May 05, 2017

No, Islam isn't “dope” and cool. It’s sexist.

Gavin McInnesArchive

Have you noticed all the recent attempts to make wearing a Muslim hijab cool? You may not have seen one particular music video, by Ottawa rappers Deen Squad, which was probably financed by Canadian tax dollars:




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commented 2017-05-06 18:08:46 -0400
Is this not God’s judgement on a sick, willfully blind society? When Habbakuk the prophet complained to God about the unrighteousness in the land, God told him he was preparing the Babylonians to come and invade Israel and drag them off into exile. Israel in 722 BC and Judah in 597 BC with two following that.

Why should not we receive the same for our 3.5 million innocents slaughtered through abortion? The list goes on. Perversion normalized at every turn. You do not break God’s law as much as you break yourself against God’s law.
commented 2017-05-06 16:52:14 -0400
Wow. Gee Gavin, M-103 make the Rebel not post that here? I thought we had nothing to worry about, Zoolander said so. You nailed it at the end, we ‘freed’ women and now we seem to have to save them from themselves, it’s insane. Just what in the hell have ‘feminists’ been fighting for since having babies and pushing vacuum cleaners in the 50’s? THIS? Sharia? Suck me sideways, I just don’t get it anymore. If my wife has to hear her purple haired co-worker talk about her fking dogs like they’re her children anymore, she may go postal. Canuckistan, has a nice ring to it, no? Canadaistan? Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.
commented 2017-05-06 01:10:14 -0400
No need to apologize, Islam does suck. How the rest of freedom loving Canadians and Americans aren’t waking up to this total bulls*t oppressive ideology is beyond me. I would love to send every single traitorous morons who followed Linda Sore-ass on the woman’s march,straight to Saudi Arabia as refugees from freedom. “Thou shalt not lie” was ingrained in me as part of my Catholic teaching, and at no time was I taught that there was an exception to this commandment. Taqiyya,seriously are you kidding me. People for GOD sake educate yourselves and know that Islams holy war is being fought in our own backyard and you sheeples are their tool, and you are selling out my freedom and country,to see it turn to just another sh*thole like the rest of the middle east. Get it through your thick skull, we are INFIDELS ,look it up,it means non-muslim. If it’s still not clear to you,Islam demands that you CONVERT or DIE,sorry no running to your safe space on this one. Don’t be an idiot who thinks the law will protect you, you dolt. The only law muslims will adhere to, is sharia law (explanation required?) you my infidel friend, will be judged by the Koran and the laws set down by Muhammad. Muslims don’t give two figs about the laws of man, are you starting to get the picture yet. To you woman out there, you might want to see THE STONING OF SORAYA,before you keep insisting that muslims have just as much right to this country as we do. Should you think that hijabs are cool my little ladies,it is in fact the headdress of the oppressor. The only right you will have under sharia, is the right to obey. So WAKE UP and defend the rights and Canadian values that make this, the greatest country on earth to live in. Help get rid of our muslim loving PM next election. He will continue to bring them in record numbers and systematically keep handing over more legal rights to this culture killing ideology then you have, and they will insist and get more,unless we as Canadians put a stop to it.
commented 2017-05-05 19:57:51 -0400
I don’t know when I have seen anything as offensive as that music video. Absolutely sickening attempt to normalize Sharia law. As soon as Justin is chased out all this apologist crap will stop. Anything Sharia must be banned in Canada. We have ONE law in Canada, we do not accommodate laws from other countries.
Islam sucks, sorry there is just no nice way to say it. I will never accept Islam’s Sharia oppression.
Islam domination cannot be allowed, and the fact it is being glorified this way is disgusting left wing propaganda. Taqiyya bullshit!
Buy into this garbage and you are a traitor to your country, and a turncoat against the immigrants who came to Canada to escape oppression.
Wake up. This is expansion of the caliphate, a take over, you stupid people!!
commented 2017-05-05 14:55:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,254 Attacks, 214,056 Killed, 295,218 Injured that we know of

Only 1 attack and one murder yesterday(that we know of). Very slow day for terrorists. But, hey, I guess we all need a break now and then.