, but I’m sure there are some responsible firearms owners types who can track down someone who scared off a rapist or maybe that story I heard a while back about a guy with a conceal-carry permit who stopped a mall shooting by just showing the bad guy his gun, that sort of thing. Get these gun shoppers talking to these people, and film that. Could be interesting. Look at it from a marketing perspective. The gun control people are selling something here, let’s turn it on it’s ear and turn it into our message instead. Remember those ads from the 80’s showing self-professed Coke drinkers picking Pepsi in blind taste tests? That worked. It still can.
commented 2015-03-17 23:51:33 -0400
Look at the barrel and cylinder hole sizes at about the 1:30 mark.

I may be wrong but… That sure doesn’t look like a .22 to me.
commented 2015-03-17 23:47:13 -0400
F you , a—h-les! Please forgive me if my comment is to blunt, but the clowns need to be cvalled out.
commented 2015-03-17 23:01:54 -0400
What a bunch of slime balls! Walking all over dead people to push their pathetic agenda!
commented 2015-03-17 22:30:53 -0400
Mean-spirited. No way the “buyers” aren’t actors. Most peopel scammed like that will be angry, not “oh gee, I didn’t realize guns can kill”. What a foolish waste of money and time.
commented 2015-03-17 22:07:59 -0400
Nobody stopped and asked, “From where did you get these specific firearms where each one was used in the commission of a crime?”
commented 2015-03-17 22:05:46 -0400
Those people are really sick. Every time we thing they have reached bottom, they manage to dig deeper.
commented 2015-03-17 21:44:54 -0400
Guess where the murder rate with guns is highest? Venezuela. Guess what country has a gun ban in place? If you said Venezuela you win first prize!