May 01, 2015

NFL Draft - Canadian Politics Style

Rebel Staff

Let's take a look at the Political landscape and measure the draft stock of politicians both Provincially and Federally.  Here are Canada's Risers, Sliders, Movers, and Busts.

The 2015 NFL draft got underway Thursday night in Chicago.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took QB, Jameis Winston, with the first overall pick and Marcus Mariota ended up going 2nd to the Tennessee Titans much to the chagrin of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach, Chip Kelly who unsuccessfully tried to trade up to grab the Heisman winning Oregon QB.  Rounds 2 and 3 take place Friday night starting at7pm and Rounds 4-7 are being held on Saturday.

Brad Wall (Sask. Party) - Premier of Saskatchewan

We don't know has fast Premier Wall can run the 40 yard dash, but he has brought the debt-ridden province of Saskatchewan back to life at lightning speed through a conservative approach to politics.  Wall is an astute leader of a now "have" province. The life-long resident of Swift Current has been received as one of Canada's most popular Premiers.  His leadership may rise to the federal level in a few decades after Stephen Harper has broken every record for tenure as Prime Minister.

Michelle Rempel (Conservative) - MP for Calgary Centre-North

The youngest female MP to be appointed to Cabinet in Canadian history, Rempel was elected as MP for Calgary Centre-North in 2011.  Her fresh, fun approach to politics has translated well to constituents and fellow MPs across the floor.  Huge in the social media world, Rempel's draft stock has huge upside and now looks like one of Canada's future leaders.


Olivia Chow - former NDP MP

The media party's darling candidate in the Toronto Mayoral race... the once "sure-thing" faded to a third place finish in the run for Mayor of Toronto losing to winner John Tory, and runner-up, Doug Ford.  Her popularity as a Toronto city councillor and NDP MP never translated with voters in Canada's biggest city leaving left leaning elites and union executives bruised and battered.

Jim Prentice (Conservative) - Premier of Alberta

The Conservative party has run Alberta politics since 1971, the longest stretch at the provincial level in Canada's history... that would be equivalent to winning almost every single Super Bowl! That was until Jim Prentice took the reigns... winning the nomination as leader after Redford's spending scandals forced her to resign, Prentice hasn't been on the job long and may be looking at a demotion very soon.  The AB PC party is "conservative" in name only and their misuse of power over the years may finally be catching up with them... the only problem for Albertans is if the poll favoured NDP are any better.


Eve Adams (Liberal) - MP for Mississauga-Brampton South

In a surprising move, Adams crossed the floor from the federal Conservatives to the Trudeau-led Liberals.  We haven't seen a move so drastic since Peyton Manning moved on from the Colts to the Broncos!  Eve's move was shrouded in darkness though as some Liberals refused to roll out the red carpet for her.  Conservatives made it known that Adams had been kicked out of running in the next election due to "misconduct" in an earlier nomination battle.

 Danielle Smith - former Conservative MP and Wildrose Leader

Ms. Smith's move was so extreme, voters ended up moving her right out of politics.  At one point a promising star, leading the Wildrose Party to the cusp of provincial power, she led a contingent of her party members, crossing the floor over to Jim Prentice's Progressive Conservative party.  The move backfired when Smith lost the PC nomination for her riding and thus moving right into the unemployment line.

Michael Ignatieff - former Liberal Leader

Ignatieff won the 2009 Liberal leadership race and led the party into the 2011 General Election, ultimately losing to Stephen Harper's Conservatives.  Ignatieff lost his seat in the election and the Liberals had their worst showing in party history.  His draft stock has plummeted and is now out of the "political league".


Stephane Dion (Liberal) - MP for Saint-Laurent-Cartierville & former Liberal Leader

Dion won the 2006 Liberal leadership race, beating out Ignatieff and Bob Rae.  His leadership skills proved to be not quite up to task though.... never kicking the reputation for being a confused, over-his-head politician who was only capable of leading his party into internal discord.  Once the QB of the Liberal Party, he's thrown too many interceptions and been sacked too many times. It looks like the Liberals only trust Dion to ride the pine pony here on out.

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commented 2015-05-03 16:12:58 -0400
of coarse there wouldnt reford pr con on the bottom!
commented 2015-05-02 21:38:25 -0400
Have to laugh at the sliders. Chow out at !st, Prentice soon to be out at 2nd.
commented 2015-05-01 21:38:52 -0400
as one of the first persons to join the reform party of Canada in Ontario, that then morphed into the Canadian alliance and then into the conservative party of Canada I feel as tho I have somrthing to day about the future leadership of the conservative party of Canada. the msm keep promoting Jason Kenny as the next leader of the conservative party and prime minister of Canada. they keep promoting Kenny because they know they can beat him and get there beloved beloved liberals elected as the government. I have nothing against Kenny and I yruly believe that he would make a wonderful prime minister, unfortunately Kenny is unelectable as he is a social conservative. that leaves wall and rempel who I think will be the last two standing in a future leadership convention. correct me if im wrong but I don’t think a provincial premier has ever become prime minister of personal choice after our current prime minister decides to retire and he has more than earned the right to make that decision himself is the honorable michelle remple. I would be delighted beyond words to pass the torch of fiscal conservatism from preston manning to stockwell day to Stephen hatrper with a bit of pragmatism to a modern young woman, the honorable michelle remple. go for it baby, had to get that in as im an alfa male and a chauvinist lol
commented 2015-05-01 20:14:22 -0400
Can’t edit..darn…just wanted to mention, I have 0 respect for anyone who crosses the floor one party to another. Imagine voting for a Conservative, only to have them turn around for the Liberals. Or vice versa..I don’t think these parties should consider their new additions as assets. I don’t even think it should be allowed.
commented 2015-05-01 20:08:50 -0400
Brad Wall is an amazing man! I’d vote for him in a heartbeat!