May 24, 2018

NFL's new anthem kneeling policy: “Too little, too late”

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

After losing fans and therefore millions in revenue, the NFL finally issued a new policy regarding the "take a knee" anthem protests.

Rather than disrespect the anthem (and, by extension, military and law enforcement) football players now have the option of simply staying in the locker room until this traditional opening ceremony is over.

But like most compromises, this one has satisfied few people, and besides, I think the damage the NFL has done to its prestige and bottom line is irreversible.

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commented 2018-05-25 03:22:03 -0400
Fair comment Judy White… But most of these “kneeling brothers” wouldn’t know, or search out, a neighbourhood volunteer position except for a photo-op… Now Prove Me Wrong!…
commented 2018-05-25 00:49:25 -0400
Don’t like their country—go play some football in the Congo, and help all your brethren with your,—I don’t like that countries money. (i’m on Trumps side on this one), so buzz off you black freaks.
commented 2018-05-24 22:05:42 -0400
Judy White i wish i was such a slave as some of them are claiming.
commented 2018-05-24 21:23:32 -0400
Why doesn’t someone in the Media say," TRUMP WAS CORRECT AS USUAL"
commented 2018-05-24 18:33:07 -0400
I completely agree with all comments in this video. Most of these black players make more money in 1 year than most of us will see in our whole life – and they have a great job that most kids only dream of. Rather than disrespecting the anthem of the country that has enabled them such a privileged life, they should try to set a good example for kids to follow in their footsteps. Go volunteer to play ball with some underprivileged kids, for example…….
commented 2018-05-24 16:23:21 -0400
I agree, too little, too late! The damage has already been done.
commented 2018-05-24 16:03:02 -0400
The NFL has been losing big time….serves them right.