May 15, 2017

Notley and Trudeau play politics with economy saving AB pipeline

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Foreclosures are up in Alberta, by about 54 percent from the 2 years prior. 

And the spike in foreclosures is being blamed on joblessness and debt. Seems reasonable. With the amount of people on employment insurance right now, paying a mortgage is tough, sometimes impossible.

It’s the jingle mail days of the 1980’s back to haunt us again, when so many people were mailing their keys back to the banks during Trudeau Senior’s national energy program that the mail in Alberta was said to jingle.

Except this time it isn't the national energy program being foisted on us by the feds against our will. It’s carbon taxes from right here in Alberta, crazy regulations and additional business costs that make job creators pass over Alberta.

You know what could turn this sour stalled out economy around? One single pipeline.

A year ago North Dakota was in the same place as us here in Alberta. They had a busted oil economy with a crisis in their real estate market. North Dakota had a pipeline that was protested and opposed by environmental NGO busybodies and their useful idiots in the Hollywood left wing protest movement and the federal government was listening to the NGOs instead of oil and gas experts and economists.

Sounds familiar, right? 

Then Trump happened. He ignored the protests and signed an executive order restarting DAPL which brought the Dakota Access Pipeline to completion just 3 months later. Now, just 8 weeks after the first oil flowed through line, North Dakota is seeing a boom time and DAPL isn't even at capacity yet!

But Notley and Trudeau aren't going to change course. They actually think social license - trying to satisfy the SJW crocodile so it eats you last - is a legitimate way to govern.  And things are going to get even worse for us here in Canada. The more stable the US looks for investors, the less investment we will see in Canada.

Until things change in Canada, the mail will keep jingling but our pockets won't. 

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commented 2017-05-16 13:57:16 -0400
William Kay – the fact of the matter is a government knew their policies were damaging Canadians it is relevant to what extent and percentile of damage. willingly keeping damaging policy in place is a breach of trust if not malfeasance. Frankly Mulroney can be blamed as well for dragging his feed in removing the damaging NEP.

I don’t know if you lived through these depressions in Alberta but I did and I knew enough oil patch investors to place blame where it is due. I would say to you in response to your contention that the Alberta PCs were the patch’s best friend until KLein left and the party turned globalist red. In that vein of thought it does the cause of energy security no good to rationalize or understate the perfidy of local and federal governments who are aligned with foreign interests in direct competition or conflict with Canadian energy industry .

As it sits right now, much of Alberta’s petro industry slump is due to the inability to get product to markets and that is entirely a matter of malevolent politics both federally and in provinces. People are suffering because governments are aligned against their best interests.
commented 2017-05-16 12:11:29 -0400
TM: The international environmental movement should be public enemy number one across Western Canada. We inhabit an area uniquely victimised by environmentalist suppression of opportunity. There is, nevertheless, a danger of sinking into the pigsty of partisan politics. We will never ferret out how much damage was done by the NEP versus global economic forces; but SGR can be faulted for exaggerating the impact of NDP or Liberal policies while neglecting the fact that Conservative policies are often quite similar. Preston Manning, the slayer of Western separatism, is a villain almost on par with Pierre Trudeau. For more info:
commented 2017-05-16 11:34:40 -0400
It gets depressing seeing how many in our very own country are trying so hard (and succeeding) in taking down one of their own, Alberta. Makes you feel real welcome in Confederation, doesn’t it? Gives you a real warm fuzzy feeling of acceptance and love from the ROC.
commented 2017-05-16 10:45:00 -0400
WK; that’s like saying the right cross had nothing to do with the left hook. All the lost infrastructure was just getting to its feet when’86 hit.
commented 2017-05-16 09:32:55 -0400
Alberta suffered two recessions in the 1980s. The first, 1982-4, was a global recession. The second 1986 was due to a collapse in global oil prices. Trudeau’s NEP was an aggravating factor in the first recession but had nothing to do with the second, sharper recession as the NEP had by then been rescinded. Alberta’s current woes are mainly caused by a drop in oil and gas prices but YES they are compounded by excessive enviro-regulations and by the suppression of pipeline capacity. Bill 6 and minimum wage hikes cannot seriously be argued to be measurable factors. To overstate a case is to weaken a case.
commented 2017-05-15 22:53:14 -0400
Sorry my typo Daryl – BTW “social licence” as a concept is often evoked but rarely defined. The term is used so much these days that you could be excused for thinking that it has a precise definition or legal significance. But it doesn’t. Social licence remains a concept – one that means different things to different people.

The term itself is relatively new. It was coined by Canadian mining executives,who held social licence to refer to a subtle local community approval process that ran parallel to the government regulatory process. For example, how a community and local stake-holders responded to a proposed resource project as opposed to the government regulator or outside non-vested interests. From a resource company’s perspective having local approval for a project acts as a mechanism for risk mitigation , which, in turn is good for attracting investors.

Resource extraction opposition groups and activists caught on to the language of “social licence” and began to give it their own meaning. “Lack of social licence” became a presumed legitimate reason for opposing a project even if most of the time the opposition came from outside non-invested interests. This put industry in a tricky position since they were the ones who promoted the term in the first place. “Social licence” is now a neo-marxist lie word for foreign special interest intervention in local government or exerting moral authority exceeding any due them.
commented 2017-05-15 21:31:26 -0400
Social License. What the hell does that mean???
Does TruDope & Nutley realize that at this point in Canadian history – the REAL social license is to rid Canada of these lunatic tyrants?!

Eh, Bill, this was Sheila doing this piece.
commented 2017-05-15 21:04:33 -0400
Holly, Albertans have to realize that the purposeful strangling of the province’s petro economy is deliberate and intended to bring Alberta to its knees economically so it can be consumed as a fealty welfare protectorate of Ottawa globalists in much the same manner as the Atlantic provinces were robbed of their maritime economic independence.

PET and Marc La Londe conspired to break the west after the premiers rejected his bribe of trading resource sovereignty for Fed funding at the 1977 primer’s conference (La Londe said as much in his writings) – the plan was to use Federal resource taxing under the guise of nationalizing the petrol resource (something he never seriously considered because of PET’s interests in Petro Fina) to vacuum billions out of Alberta and funneled it directly into Quebec bribing Quebeckers to reject nationalism worth Fed largess.

NEP took 30 billion $$ a year out of the province that should have stayed here and cost over 200000 jobs, almost killed Canadian-owned oil, bankrupted the Alberta Treasury branch and caused an economic winter that lasted almost to Klein’s 2nd term. Mulroney lifted these economy-killing sanctions and Klein’s balanced budget and a recovery of oil prices bounced Alberta back into black ink.

There is not a doubt in my mind that hell-spawn globalist swine sired by that crypto-Marxist PET is set on the same course as his father, conspiring with anti-oil enemies of the state and foreign vested interests to destroy Alberta’s economy by denying it access to markets. Globalist filth!

Any true Albertan who can ever cast a ballot for these deceiving robbing treacherous anti-Alberta swine should be deprived of their Alberta properties and sent packing to parts east where globalism is now grinding up the populous in its culturally genocidal maw.
commented 2017-05-15 20:59:58 -0400
The time has come, the Walrus said,
To talk of many things,
Of shoe’s and ships and sealing wax,
and cabbages and Kings,

HRH King Trudeau and his Princess Notley need to take heed, lest the population decides to do a one time 360 degree turn.
commented 2017-05-15 19:51:19 -0400
Artical in the NP today warning Notley has stepped up her takeover of Alberta’s $90B investment nest egg a notch including the $19B Heritage Fund. Watch for her new appointees coming up shortly.
commented 2017-05-15 19:40:36 -0400
Peter, you’re welcome.
commented 2017-05-15 19:30:08 -0400
Tammie, thank you for your show of appreciation regarding my comments in the other article. I appreciate it.
commented 2017-05-15 19:12:45 -0400
Doing the opposite of what Trudeau and Notley click their teeth about will always end up a win for Canada.
commented 2017-05-15 18:28:16 -0400
The Rebel said..
“You know what could turn this sour stalled out economy around? One single pipeline.

A year ago North Dakota was in the same place as us here in Alberta. They had a busted oil economy with a crisis in their real estate market. North Dakota had a pipeline that was protested and opposed by environmental NGO busybodies and their useful idiots in the Hollywood left wing protest movement and the federal government was listening to the NGOs instead of oil and gas experts and economists.

Sounds familiar, right? "
One single pipeline will not turn Alberta’s economy around and as well North Dakota may have been in a slump but they were not engineered to stay that way with an oppressive carbon tax stalling and killing the economy along with anti-oil people in charge of our most precious natural resource.!!
Alberta\Canada needs far more than a pipeline to cure what ails us.!!
Anything less than annihilation of the bureaucracy to get Canadian resources to market is only a Band-Aid fix leaving the field open for the next king liberal to continue where the last one left off.!