Stop the HST increase in New Brunswick!

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New Brunswickers are being taxed to death and it's only going to get worse.

The Liberal government in Fredericton announced more tax hikes this week in their budget including hiking the HST from 13% to 15%.

The province is debt ridden, it's spending far too much and the answer of the current government is to tax their way to prosperity.

New Brunswickers pay enough in taxes and it's hurting family budgets, hurting business, hurting the economy and the future of the province.

There have been too many tax hikes.

Last year Brian Gallant's Liberal government increased business property taxes and created two new tax brackets for high income earners. 

The latest budget is moving the corporate income tax rate from 12% to 14%. Gallant is bragging that he will bring in $293 million in new revenue. But do you know where the majority of that new revenue will come from?

The upcoming HST hike.

Pretty much everything you buy outside of food and children’s clothing will cost 2% more. That’s like taking a 2% cut in pay so the government can have more money.

Right now New Brunswickers earn about $100 per week less than the Canadian average according to Stats Canada – $832 per week in 2014 compared to the national average of $935.

If Gallant and the Liberals want prosperity for New Brunswick, then they should be cutting taxes for families in order to attract new residents, cutting taxes for business to encourage more investment and making it easier for businesses to set up shop and hire New Brunswickers.

Instead, they are hiking taxes and coming for your wallet.

If you think this HST hike is the wrong way to go, please click below and sign our petition. 

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Brian Gallant and the New Brunswick Liberals should immediately stop raising taxes and begin lowering taxes to create a more investable province.

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