June 24, 2015

No matter what happens, they always Blame Righty

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

Many of us on the political center-right have been tearing our hair out in recent years, trying to figure out how, despite our obvious evidence-based conclusion that modern leftism is little more than the public policy equivalent of spoiled pre-teen children tearing their own bedrooms apart in a tantrum, the left has managed to ascend in 2015 to a point of virtual dominance on the political and cultural scene. 

There are many tricks to their trade, perfected through decades of practice and training. But until conservatives recognize their simplest, most obvious fallback trick, we are doomed to continue to fall into the traps set for us daily, and continue to lose influence. It’s called “Blame Righty” and it can be mighty effective. Here are some examples to illustrate.

The Confederate Flag has become an object of scorn in recent days, being tied in a non-evidence-based way to the motivations of the latest young white misfit video-game-and-drug-addled American male to snap and slaughter unarmed strangers – this time, peaceful worshippers in a legendary South Carolina African-American church. Through innuendo, the Confederate Flag is being tied around the neck of Republicans and conservatives in an attempt to Blame Righty for this incident.

Does it matter to the left that the Republican Party was born out of the Abolition movement in the North, with the specific goal of outlawing slavery? Do they care that the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, fought the war to destroy the Confederacy, and brought emancipation to all the slaves?

Does it matter to them that Jim Crow laws and segregation were passed and enforced by Democrat-dominated institutions, or that the acknowledged turning point in the desegregation movement was performed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, who sent  the 101st Airborne into Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce Brown vs. Board of Education? Not when you can Blame Righty, and have a compliant media to play along with the “America’s conservative heartland is racist” meme.

Closer to home, we have Justin Trudeau’s bizarre accusation that Stephen Harper has spoiled Canada’s relationship with the United States. Does Justin not recall that Harper was first elected Prime Minister in early 2006, when Canada’s relationship with then-President George W. Bush was in tatters thanks to open Liberal Party hostility?

Did Trudeau note that, if indeed there is any souring of the relationship, perhaps it stems from leftist President Obama, who has harmed both Canada and his own country by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline project to appease his environmentalist donors? That being said, I can’t think of any open hostility between Harper’s Canada and Obama’s America. Harper even took Omar back in the end.

Then there’s the endless blaming of the Islamist Jihad problem on Righty. Just do a Google News search for “ultraconservative mullahs” and you’ll see how the left tries to tie the head-choppers of ISIS to the word “conservative”. The head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, said Republicans are like ISIS but worse, live on CNN. They also love to blame the problem of Islamic radicalism on Republican President Bush, as if we did not know that the Islamic push for worldwide conquest has been an evidence-based reality since the Umayyad conquest of North Africa, Andalusia, and beyond, in the year 1300 BB (Before Bush).

Of course there’s the ultimate Blame Righty catch-all, “Climate Change,” caused by the conspicuous consumption of evil suburban and exurban car-driving overbreeders, who not coincidentally, tend to vote conservative. Blame Righty for bad weather and natural disasters? Hell yeah. It’s the final stop on the road to declaring conservatism illegal – which, ultimately, is the only way leftism can succeed.

The anti-intellectual, evidence-free Blame Righty trick is a core tool in the left’s toolbox of deceit. If they can’t convince the masses to go along with their depraved agenda, they can at least try to neutralize the opposition by smearing it with everything evil that happens in the world. Conservatives need to recognize it, rebut it and push back against it, or continue to pay the price in the minds of the low-information voting masses.

And by the way – Hitler and the National Socialists of Germany? They weren’t “far-right”…


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commented 2015-06-25 10:18:27 -0400
And thank you “GO JAGO” below for reminding me to add a postscript to my piece: when confronted with the facts that expose their lies, the left moves on to ad hominem attack, libel, slander, character assassination, and eventually, violence.
commented 2015-06-25 02:34:26 -0400
If the NAZI’s weren’t far right then you shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Are you really reduced to semantics? Lincoln was a Republican so Republicans can’t be racist idiots? 80 years ago, Democrats were all racists so they must all be racists now? Thin gruel. Remind me again, what party did Jesse Helms join in 1970? And what is all this noise about a “southern strategy”? Which party was that?

I’ll help you – the answer to both was the Republicans – the current party of white supremacy. Maybe in 40 years the greens will be the party beloved of neo-nazis, but at the moment it’s the Republicans and if you can’t figure that out, I do have to ask how much you’re paid to write these things (I’m betting you’re paid the same as for your morning contribution to the porcelain rebel.com in your banyo).

Ultraconservative mullahs? Do you actually question the word ultraconservative? Within the context of islam, what other term would you use to describe Iranian mullahs? Ultra-liberal? How many extra chromosomes do you have – good god, I hope you’re wearing a helmet and water wings as you type your response.

And as for you Rick, Ray, and of course – a different Rick, learn to speak English, or at least learn how to write grammatically – or as I somewhat expect, are your comments made by you grunting, ‘ezraaaaa’, and slamming your unemployed, pensioner head against the keyboard?
commented 2015-06-24 22:34:49 -0400
Recycle, Re-educate, Redistribute.
commented 2015-06-24 19:12:19 -0400
I think it means Rediculize , Revisionize and Radicalize.
commented 2015-06-24 13:25:54 -0400
The left get away with this because they have infiltrated the education systems for at least a couple of generations now. The 3 R’s which used to mean, reading, writing, and arithmetic, now seemingly mean, reduce, reuse, recycle. The education system is no longer producing functioning members of society, only low information voters.