October 02, 2016

NFL ratings in steep decline: Are players’ social justice politics offside with viewers?

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

NFL ratings have been in a steady decline for the last four years, but this year seems to be much worse which has people wondering if Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest is turning viewers off. 

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback stirred controversy when he refused to stand for the national anthem to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. They believe there’s racial injustice in the U.S. and apparently, he thinks protesting the anthem is the solution to the problem.

According to stats, ratings for Sunday Night Football on NBC are down by 10% from last year, Monday Night Football on ESPN is down 19% and ratings on CBS and NFL are down 15%. This accounts for millions of viewers tuning out after several other players followed suit by either staying seated, kneeling and even raising the black power fist in solidarity with Kaepernick.

Some reports cite different reasons for the ratings decline like for example, that millennials are watching less cable television and ratings have been down for the last four years but I’m not buying it.

These ratings declines are in the double digits and I don’t think the average citizen cares about whiny social justice warriors.

We watch athletes to see them play, not to hear their political opinions and eventually if this keeps up, people will continue to find their entertainment elsewhere.

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commented 2016-10-03 18:08:39 -0400
I watched MLS and a good baseball game from Boston. Read a few chapters in a book. Walked the dog. I WILL NOT watch the NFL until this stops. And frankly, I’m looking forward to becoming a fan of Canadian football. Enough is enough.
commented 2016-10-03 13:14:08 -0400
If someone gave me a Kaepernick jersey, I’d use it to wipe my arse during a bout of Montezuma’s revenge, have someone take a picture as I did, and then post it on the internet. As a Viet Nam Vet, I’m sick and tired of these overgrown babies making hundreds of thousands a month when my high pay was was $583/month in the military. My life was on the line while these jerks sit on the sidelines with such things as “turf toe.”
commented 2016-10-03 13:04:05 -0400
If he worked at a funeral home and his assignment was a pallbearer and it was considered disrespectful to not stand next to the coffin give a moment of silence while the family prayed and he was say…atheist and decided, no, I am not going to listen to them do something I don’t support and believe in and I am going to sit instead. Wouldn’t that just be disrespectful and inconsiderate regardless of whether you were atheist or not? The NFL should allow the players to not participate in the pregame activities if they don’t support it. The NFL should say, this is currently what is considered to be respectful by most all our customers and if you don’t agree, you may be allowed to not participate, stay in the clubhouse until it is over. That is what I am boycotting. The NFL is allowing their players to disrespect the military while they are in uniform on company time.
commented 2016-10-03 12:57:21 -0400
He is disrespecting people who are coming to his place of business and performing professionally at his companies request. He isn’t even respecting those that are there to do the job they are asked to perform. If he doesn’t want to stand, he could show other fellow Americans service men and women that are doing their job a favor by not standing while he is in the club house instead.
commented 2016-10-03 12:36:26 -0400
" I don’t think the average citizen cares about whiny social justice warriors."

Yet you blame them for the decline, suggesting that they do, in fact, care.

I find it hilarious that the commenters below (conservative justice warriors?) petulantly demand the exact same sort of protection from dissenting points of view they hate “social justice warriors” for.
commented 2016-10-03 12:13:54 -0400
Sure he has the right. I have a right to act like the protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church. I have a right to yell at a funeral while people are praying, I have a right to piss on those that protect me. I am not sure why people are pointing this out so much. That he has a right to be an ass. For every time someone points out it is his right to give the finger to veterans, you may want they may want to start another post pointing out those that are protesting have that right too instead of always pointing out his rights first. I earned them, he got them for free.
commented 2016-10-03 11:31:36 -0400
While you may not agree with what he is doing, he has every right to choose whether or not he stands for the anthem. That is the whole point of living in a free country. Just as you have the choice to support the NFL or not.
commented 2016-10-03 11:08:32 -0400
Let me add, To have active military personal show up and perform while players IN UNIFORM ON COMPANY TIME are disrespecting them is bull.
commented 2016-10-03 11:07:44 -0400
Been an avid NFL (Lions) fan since 1977. I am personally boycotting the NFL until the owners and/or commissioner deal with the disrespect to those that are performing the pregame festivities. To have active military personal show up and perform while players are disrespecting them is bull. I have not watched or taped a single game this year. It feels a bit like what it felt like when I quit smoking. I have had tendencies to watch a game, even was tempted to tape a game last night but I am just too pissed off about the anthem protests so I am just watching baseball for now. Maybe I will take up another hobby after the baseball season is over. Not sure what I am going to do Thanksgiving Day but in my family it has been a long tradition to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving. As a veteran, I have asked all my family members to stop this tradition this year if things don’t change with the NFL.
commented 2016-10-03 03:14:29 -0400
Julie Bingaman damn good question. I guess Tebow is not allowed to pray but Kapernick can preach.
commented 2016-10-03 03:05:05 -0400
Kaepernick. 19 million dollar contract. Take a knee during the anthem, get fined a million dollars. Watch how fast his outrage will dissipate.

Being raised in a white home hasn’t done him poorly. He took the benefits. Perhaps give 15 million to black charities, or to development in poor black neighbourhoods. How about a buy back offer for legal and illegal (no questions asked) guns. Put his money where his mouth is. Oh wait. He is a pampered, underperforming, “star” athlete who appears to live in a low information world. He may be shocked to learn that more and more people are tired of celebrities telling the rest of us how to think.
commented 2016-10-03 02:56:06 -0400
I for one am not buying that cord cutting is the reason for the NFL rating decline. I cut cable but made sure to pay for streaming content so that I could watch football. I have been an avid viewer for 20 years and I refuse to support them any longer. I am absolutely disgusted with the disrespect and morally cannot support this. I do however have just one question. Why was Tebo not allowed to pray?
commented 2016-10-03 00:49:22 -0400
Those of you who wish to Boycott NFL Football – boycott and write NFL Partners and complain about the NFL sponsoring a Terrorist Hate Group BLM (Black Lives Matter).

Anheuser-Busch – Beer
Barclays – Affinity card/rewards program (NFL Extra Points)
Bose – Home theater system
Bridgestone – Tires
Campbell’s Soup – Soup
Castrol – Motor oil
Courtyard by Marriot – Hotel
CoverGirl (Procter & Gamble) – Beauty
Dairy Management Inc. – Dairy/milk/yogurt/cheese
Dannon – Yogurt
Extreme Networks WiFi analytics provider
FedExWorldwide – package delivery service
Frito-Lay (PepsiCo) – Salted snack/popcorn/peanuts/dips
Gatorade (PepsiCo) – Isotonic beverage
Gillette/Head & Shoulders/Vicks/Old Spice (Procter & Gamble) – Health/beauty/household products brands
Hyundai – Auto
Lenovo – Computers (desktop, laptop and computer workstations)
Mars – SnackfoodChocolate/non-chocolate confectionery
McDonald’s – Restaurant
Nationwide Insurance
Papa John’s – Pizza
Pepsi (PepsiCo) – Soft drinks
Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) – Hot cereal
SAP – Cloud software solutions/business & business analytics software
Surface/Windows (Microsoft) – Sideline technology/tablet/PC operating system
TD Ameritrade – Personal investing/online brokerage/wealth management
Tide/Duracell (Procter & Gamble) – Household cleaning/battery
USAA – Insurance/military appreciation
Verizon – Wireless telecommunication service
Visa – Payment systems services
Xbox (Microsoft)- Video game console/interactive video entertainment console
Zebra Technologies – Player-tracking technology
commented 2016-10-03 00:14:41 -0400

The cord cutters clearly don’t account for the massive drops in NFL viewership. I would say the author here is onto something. The left-leaning millennials have already cut out cable, and likely weren’t watching football to begin with. The core football audience is over 30 moderates and right leaning male audience, of which many would absolutely be offended. I guess the actions of the left leaning players are really hurting the NFL establishment where it really hurts- in the wallet.
commented 2016-10-02 22:16:35 -0400
Spoiled and pampered and disrespectful – I have turned the football games off forever – until they make a public apology they are simply entitled trash.
commented 2016-10-02 19:31:51 -0400
“Are players’ social justice politics offside with viewers?”

You betcha, I’m a rabid football fan and I haven’t watched an NFL game since they deep sixed Hank Williams Jr – these asshat players and NFL staffers using the game to make their wanker political statements, has me tossing in this season as well.

CFL is a better game and the league/players are all sports and no politics.
commented 2016-10-02 18:38:21 -0400
Kaepernick was adopted by white parents(go figure).

But there is something to be said to the fact that people in general are turning off their cable and satellite, because they are broke, and in most homes that’s the first expense to go.
commented 2016-10-02 18:09:41 -0400
This kind of stuff definitely affects my viewing pleasure. There are so many movies I miss because I can’t stomach the actors politics. It is the same with musicians and sports. They should keep their mouths shut. Nothing turns the viewer off more than blatant disrespecting of the country. If he wants to help he should volunteer his time and or money to something constructive in the name of safer black communities.
commented 2016-10-02 17:26:41 -0400
Don’t know, but Kaepernick looks pretty light skinned to me. Also, that name sounds pretty Eastern European from before the muslim invasion. I would say he has a bad case of white privilege that his multi-millions have only added to. I know, he should donate all his investments and future earnings beyond a living wage to education in a black ghetto. That will assuage his guilt much better than virtue signalling.
commented 2016-10-02 16:45:13 -0400
I would not pay a cent to see any of the pro sports, they are spoiled and greedy , both owners and players. The arena in Edmonton was a huge rip off for taxpayers, and Daryl Katz is laughing all the way. We built him a new arena and of course he got to buy the land around it(no one else was given a chance) to build condo buildings that will be worth much more due to the arena we paid for. And the BS that it belongs to the city is laughable, he makes the rules. I know that for a fact.
commented 2016-10-02 16:40:46 -0400
Shebel Raj well said. You can only do so much for those who cling to their victim status and blame others for themselves being to lazy to make changes to help themselves prosper.
commented 2016-10-02 16:08:42 -0400
These poor ,poor, multimillionaire Black skinned victims. White people are so mean. Why don’t you tell us what we could possibly do to make you happy. Maybe you would like a White Man to be a pretend Father to your kids, so as to instil some values, such as Responsibility and a Work Ethic. The Orientals might also agree to help out . Just tell us what you want?
commented 2016-10-02 15:55:47 -0400
This is just one of the many things.
commented 2016-10-02 15:22:36 -0400
Athletes and actors and comedians ……are paid too much. They get to think of themselves as better than all those morons in the stands. Well, they will never see me in the stands.
commented 2016-10-02 15:22:23 -0400
Yep! Look at Ashley Judd – she torpedoed her ABC TV Series when she opened her mouth and spewed her leftist Ideology ( and put others’ out of Work ) 💔
followed this page 2016-10-02 14:29:34 -0400