August 25, 2015

No surprise: Media Party ignores Kenney's win in Canadian Arab Federation case

Rebel Staff

About 80% of the Parliamentary Press Corps are parked outside an Ottawa courthouse for the Duffy trial, so why haven't any of them written about a ruling that came out of another Ottawa courtroom involving Minister Kenney?

The story got a lot of media attention when the Canadian Arab Federation first filed their lawsuit against Kenney who at that time was acting in his capacity as Minister of Immigration and Citizenship but now that the fourth judge in a row has ruled in Kenney's favour, the media have lost interest in the story.

You may recall the story where for a number of well founded reasons, Kenney cut the CAF's funding and called them a bunch of anti-semites.

I agree with the media party's first instinct that this was an important story when the lawsuit was filed but think the end of the story is pretty important too. Especially when you consider that the former President of the CAF, Omar Alghabra, could become a Cabinet Minister if Trudeau wins the election.


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