September 15, 2015

Niqab decision exposes deep divide between average Canadians and the nation's elite

Brian LilleyArchive

Canada's ruling elites are showing their disdain for centuries of legal and cultural tradition by allowing Muslim women to take the oath of citizenship with their faces covered

We've never done that, taking an oath is a solemn act that requires a public declaration.

If you agree that we shouldn't abandon centuries of legal tradition in favour of what amounts to sharia law, you can sign the petition here.


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Tell the Harper government to appeal the court's pro-burka ruling:

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commented 2015-09-20 21:06:19 -0400
“The commies”.
That’s so cute.
commented 2015-09-20 13:53:55 -0400
@jimmy Da Silva….don’t tell ME who I hate because you have no idea. I welcome any immigrants wanting to be CANADIAN but NOT those who want to re-establish a country like the one they came from within our country. Don’t be so obtuse. What are you? A paid shill from the Commies? They are the one who want to bring down Capitalism, by using race, the climate, specific types of immigration of people who won’t accept Western values, etc. Having a “serf” population with archaic beliefs or little education but who can vote are nothing but pawns to further the demise of Capitalism. Offer something free and you got them in your pocket. Right?
commented 2015-09-20 01:26:56 -0400

What is Canadian culture exactly – considering Canada prides itself as a multicultural country where all cultures, religions, languages, traditions and way of life are welcome.

I wish more people here would just admit the truth – including Ezra: You hate Muslims. But you are perfectly fine with any OTHER culture or religion. I mean white bread Canadians sure do love their Chinese food.
commented 2015-09-20 01:08:03 -0400
People wanting to be Canadian should have some respect for Canadian culture and way of life or don’t become a Canadian. This woman is mocking our country by using our justice system to further promote her sharia beliefs. This is the 21st century not the 14th century. Women in Canada are not chattels of their husbands and live as equals here. This isn’t about her fake “freedom” of choice. She has never had freedom in her life…that is why she submits to wearing the niqab or burka.
commented 2015-09-19 01:11:27 -0400
Too bad Wayne Gretzky cannot vote in Canada.
commented 2015-09-19 00:35:55 -0400
One more mention that deserves its own comment box.
The greatest ambassador to its sport. The greatest ambassador to sports itself. The pride of Canada. The Prince of Brantford. The King of Edmonton. His Holiness of Hockey. The Great One Wayne Gretzky has come out to Support PMSH.
Canada, how does that compare to Jean Corruptien.
commented 2015-09-19 00:19:13 -0400
Paul wrote “we must insist that the immigrant that comes here is willing to become a
Canadian and is willing to assimilate to our ways”
I believe the old stock immigrants are very different from many of the new ones. I think your insisting has merit. My father who was an immigrant, died in Canada not know English very well. To my discontent, with the money he made in Canada, compared to the old country. He worked very very hard. All my uncles were similar. You would have laughed your head off if you witnessed them gathering, and with their challenged linguistic skills, watched hockey. I have witnessed some of the most horrid play by play hockey commentary in the world but my dad loved hockey.
The point that I am making is that they all loved hockey. Perhaps it is that there was not much else on TV in the 70’s. Nonetheless, I think that is some great examples of Canadian Multiculturalism. This was an unprovoked willingness to assimilate. Never mind a burka. They would have given their left arm if Canada requested iy.
I think you and I worry that this is not so these days. And I think you and I worry about what multiculturalism will look like in the future
Then we have the assholes that are Canadian but should be shot as traitors. They have the tenacity to mock our National Sport. The day Paul Henderson scored that goal. I grew an inch. Then they have the Gaul to mock our military by calling us a “Warrior Nation”. Talk about hyperbolic. I feel this is an insult to the sacrifices our Canadians made to with their lives in the First and Second World Wars
commented 2015-09-18 23:20:31 -0400
Dear Fellow Rebels,
If a metro-sexual shows signs of PMS. Do we call" it" a he" it" or a she" it"? Say the latter five times real quickly. God may be putting the answer in your mouth.
commented 2015-09-18 13:02:47 -0400
“The Chinese, Italian and Greek communities et al have never asked Canada to change its laws for them. "
Paul, what law is being changed here?
commented 2015-09-18 12:50:33 -0400
Jimmy: The Chinese, Italian and Greek communities et al have never asked Canada to change its laws for them. Those people saw/see Canada as a land of opportunity to better their lives by working hard, doing their best to play a role in our social fabric. Small groups of Muslims are demanding we change our way of living to meet their standards. Why is that when I go to a Muslim country I have to obey their laws (No drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia for instance) but when they come here they tell us that we have to change our laws to accommodate them? They don’t accommodate me when I’m there and I would never be so arrogant or ignorant as to ask them to do so…
commented 2015-09-18 12:42:55 -0400
Jimmy: BTW: the quote at the end of my comment yesterday was written by LIBERAL Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier.
P.S. I’m waiting for Toronto Police Services’ first Burka wearing female cop…It won’t be long now: “Stop!! Or I’ll shoot…but first I have to get my gun out from under my burka!”
commented 2015-09-18 12:39:05 -0400
Here’s an idea…the Canadian government should put forward a law requiring ALL Muslim women wear burkas and niqabs when out in public at all times and then let the 2 groups of Muslims (those who believe it is Islamic law (even though it isn’t) and those who don’t fight it out amongst each other). The majority will win and the Canadian Government can set precedent from there.
commented 2015-09-18 06:55:42 -0400
Edward, as I noted earlier, I am speaking in this thread about a specific legal case and court decision. You are once again raising the slippery slope fallacy. I will once again point out that there is a specific test in law to distinguish between cases in which behaviors or actions are permissible or impermissible, and that veiled Muslim women ARE required by law to be photographed for ID like drivers licenses and passports, are required to confirm their identity when requested by a peace officer, and that even in this case, the applicant must confirm her identify by unveiling to a court official.
commented 2015-09-17 23:05:14 -0400
What impact does this really have on your personal life? Can anyone answer this?

It’s like some conservatives here have nothing going on in their lives – but to sit at home and give a shit about someone in a Niqab.

I just don’t get the mentality that makes you live in constant fear. Hell I can’t believe that some of you actually sit down to write complaint letters to the CBC.

Seriously, who gives a fuck? Life is too short to live in constant fear over EVERYTHING. I have a wonderful life and I couldn’t give a shit about half the stuff you conservatives endlessly complain about.
commented 2015-09-17 22:51:45 -0400
Terry for your information as to the claims this is only about an oath swearing ceremony. Simply not true. There are other cases before the courts both in and out of Canada on the issues of whether or not Muslims have to wear the Niqab while getting their drivers licenses and in courts. So to simply suggest as you have that this issue has no bearing on safety issues that is simply your naive belief with no factual basis. But go ahead it might appeal to your ego to think yourself the champion of human rights while you sacrifice the rights of everyone else. And don;t worry I’m sure if this is not a mandatory part of her religion she will suffer no eternal or temporal consequences. Add to that although many Muslims opposed the rule many also agreed with it such as that Canadian Muslim Congress who urged the government to go further and ban the wearing of the burqa and Niqab in all public places.
commented 2015-09-17 22:50:04 -0400

Why don’t you just ask the question again. You know sometimes things get missed with all this back and forth.
commented 2015-09-17 22:35:25 -0400
Sorry, I did NOT find your question clear. If you’d do me the courtesy of restating it, I’ll try to answer.
commented 2015-09-17 22:26:49 -0400
Terry Rudden. The question was quite clear. Don’t play stupid. My sense is you either are unable to answer or unwilling. Admit if this is the case.
commented 2015-09-17 21:41:18 -0400

So by your way of thinking – we should also get rid of Chinatown, Little Italy, The Greek Village and The Jewish Community on Bathurst Street in Toronto. How dare these people have their own area of the city that focuses on their culture, religion, language, food, traditions and way of life.

Speak English or French or get the fuck out. No Chinese, No Italian, No Greek. And burn all flags that are not of the Canadian flag.

Eat your Kraft Dinner, drink your maple syrup and watch hockey – you are Canadian. Multiculturalism is evil.
commented 2015-09-17 19:55:57 -0400
Sorry, Rick, I thought I had. Can you restate it, please, and I’ll try?
commented 2015-09-17 19:40:51 -0400
Terry Rudden. Stop diverting. You have not answered my question about religion.
commented 2015-09-17 19:40:31 -0400
Not only is the video you posted mostly inaccurate, Maurice: it’s also OLD lies. Please respect the readership here enough to actually check your propaganda before posting it. Assuming you actually care, of course.
commented 2015-09-17 18:50:49 -0400
Yes, thanks, Edward. You’ve made your preference for the behaviour you want to impose on the young lady in question very clear. The law, and she, and I, disagree with that view. Thanks.
commented 2015-09-17 18:32:46 -0400
Terry I have approached this form many different angles it is you who keep simply repeating you line they don’t have to it is their right and there is no law against it which is not even an argument. There are plenty of things that reasonable people did not think required a law until someone decided to bend the accepted norm making a law necessary. It wasn’t against the law to parachute off buildings until someone decided to do it. In the same manner everyone else had no problem revealing their selves when swearing an oath. I would suggest if someone showed up wearing a paper bag to take an oath it would have been quickly and unceremoniously stopped and everyone would have agreed with the logic behind it but because some have chosen to make this a religious issue the left leaning judges are bending over backward to accommodate them leaving reason and the rights of every Canadian in the dust.
commented 2015-09-17 17:44:42 -0400
So, I go to court here in Ontario, my face totally obscured by a burqa – head to toe, to defend myself in an action (I’m a white guy)…how long do you think it will take for the judge to tell me to remove my burqa (That’s if the cops/security let me into the courthouse in the first place)? I tell the judge; "Your honour (that’s a bit of a joke in itself these days but I digress), I have to wear this outfit as part of my religion. Sorry. I’m not taking it off as it violates my religious beliefs, my religious FREEDOM – the religion of “Coverdom.” It’s a new religion I just created and as per the Canadian (for now) Constitution (created by the “greatest” Canadian of all time, Pierre Elliot Trudeau) I have the right to practice my religion without harassment from the government or anyone else. How long do you think it will take for me to be taken away for contempt of court? Why should it be any different when swearing allegiance to Canada?

What Liberal Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier thought of the immigrants wanting to become Canadians in 1907.

First of all we must insist that the immigrant that comes here is willing to become a
Canadian and is willing to assimilate to our ways, he should be treated on equal grounds
and it would be shameful to discriminate against such a person for reasons of their
beliefs or the place of birth or origin. But it is the responsibility of that person to
become a Canadian in all aspects of life, nothing else but a Canadian.

There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says that he is a Canadian,
but tries to impose his customs and habits upon us, is not a Canadian. We have room
for only one flag, the Canadian flag.

There is room for only two languages here, English and French.

And we have room for loyalty, but only one, loyalty to the Canadian people. We
won’t accept anyone, I’m saying anyone, who will try to impose his religion or
his customs on us.

Wilfred Laurier, (LIB) Seventh Prime Minister of Canada from July 1896 to Oct 1911

How far the apple has fallen from the tree…
commented 2015-09-17 16:31:44 -0400
Jimmy da Silva, I thought it was the Grinch who stole Christmas.
commented 2015-09-17 16:30:07 -0400
My apology. Earlier I commented that the Harper government’s fixation with face-coverings was really more of a personal crusade by Minister Jason Kenney. At that time I thought he was not a candidate in this election. Turns out he is very much running and a contender in Calgary.
commented 2015-09-17 16:26:52 -0400
Sorry, Edward, but you’re repeating the same point, which is an assertion of how you believe this woman should behave. No problem, but I have nothing to add to my previous attempts to explain.
commented 2015-09-17 16:24:02 -0400

There is nothing trivial about it – it’s a cold hard fact. Christmas has NOTHING to do with Christianity or Jesus – Christians just stole it, because hey – why not.

You must be really fucking old and out of touch with reality, because Canadians mock religion all the time – including many Canadian comedians, who I am sure you have never heard of. Religion is not above mocking. In fact, many Christians even say that they believe in God, but religion is bullshit.

How can I ask a question to someone who doesn’t exist? And just looking now to make sure – I do have two balls.

So are we going to meet up or what?
commented 2015-09-17 16:10:58 -0400
So if the laws says do it forget your religion? I doubt few people would subscribe to blind adherence to the law. The fact that this isn’t mandatory in this religion is what allows them to disregard where and when they want to apply it. But they have chosen to make this a rights issue as if somehow they were being victimized being asked to do what everyone else sees as reasonable. I don’t think anyone should feel as if they are being persecuted for being asked to do what everyone else is expected to do. Make an open and honest profession (oath) in the presence of other witnesses. Imagine in a court room if a person testifying is asked to swear an oath and just as they are about to speak they turn their head and garble some incoherent comment. This has the same effect. People who have nothing to hide should not feel threatened when asked to make an open and honest disclosure of their intent to abide by the laws of the country taking them in but it seems odd that the very ceremony that is supposed to be about their profession of loyalty to our country and laws has been deviated into a discussion about their rights when it is not a mandatory obligation of the Muslim faith.