May 29, 2015

No girls allowed: Toronto Muslims demand sharia rules on high school soccer field

Rebel Staff

Two Toronto high schools -- one Catholic, one Muslim -- were playing a soccer game when the Muslim team complained about the two female players on the Catholic team.

(It's probably just a coincidence that they complained when they were losing the game...)

Shamefully, the Catholic school went along with this sharia rule.

And the local news station was too politically correct to ask the Muslim coach tough questions.

What if there had been a Jewish or gay player on the other team?

And by the way:

If the name of the Muslim high school -- "ISNA" -- sounds familiar, there's a reason for that...

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commented 2016-04-26 12:45:00 -0400
When Muslims form a small minority of a population, the message of Islam is “peace and tolerance” (Stealth Jihad). As numbers rise, so do complaints, as well as retaliatory attacks for perceived affronts (Defensive Jihad). When Muslims eventually establish a majority, all non-Muslims are violently subjugated (Offensive Jihad).
commented 2015-11-02 13:49:17 -0500
Of course they do. It’s clear now that people who follow Islam, are mentally inferior and under-developed. Their animal instincts have not been curbed by thousands of years of evolution and growth, so when they see a female they go crazy with uncontrollable lust. They simply can not help themselves, they are primitive barbarians after all.
commented 2015-09-06 17:32:26 -0400
Wouldn’t have happened the US. Parents and fans would have rioted. Would have been a real donny brooke.
commented 2015-06-02 09:25:57 -0400
Disgraceful, but understandable coming from Toronto. Ontario has deteriorated into a corrupt but politically correct, multi-cultural, basket case, a definite “has been”. Seldom can I say much in favor of my native Quebec, but this wouldn’t have happened here ! This is just another example of how political correctness, “open to all” immigration and liberal thinking doesn’t work. Liberalism tends to boomerang back, and bite itself on the ass. Political correctness says we should “celebrate” diverse “cultures”. But then how far should accommodation go ? Far enough to suspend centuries of liberating western women in order to appease a moldy, alien,13 century “religion” ? Sometimes my flaky, progressive liberal friends, you have to man-up and stick up for our own. Just say no, offend the loonies and send them on their way.
commented 2015-06-01 21:11:51 -0400
THey should not be allowed to have a soccer team if they are excluding girls. Simple….just do not allow them to use our soccer fields but…NO…..we will, once again pander to this bunch of Neanderthals.
commented 2015-06-01 19:05:19 -0400
Are the women going to complain to the HRC or is this institution just for discrimination in employment and housing? If they don’t complain nothing will happen. We got a similar story with martial art classes in the Maritimes last year
commented 2015-06-01 11:19:19 -0400
Ignorant Islamic’s should remember, you are in Canada now, at least try and act civilized. Forget who I am quoting, but “WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO”, or eff off back to where you came from.
commented 2015-06-01 11:10:44 -0400
My question is where is the left in all of this? You would think that inequality and misogyny like this would be a prime topic and issue for them to fight…..YET THEY ARE NOT. It amazes me both the organized LGBT Community and the left in general have so much egg on their face when it comes to Radical Islam – the treatment of gays in Sharia countries is beyond reprehensible and the treatment of women in the same countries is equivalent to chattel property – yet the do not SAY A PEEP about it. What is astounding is the fact that there is a “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” float in Toronto’s Pride Day parade – yet Israel is the only country in the ME where gays are FULLY PROTECTED and not discriminated against. (Try being gay in Iran or Saudi Arabia, for example). I will never understand the left.
commented 2015-06-01 09:12:51 -0400
So many things wrong here:
1. We do not recognize sharia law… period
2. Muslims don’t want the girls to play because of respect? Catholic school should have forfeighted game out of respect for girls.
3. Government withdrew funds from ISNA because they were funding terrorists? Why hasn’t ISNA been dismantled.
4. Mulisms always claims to be a tolerant religion. Why are they not tolerant of our ways?
This has to be stopped now! More will come….won’t play with gays, etc.
commented 2015-06-01 08:19:06 -0400
Lynda lindster: Kathleen Wynne and John Tory are useless. Tory doesn’ have the balls to stand up for anything unless it benefits him, and Wynne? Well we know she has only one agenda.
Unless we form citizen groups to tackle these problems ourselves they will never get fixed.
commented 2015-06-01 07:06:10 -0400
Three words suffice . “GO BACK HOME” . Go back to where you came from. And don’t bring any more of them over here to disrupt and destroy our culture and society. Muslims are not immigrants. They are insurgents ! Their quest is not to join in our society . Their quest is to defeat us, inflict their antediluvian “Sharia” upon us all . Multiculturalism is a weakness that they are expoiting. Don’t be fooled by their glib utterances of moderation, peace and tranquility.
commented 2015-05-31 21:24:22 -0400
This was a perfect opportunity to say “Play by our rules”. Lesson learned. Don’t allow it again
commented 2015-05-31 18:41:36 -0400
Until we get rid of the left idiots and any muslim that wants to do disgusting crap like this Canada is done…talk about a blight on our country. The quote below is what the left will do to Canada…paying terrorists is coming to a province near you…thank the libtards…

Because Anjem Choudary’s welfare payments are not taxed, his income is equivalent to a £32,500 ($50,000) salary. By comparison, the average annual earnings of full-time workers in Britain was £26,936 ($41,000) in 2014.
commented 2015-05-31 14:03:35 -0400
there will be many more incidents like this..before enough people stand up for canadian values.
commented 2015-05-31 13:15:29 -0400
Hi Judy,
I’ve been re-checking those dates. I think they’re still good.
Important to note the date of an incident occurring vs the date of it being reported.
Many thanks again, not just for this but for all your comments.
commented 2015-05-31 07:28:49 -0400
@ George Drummond: (p.s. I think you reversed the dates for your two articles per:)
NATIONAL POST : Tristin Hopper | January 13, 2014 10:15 PM ET
TWO DAYS LATER the York University Dean’s order remained outstanding…despite the professor’s determination to retain liberty for the female students…The National Post continues:

“In Friday’s letter, leaked to the National Post, Mr. Singer expressed his “sincere regret” at the issue, but maintained that since the measure would not have had a “substantial impact” on the other students in the course — which was online — he was bound by the Ontario Human Rights Code to have the request fulfilled.

“I am dismayed that the decision to accommodate has been characterized as an endorsement of the student’s belief system, and as a betrayal of York’s decades long efforts toward gender equity,” he wrote…"

“While the Dean’s decision has provoked a storm of public outrage in the last week — including condemnations from NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Justice Minister Peter MacKay — it continues to have the wide-ranging approval of York University brass.”

“According to the Dean’s letter, his decision had the support of York’s Centre for Human Rights, university provost Rhonda Lenton, the Office of the University Counsel and the Office of Faculty Relations.”
See Also : February 26, 2015: " the university (York) is offering another “bridge-building” initiative called Islam Awareness Week." -—This article says: “…Being on the receiving end of the Muslim “tolerance” usually means that you need to go into hiding…” and goes on to say after a lengthy report of study at York about Islam, Feminism and Marxism, this interesting conclusion: “And that is the unholy union of people, who may not have much in common, but have at least one goal that unites them – to destroy whatever is left of Canada.”

Interesting to me is that University education includes Islamic, Marxist and Feminist information…but where is the history of OUR nation, OUR values, what about OUR ancestors, OUR OPEN-NESS AND OUR GIFT OF LIBERTY TO NEWCOMERS? University should not be leaving out WHAT MADE CANADA GREAT in the FIRST PLACE! Why are there NO DISPLAYS ABOUT THIS?

commented 2015-05-30 21:32:24 -0400
I’m attempting to compile an “On This Day” record, so many thanks to Judy for reminding me of a couple of incidents pertaining to this thread.
Here are some details:

January 17 2014
The National Post reports that in March, 2012, a male Muslim student showed up at the East Coast Yoshinkan Aikido in Halifax. Right after joining the dojo, he demanded that he be exempted from any physical contact with the female students. Steve Nickerson, the school’s owner and sensei, agreed. The other problem was that the new student refused to bow. The Japanese culture, part of which Aikido is, it is customary to express respect through bowing. In the dojo that is an expression of humility and reverence to the sensei and your fellow students. The Muslim claimed that he was forbidden from bowing to anyone but God. The sensei approved that as well. In a TV interview Sonja Power, then a fifteen-year-old girl, and her mother said that somebody from the dojo told them that such cases will become more and more frequent and they have to get used to that reality. Later the Muslim student brought to the dojo Islamic literature to distribute. It was a booklet with advice on how to behave and tips on wife beating. Sonja quit a few months after the new policy was introduced, because she was feeling like a “second-class citizen.”

October 18 2013
Sociology professor J. Paul Grayson received a confidential letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York University telling him he had a “legal obligation” to excuse a male muslim student from female interaction because of his religious views. To his credit, Professor Grayson defied the decision by Dean Martin Singer (I know, I can hardly believe the combination of name and title either – I Guess Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime), and with the backing of his department, told the student he must participate with women in his focus group assignment.
commented 2015-05-30 20:19:53 -0400
Jill and John…we are at cross purposes…I have been advising young people to have as many children as they can :) while you are telling them to stop having children…we must not give in or give up. As a Christian, I do not believe in numbers, however…"…When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. "…We have nothing to fear…No real god calls people to rape or beat women and slaughter innocents, or using children as shields etc…nor does he promise anyone 72 virgins for sinning like the devil….they have no god on their side. Numbers and terrorism are not enough for them to succeed against the Most High God of Heaven…As Job said: “though He slay me yet will I trust Him.”…but we need to turn around…THERE IS A JUST CAUSE AND WE HAVE IT…We have so much more to offer them than they us…Have we forgotten the truths our forefathers died for? Do we despise Liberty, Equality and brotherhood as well as the promise of Eternal LIFE and ABUNDANT LIFE…it came from the Reformation and from the Bible…it is all there in black and white…Muslims have no liberty, no equality and no hope…no Saviour from sin, no RELATIONSHIP with God…no FRIENDSHIP with God…NO incarnate God…

As I said earlier…I would rather die than give in to their hopeless beliefs and wrong practices…and political organizations posturing as religion.
commented 2015-05-30 19:54:37 -0400
If those girls appeased the Muslim coach then they need serious counselling! Women have to take responsibility for giving in to Sharia law as well..and if the coaches are willing to let the girls take the blame for GIVING UP THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS then they all need help…fast.

Peter…I didn’t say women here have it AS BAD as under Sharia law…you have put words into my mouth… I SAID women ARE NOT EQUAL TO MEN either here or under Sharia law…“EQUAL BUT” IS THE SAME AS “FREE SPEECH BUT”… There may be different degrees of inequality…but inequality is still inequality…
commented 2015-05-30 18:35:26 -0400
Every single time we appease, we empower them.
They seem exempt from our laws while every politician , government and court bends over to appease .
Add to this the numbers coming here each and every day coupled with their breeding practices and we haven’t a chance.
WE have literally rolled over and waved the white flag so now they rule Canada and Canadians.
WE have allowed this and since we don’t have any real men anymore who have balls, we are on the verge of becoming the first western Islamic country on the planet.
I know my forefathers didn’t have this in mind when they built and fought for this country and I know I didn’t vote for this so how in hell’s name did we get to this point??
I advise young Canadians – that is what is left of us, to not have children as they are not going to survive what is coming!
commented 2015-05-30 16:12:09 -0400
Peter and Jennifer, you both miss the point. It is not who agreed to the exclusion of female players, its that ISNA demanded it. What other school, group, league or organization in Canada could make such a demand? Why is Islamic misogyny, homophobia and anti Semitism tolerated? Why is this not a bigger story?
commented 2015-05-30 15:51:00 -0400
Peter, please check the original interviews with the female athletes themselves on city tv for verification.
commented 2015-05-30 15:50:08 -0400
Peter. I know the coach and assistant coach very well. I heard about this incident in depth and the struggle that both the coach and the male members of the team went through being torn between their desire to forfeit in protest and to respect the girls’ decision to play on and get the goal differential necessary to advance. I think it’s really important people are aware of that. Robert f. Hall filed an incident report and is by no means “going along with the sharia rule.”
commented 2015-05-30 15:32:04 -0400
As a non-Roman Catholic Priest who attended a Roman Catholic High School in Montreal many moons ago and found my faith there, I am ashamed of this Roman Catholic School in that acceding to the demands of ISNA. Such was tantamount to denying their own faith AND, even more devastating, giving in to the faith of the infidel Islamics!

Such political correctness, especially in order to gain more points toward their athletic status, is indicative of the sickness in the Christian culture today not to mention an insult to their own female athletes who were good enough to make the team in the first place!
commented 2015-05-30 15:18:37 -0400
Jennifer, I am not disagreeing with you, but where did you pull your “fact” from? I, too, as an Ezra supporter would like to know if he is not doing his due diligence.
commented 2015-05-30 14:55:10 -0400
Fact: the Catholic high school did NOT go along. The girls insisted on sitting out in order to secure the necessary goal differential to advance. The high school then respected that decision, despite the coach and male teammates’ preference to forfeit in protest. This is just lazy reporting and I’m very disappointed…
commented 2015-05-30 14:13:18 -0400
Ron said, " I thought we already were a nation with defined values and way of life."

So did I, but the left “progressives” are always trying to rewrite our culture and judges as a large part of that. They continuously deny the foundation upon which our society has been built, and replacing it with immoral practices.

But what can we do to fight back?

That is where I feel helpless. It seems like an overwhelming task.
commented 2015-05-30 14:08:41 -0400
Thanks Judy for that. I like what you said about this being a culture war. It is for sure. Is our culture worth saving? Judy I don’t know what our culture is anymore. I thought it was tolerance. I have posted this remark elsewhere but I think it is worth repeating. At a citizenship ceremony I attended this month the judge said “Canada is an experiment. I hope it succeeds.” I thought we already were a nation with defined values and way of life.