Tell Trudeau: Don’t allow America’s illegals into Canada

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Donald Trump is putting an end to sanctuary cities. 

As Trump looks to start deporting criminal illegal immigrants, two left-wing groups in Canada have said they want to import that American problem to Canada.

Two groupsLead Now and No One Is Illegal — are petitioning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allow refugees fleeing Trump’s America.

Here is the headline of their latest campaign: 

Tell Trudeau: Welcome Those Fleeing Violence and Deportation Under Trump

Canada and the United States are both signatories to an international agreement that says you can accept refugees at your border, but if the refugees are coming in from a safe third country - like the U.S. or Canada - then you leave them where they were.

Lead Now and No One Is Illegal (a group that actually doesn’t believe in borders at all) want Canada to abandon the "Safe Third Country Agreement" and accept anyone fleeing Trump’s America.

Trump's plan is not trying to deport all 11 million illegals. He wants to target the criminals -- the thousands of convicted criminals who have no right to be in the United States. Many of those criminals have been deported multiple times, only to re-enter and commit more crimes and then seek refuge in sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

No One Is Illegal supports sanctuary cities, and there is a push by the left in this country to have cities across Canada adopt the same policy that would compel local agencies (police, social workers, etc.) to ignore federal immigration law.

It’s been a disaster in America, but they want to bring it here.

This isn’t about Mexican illegal immigrants. It's about people crossing into Canada from the America and claiming refugee status.

These are not real refugees.

But with Trump in power, the plight of illegal aliens in the United States will see a constant drumbeat of stories calling for Canada to take in anyone that the Americans reject. 

Canada already has a generous immigration policy, one that requires following the rules, not jumping to the front of the line with bogus refugee claims — and our refugee numbers as is have never been higher.

What this campaign by Lead Now and No One Is Illegal and the media is really all about is doing away with Canada’s borders.

A country needs to secure its borders, a country has the right to accept or reject people that want to come in.

If you agree, please sign the petition below. 

We don’t need to import the American problem that Donald Trump is trying to solve.

Sign the petition!

Justin Trudeau must uphold the common sense laws of Canada and respect the "Safe Third Country Agreement."

Will you sign?