March 18, 2015

NEWS: Woman gives her ex-boyfriend their aborted child in a box as a 'reminder of his irresponsibility'

Rebel Staff

WARNING: graphic content

A 21-year-old woman in Thailand allegedly had an abortion, placed the body in a box and gave it to her ex.

BangkokPost reports that the woman, identified as Waew, was heard shouting outside of her ex boyfriend's sister's house.

When the sister of Saharat Rattasapong heard the shouting she saw Waew holding a box. Waew gave the box to Rattasapong telling her to give the box to her brother.

Waew left in a taxi. When her ex's sister was left alone, she opened the box and found what was inside she called the police.

Along with the baby was a letter that, according to ThaiVista, said her ex “was cruel and cold hearted in leaving her for a new girlfriend when she was pregnant.”

The letter also said she hoped the dead baby would “serve as a reminder of the boyfriend’s irresponsibility.”

According to police the baby boy was left in a while cloth and was 28 weeks old.

Saharat said that when Waew was 6 months pregnant she told him she wanted to get an abortion. He asked her to keep the baby.

He also said that he received a text message saying she had been admitted to a hospital for bleeding and might not survive. He then got another message saying the baby had been left for him.

Natthawat Atthakijwiroj of Samrong Nua police station said it's suspected that Waew snuck out of the hospital with the baby and may have tried to abort the baby herself before seeking medical help.

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commented 2015-03-19 19:12:15 -0400
Joan? That’s what happen to women in distress? Really? You are just as sick as she is if that is your opinion.
commented 2015-03-19 14:16:36 -0400
Sick. I’m 8 months pregnant and even if my husband left me in an apparent cruel way this baby would stay with me. How is it the baby’s fault? How is he irresponsible for telling her to keep the baby? I’m pretty sure that if this is how this woman handles a break up that he was in the right to leave her. He probably wanted her to keep the baby so he could attempt to get custody. What a nut case. She should be put in jail.
commented 2015-03-18 23:13:03 -0400
The woman sounds out of her mind. That is what happens sometimes to women in distress, pregnant, no means, no support. They lose their minds. Poor little tyke is better off with the holy. His life as the child of these two would surely have been grim.
commented 2015-03-18 22:31:16 -0400
Sick, sick, sick. This woman used abortion as a means of revenge on her ex-boyfriend, and maybe even attempted it on her own first, perhaps causing the so-called bleeding that led to the hospital performing such a late-term abortion. I don’t know the laws in Thailand, or her personal circumstances, or what kind of life this baby would have been subjected to, but I’d be far more understanding if she had decided to abort at a much earlier stage for almost any other reason than revenge. Her actions following the abortion (stealing the aborted fetus from the hospital and delivering it to her ex in a box) are utterly reprehensible.
commented 2015-03-18 21:20:31 -0400
This story is indicative of how the baby is not only the victim but is the ‘person’ who is ‘PUNISHED’ for the irresponsibility and vindictiveness of both the mother and father. This story is not unusual since many abortions are sought out of anger and revenge.

Canadian abortion laws, or lack of, permits an abortion to take place right up to the time of natural delivery, 9 months. Anyone who believes abortion is permissible in certain circumstances and cases needs to see videos on the subject, and then ask yourself if you still think any abortion is permissible.

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) aired a program about the number of aborted babies’ bodies retrieved from a dumpster behind an abortion clinic; this is the kind of reality people don’t want to hear, know about or acknowledge.

Planned Parenthood (Ottawa) suggest: “Another option is to make condoms easily available in your home where your children can access them without judgment”. Maybe teens and adults simply need to know what abortions really are rather than this pathetic and permissive position held by Planned Parenthood who need to meet a quota for abortions performed. Canadians are paying for abortions with our taxes and most people don’t even know they are paying for them. This ‘elected’ procedure is euphemistically referred to as healthcare and is being used as an election topic. But, we forgot only one thing….the baby.
commented 2015-03-18 21:03:58 -0400
that’s a strange way of looking at it
commented 2015-03-18 20:51:33 -0400
The behaviour of this woman shows that he was right in choosing to leave her…men need to learn to be more discerning before having sex with women in the first place.
commented 2015-03-18 18:46:26 -0400