Stop the Carbon Tax in Ontario! Tell Ontario Politicians that there should be No Carbon Tax

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POLL: 60% of Ontarians and 82% of PC supporters oppose a carbon tax in Ontario:

Brian Lilley reports on the results of our poll and ask that you send an email to Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown! 

Carbon, it's something we breathe out of our noses every minute of every day. 

And politicians across Canada want you pay for it. 

In Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne has brought in a cap and trade system that she says will push the price of gas at the pump up by 4.3¢ a litre and home heating by natural gas up by $5 a month.

Given all the other taxes and costs that she and her government have put upon the people of Ontario you would think that any sensible person would oppose this tax, this price on carbon.

You would definitely think that the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party would oppose it.

But no.

At the party’s convention in Ottawa this past weekend, leader Patrick Brown made only one policy clear in his keynote speech, that he wants a price on carbon.

It was surprising to an awful lot of the party faithful. Patrick didn’t call for tax cuts in his speech at all, he didn’t lay out a single other policy, just a price on carbon.

It’s a move he defended in an interview with me the next day.

Let’s look at some other reasons that putting a price on carbon in Ontario is a bad idea:

1. The state of our economy.

The economy in Ontario has not yet recovered from the high price of energy and the loss of 350,000 manufacturing jobs, adding this price on carbon will not help.

2. Politicians love to call things revenue neutral, but that's never the case.

The carbon tax will bring in a pile of revenue for politicians to spend and they will not want to give up the money, they will spend it because that's what politicians do. 

3. Our emission levels are down.

In fact Ontario puts out fewer carbon emissions now than we did in 1990 despite the province growing from just about 10 million people in 1990 to almost 14 million now.

Now why is the 1990 figure important? Because when Canada signed onto the Kyoto protocol the pledge was to reduce emissions to 6% below 1990 levels.

Ontario has actually reached that.

Check out this table from Environment Canada. It shows that in 1990 Ontario emitted the equivalent of 182 megatons of carbon dioxide. In 2013 that was down to 170 megatons.

That would be 6.5% below 1990 levels.

We have shut down the coal plants, shed manufacturing jobs, and dropped carbon emissions.

Why on Earth do we need to keep pushing and drive up costs?

The actual answer is that we don’t and I think most Ontario residents, presented with the facts would stand against a carbon tax.

If you don’t want to see another tax, a useless, ideologically driven tax put on the people of Ontario then sign our petition by clicking below. 

Sign the petition!

Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown should not support or implement a carbon tax in Ontario.

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