March 10, 2015

NEWS: Indian mob storm prison, strip man naked and beat him to death. What he was accused of doing caused THOUSANDS to riot

Rebel Staff

A mob gathered in the Indian city of Dimapur over a man identified as Syed Sirf Khan.

Khan, 35, was accused of raping a female student multiple times last month, according to The Daily Mail. He was also suspected of being an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh.

“A mass protest rally against the rape was held at Dimapur this morning after which students and angry people forced into the district jail and managed to pull out the accused,” the Press Trust of India news agency said.

Khan was stripped naked and beaten to death despite police doing all they could without having massive casualties.

Top police official in Nagaland, L. L. Doungel said “There would have been a lot of casualties. The mob was in the thousands.”

Video of the incident was obtained by NDTV. It shows the man being dragged naked and beat him to death in front of the crowd of thousands.

NDTV also reports that anger over illegal immigrants helped play a factor in the riot.

Ten vehicles were set ablaze during the riot causing police to impose a curfew.

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commented 2015-03-11 12:43:23 -0400
They Killed him to fast. They should have dragged it out for hours like he did to them.
commented 2015-03-10 15:43:02 -0400
Ashley, clearly the girl was not family of the mob of thousands.

India has a real problem with rape. It is very common. So while the mob may have used the rape Khan was accused of as a rationale for his murder, it is much more likely it was motivated by racism and frustration over illegal immigration.

Vigilante lynchings are inexcusable. Have a death penalty, if you must, but remember the Stephen Truscotts, David Milgaards and Guy Paul Morins when you pass sentence and only do so after fairly reviewong all the evidence.

Make sure the accused is guilty beyond any doubt before you hang him/her. Even then, I’d rather a merciful sentence. Whatever that would look like.

Vigilante mobs never do that.
commented 2015-03-10 11:46:42 -0400
If that was your wife or daughter you wouldn’t be happy with this outcome. I know I would be.
commented 2015-03-10 08:33:59 -0400
So lynch mob justice may be a better preventative measure? I’m sure potential rapist may think twice. Ya right.