August 25, 2015

No surprise: Media Party ignores Kenney's win in Canadian Arab Federation case

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

About 80% of the Parliamentary Press Corps are parked outside an Ottawa courthouse for the Duffy trial, so why haven't any of them written about a ruling that came out of another Ottawa courtroom involving Minister Kenney?

The story got a lot of media attention when the Canadian Arab Federation first filed their lawsuit against Kenney who at that time was acting in his capacity as Minister of Immigration and Citizenship but now that the fourth judge in a row has ruled in Kenney's favour, the media have lost interest in the story.

You may recall the story where for a number of well founded reasons, Kenney cut the CAF's funding and called them a bunch of anti-semites.

I agree with the media party's first instinct that this was an important story when the lawsuit was filed but think the end of the story is pretty important too. Especially when you consider that the former President of the CAF, Omar Alghabra, could become a Cabinet Minister if Trudeau wins the election.


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commented 2015-08-29 18:00:34 -0400
Maybe we should start a lobby group and take this funding. Canadians Assimilated For Freedom
commented 2015-08-29 10:42:34 -0400
Kenney cut the CAF’s funding
Kenney did the right thing, but why were we funding them anyway?
commented 2015-08-28 17:53:45 -0400
Have not heard this on any of the media I listen to. Thank you Rebel.
commented 2015-08-27 11:57:36 -0400
The main thing is that Canadian voters understand Kenney won this case. And they do.

I hope Ezra shines a light on Alghabra as the campaign moves along. Such stories can be posted on Twitter and retweeted to reach a greater audience, as is already the practice of

Can we get some interviews with candidates like Alghabra or his opponents or some expert on such candidates?
commented 2015-08-27 07:29:37 -0400
Woo hoo, I got a receipt from the rebel. Geez, maybe I should start printing these, they might be worth something if they take over the CBC. I wish
commented 2015-08-27 06:51:42 -0400
You know what? I trust Ezra and Brian with my money. Let’s all throw in $100. If they shut down the CBC, it’ll be worth it.
commented 2015-08-27 06:49:12 -0400
You know what? I trust Ezra and Brian with my money. Let’s all throw in $100. If they shut down the CBC, it’ll be worth it.
commented 2015-08-26 20:26:09 -0400
It is simply too bad that the media do not cover stories like this. I am sick and tired of the ongoing Duffy trial as though it is the most important story of the decade. Priorities are oh so mixed up. Just to many conservative haters IMO. even in todays Citizen, emphasis on the Duffy trial and the slamming of Steven Harper.
commented 2015-08-26 20:26:02 -0400
I appreciate your work at The Rebel. The only reliable source of news in the country. If I ever win a lottery I’d love to fund as much expansion as I could for you. This nations people must do more to preserve our way of life and encourage honesty in our news in order to prevent the current indoctrination trends. Keep up the good work Ezra.
commented 2015-08-26 18:49:53 -0400
The main media would not report this, Where is Rebel News! there the biggest aren’t they, Oh forgive me here they are and here it is. Keep going Ezra.
commented 2015-08-26 16:11:55 -0400
The Socialist Media on display with their bias not to hurt their chosen one: Trudope!
commented 2015-08-26 14:00:52 -0400
Eileen, not only do cbc censor. They also blacklist. I noticed all my comments were removed so I tested my suspicion my name had been blacklisted by posting comments like “I love Justin Trudeau” and “Vote Liberal, everyone” and sure enough, they were censored out too not by any censor but by some blacklist software. Scary. Blacklisted by our state broadcaster for having an opinion.
commented 2015-08-26 12:38:58 -0400
eileen you are just now realizing that censorship and opinion shaping are the orders of the day at until a few weeks ago the comments were set at the “most liked”… now if mine is set to newest, which it didnt allow previously, but still shows the most liked….which is invariably a leftist post from 1 of 2 cbc employees…“uncommon senses” or silversaab…
commented 2015-08-26 12:16:28 -0400
The mainstream media are mouthpieces for the Liberals! Yesterday, I commented on a CBC article, but my comment was removed. My comment was negative towards the Liberals, and it was NOT crude. But apparently, only positive comments towards the Liberals pass the grade! This amounts to censorship BY the press!
commented 2015-08-26 09:55:40 -0400
Sometimes I feel the rebel media gets a bit of unfair criticism. When people talk of stories being rehashed or that the same stories get covered by all the reporters I wonder if these critics have watched TV lately. To name just a few CTV and CNN cover the same stories all day long, some of these stories dragging on for weeks. These are stations that are not lacking in funding but are trying to maximize the impact of heir stories each trying to add some new nugget of truth. Just watch CTV for example and I can guarantee the Mike Duffy trial gets covered every half hour of the day by every new reporter each liking to believe they are providing us with some new revelation that will somehow shake Harper supporters to their core. This has been going on since the trial resumed. There are news stories everywhere including here hat are going to be more or less interesting to each individual but I don’t think the rebel is any worse than other stations and if anything I give them credit for covering issues and angles not seen shown by other news agencies. I have my biases to. I watch CNN allot but tend to get bored after several days of a jet goes missing and it seems to be endless milking the story when no new information is available and endless speculation seems to be served up to keep the story going. I know they must be getting a fair amount of interest by increased viewing so I can’t blame them for milking it a bit. Sometimes it’s a matter of choosing either to turn the channel or suck it up.
commented 2015-08-26 08:25:27 -0400
As with all things CPC, they go at things half way. I find a number of incredulous issues with this story, most center around the fact there is a law on the books making it illegal to “aid” a list of outlawed terrorist organizations – among them the 2 which allegedly the CAF was promoting. By default they were “aiding” outlawed groups. They also seem guilty of misappropriating govet. funding by lying about the use of government grants in redirecting it to political purposes rather than using for its stated purpose. Serious Criminal code violations.

So why did Kenny stop at calling them a name? Why were they not investigated and the guilty parties indicted? Why half measures?
commented 2015-08-26 07:39:14 -0400
Now that the “trial of the century” has been pushed to November, get ready for the full on attack of the enn-dee-pee and liberal nazi pigs.

I suspect the Conservatives have tera-bytes of video of no-cair and troodo making “here come your tax increases” and “here comes MOAR big fat useless fkg gummamunt expansion”.

And the socialist/nazi pigs = partners of islamic terrorists which is promoted by Canadian MSM like torstar/CBC/globe and mail/NP/CTV
…and of course that new nazi fk Pierre Karl Péladeau – hard to believe this pig owned Sun News Network.
commented 2015-08-26 06:34:27 -0400
Great reporting Ezra, You should be on TV. MSM like to start things but don’t like to finish. The whole point to starting is finishing. Yup, Trudeau or Mulcair would Wynnenize Canada. Could you imagine Tom Mulcair, Rachel Notley, JT and Wynne together in a room celebrating their landslide. I would deficate at their feet.
commented 2015-08-26 01:29:17 -0400
Ah yes… “hire a Chief Editor to decide what’s newsworthy and what’s not..” Just what The Rebel needs – NOT!… Much too much of the MSM is already saturated with “chief editors” that studiously screen out comments which don’t fit their lefty world views… Hence the positive forum that The Rebel affords its participants to voice opinions that they know would deep-sixed by the MSM based on recent experience… As an “old geezer” I can remember when Canadian newspapers did actually permit a healthy dose of dissenting opinions to see print… That day is long past… Instead of hiring a “Chief Editor” what The Rebel should seriously consider is creating a space for posting “letters to the editor” that have been deep-sixed by the MSM, citing which publication did so and the story that was being commented on… Some of the hatchet jobs, disguised as “commentary” in the National Post, re Patrick Brown taking over the Conservatives in Ontario, come to mind…
commented 2015-08-25 21:44:20 -0400
I totally agree with you JOAN ABERNETHY the story should be about who Trudeau is associating with and who is advising him.
commented 2015-08-25 21:44:04 -0400
In this exhaustive piece, Daniel Pipes concludes Omar Alghabra is an Islamist

He details Ezra’s coverage of Alghabra’s politics and the dispute and he cites some pretty disturbing things about his pro-terrorist, anti-semitic convictions.

Stephan Dion made him official opposition critic for Citizenship and Immigration.

Can you imagine what would happen to Canada if Trudeau wins and appoints Alghabra Minister of Citizenship and Immigration?
commented 2015-08-25 21:26:14 -0400
yes Ezra it does appear the media doesn’t want this out here* I absolutely agree with you there- however.. after watching events and such around the world and here in Canada as well, I have to admit I see all parties working in 1 direction- and I say that because of 1 unspoken and under reported fact= the next Pm will have to, or at least tell us he has too- keep to the 40 + trade deals Stephen Harper has signed, which violate our constitution in every respect and gives corporation the right to sue for loss of revenue if we deny access to our property etc for gas and oil industries and nestles etc regardless of who he is* I suspect the next Pm will hold our hands and wag his finger at Harper when the affects of these trade deals are eventually felt , all the while going tsk tsk and claiming theres nothing he can do about these trade deals that infringe on our freedoms in the constitution because he has to honor said free trade deals already signed. I suspect bill c-51 will be used to label those of us who protest these new consequences from said trade agreements as ‘terrorists’- In the meantime, either of the opposing parties , be it liberal or an NDP government will open the flood gates to Syrian refugees etc en mass, on our dime of course, and sprinkle them about to create dissention amongst the populace- seen as intentional in my books lol- but the point is, either way you look at it, all of said politicians have lost their focus= to serve the people, and have become corrupt- self driven and don’t give a damn about the guy footing the bill- the people* there is no one to vote for Ezra- not out of these Gangs that manipulate and steal from the public on a regular basis. Theres just way to much to question going on in our parliament and legislatures not to notice a huge change in tactics and I call it strong arming and purposely misleading and corrupt and its being done by all 3* they’ll say their hands are tied and they cant do anything to fix this mess after they get up there* these 40+ free trade deals are going to create quite a fuss.. but that’s not going to happen for a bit- lol- God help us all-
commented 2015-08-25 21:22:57 -0400
I think the story focus here should be not the media party fails yet again but that alleged anti-semite (he denies it) Omar Alghabra is a Liberal candidate Trudeau wants in cabinet.

Can we get more dirt on this guy and expose him once and for all?
commented 2015-08-25 21:09:21 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE I certainly don’t have the credentials as an Editor but but anyone can see what is newsworthy and what is not. This news story is not worth the effort as far as I can see and my point is I can see where The Rebel media could benefit with having a Chief Editor – This would free up Ezra to go out there and do some real high end news reporting instead of this recycled stuff.
commented 2015-08-25 20:58:23 -0400
Richard, I am glad you do not choose what is and is not news worthy for theRebel because theRebel would have no stories at all. You would filter out anything right wing as not news worthy and since theRebel does not write any lefttie propaganda trash articles that would pass your check, nothing at all would make it past you.

You are solidly a left winger, Richard, and have nothing but criticism for theRebel, and then you want Ezra to hire you? Good grief!
commented 2015-08-25 20:29:11 -0400
DALE WARREN – I hope I’m not an anti-semite – I have a great amount of respect for both the Islamic and Jewish community that make up this great nation.

I am not Charlie Hebdo