February 06, 2019

Notley gives Alberta’s handful of affluent electric car owners a $1.9K/car subsidy

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Notley just gave electric vehicle owners what amounts to a $1,900 per car subsidy in the form of an infrastructure handout, by building something the NDP government is calling an “electric corridor.”

That sounds like a great name for a dance bar, but instead, it’s really just a bad way to waste taxpayer money.

According to an Alberta Government press release:

The government of Alberta is providing 1.2 million dollars from the climate leadership plan funding to the Community Energy Association to support the Peak to Prairies Southern Alberta electric vehicle network.

When completed, the Peak to Prairies Network will cover more than 1,700 km of Southern Alberta highways and transition the region to full electric vehicle connectivity.

The media often pegs the number of electric vehicles on the road in Alberta at about 1,000, but in reality, the number is much lower.

By the end of March 2018, there were 635 electric vehicles registered for driving on Alberta roads, about 40 per cent less than the number routinely reported in the mainstream media.

That’s one hell of a rounding error!

If you do the math, 635 vehicles out of a total of 3,557,005 vehicles registered in Alberta comes out to less than two-ten-thousandths of a per cent of all vehicles in the province.

The best part of paying a carbon tax to stay alive in -40 degree weather is subsidizing a handful of affluent electric car drivers so they can make their summer journey from Fort Macleod to the mountains, and feel self-righteous while doing it.

If there were demand for this sort of electric car charging infrastructure (and, there isn’t), the private sector would build it.

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commented 2019-02-07 21:32:07 -0500
I have an electric car and so far its been fun and is suitable for what I intended it for, but its not any “greener” than any other car. How do you define “{affluent” and why is it a pejorative? Why shouldn’t I avail myself of the “free” charging (the cost is actually pretty high as we have to put up with all the enviro-weinies and people who don’t know me judge me on what car I drive!)? What is missed by most of the people that push them is that fuel, despite getting hosed for it in BC, is really not material compared to all the other costs of running a car. That is the precise reason a carbon tax is a rip-off and tax grab and will make little or no impact on consumption.
commented 2019-02-07 17:11:09 -0500
“The media often pegs the number of electric vehicles on the road in Alberta at about 1,000, but in reality, the number is much lower.:

Linked article says electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrids. The government number refers to pure electrics. The discrepancy lies in whether you include plug-in-hybrids or not. This is not an error, nor do they try to hide that they’re counting different things.
commented 2019-02-07 12:37:34 -0500
Bruce said, “I pity seniors without computers who get all their news from mainstream outlets.”

Yes, I can agree to a certain extent, but seniors have more life experience and common sense.

I use my parents as an example. Both of them would not even touch a computer and watched the news all the time on the TV, yet they were both staunch Conservatives.

What few conversions I had with them about politics, they clearly understood that the CBC would push their Liberal views. They kept their political views despite the CBC’s best attempt to push its’ propaganda.

I guess it all comes down to having life experience and knowing who you are that makes you solid in your Conservative views.

I feel sorry for the kids today because they are indoctrinated from grade one to university in socialistic garbage and unless the parents have strong Conservative beliefs that can counter that indoctrination, the child will become a socialist.

It is sad, really sad.
commented 2019-02-07 12:22:20 -0500
Notley’s a lame duck and will be gone in a few months time along with a lot of her SJW policies being repealed .
Albertans need to be focused on holding Kenny’s feet to the fire now .
commented 2019-02-07 11:26:33 -0500
Here in Ontario, before Doug Ford cancelled the 20 yr. old Liberal Green Energy Act, we were giving out grants to Electric Car buyers to a Max. of $7000! And Tesla was going to sue us 😂!
I am currently here in Florida for the winter & there was an engineer on a radio talk show a couple wks. ago that stated a Tesla travelling at 60 mph uses up 1000 watts of energy (about the same as your window a/c unit). He stated that Commiefornia’s law to make ALL vehicles on their roads in about 25 yrs. was nothing but a scam, as there is NO WAY that you could have the available energy to recharge all the vehicles in LA overnight at once.
From my RV hauling days, my Cummins diesel would barely start on a 20 to 30 below 0 morning in Alberta or Sask. & that was with TWO 850 CCA batteries, so I am sceptical of the claim that a Tesla only loses 30% of battery capacity in similar conditions.
BTW, Alberta has that most common-sense people in Canada! They remind ofTexans (not the ones in Houston or San Antonio thou)!
commented 2019-02-07 10:54:55 -0500
Tesla build their own network of Superchargers so no government money needed to accomplish this for their car owners. On the other hand other electric car manufacturers do not build their own networks of chargers… they get government to do it for them. Don’t forget that during a prairie winter the range of an electric car is reduced by over 30% as the battery not only has to provide motive power but also cabin heat and heat to keep the battery within a certain temperature range. They are fun cars to drive… in the summer but they are not there yet for cold weather Canadian winter driving.
commented 2019-02-06 21:38:40 -0500
This is typical redistribution for political gain. Uninformed Albertans will never hear the rest of the story on this and other green schemes. I pity seniors without computers who get all their news from mainstream outlets.
commented 2019-02-06 21:19:25 -0500
TRUE STORY … A person I know has a brand new Tesla he says he can drive it to Ottawa and recharge it and drive back to Hamilton. Being a polite gentleman I did not tell him I can drive my truck and deliver my goods and be back in Hamilton for diner. By the way I didn’t tell him I could drive to Florida in 18 hours non stop, and it only took me 5 minutes to fuel up.
commented 2019-02-06 21:13:16 -0500
How can we afford to buy electric cars when were paying all these stupid taxes and fighting for jobs, are they going to give albertan’s money to buy them? NOOO
commented 2019-02-06 18:22:02 -0500
Hey Notley maybe you can tell your enviroweenies they can plug their cars into a currant bush!!
commented 2019-02-06 17:56:56 -0500
Wrong, this is a way to encourage people to buy electric this is an example of what government has to do to stimulate, this would be like the UK a few years ago having a variable level car tax based on engine size to encourage people to buy smaller more energy efficient cars.
commented 2019-02-06 17:38:39 -0500
They just handed out more money using the green scam excuse Larfarge corporation to use some unidentified alternative fuel in one of the concrete plants. Large is a massive multi national, multi billion dollar company who doesn’t need taxpayer money. On top of the idea is to put more Albertan’s out of work. Elect the Alberta independence party, and we’ll we’ll jail Notley and the rest of her Marxist traitorous killers.